Weekend 3.30


We’re up in Colorado for Pax’s snowboard comps, which all start on Sunday morning. He’ll compete every day for 5 days, and then? I can breathe again. Or maybe not – with this altitude I keep randomly losing my breath for the most stupid of reasons, including getting a freaking glass of water. Oof.

He’s been pretty game-faced and focused, and absofreakinglutely exhausted at night. He’s been eating either nothing at all (morning nerves) or everything (at night). I think this kid would definitely benefit from one of those 5-min meditation or visualization apps, but would love to find one for snowboarding, specifically.

If any of you guys have found a meditation app that seems to work especially well with kid/teen athletes (he’s 13), let me know. I’m currently looking at Headspace’s meditation for sport.

Lastly, I’m getting kiiiinda pumped (ha!) for Laurel’s beginner weightlifting series to drop next Sunday. I just got a sneak peek and it’s freaking fantastic. If you want to join, check out her getting started video & let us know if you have any questions. (ps. If you’re still trying to figure out what weight to start with…I was originally thinking I’d start with 12 lbs, but in the video Laurel is using 20lb weights! She obviously has tons of experience, so do with that what you will. But I might start with 15lbs now.)

Cute slides. I packed these OluKai slides – in a sunny yellow color – for traipsing out to the hot tub. They’re such a happy little sandal, and really comfy, too. They’ll make some cute summer outfits…eventually (it’s currently snowing outside my window, haha).

Really good lines. Every once in a while, I’m browsing and am struck by the lines of a top. The drape is perfect, the neckline lays just so, the sleeves are luxe and elegant…and this sweater was one of those. The color is really pretty, and the shape would look just as good with a pair of high-rise shorts as it would layered over a dress.

Hear me out: Faux-leather trench. Sooo…this Sanctuary Faux-Leather Trench hits at mid-thigh (think: slightly shorter than a traditional trench), comes in Spring-y shades (I like the ‘sawdust’) and looks wayyyyy more expensive than its $129 price. Reviewers agree – they’re gushing over the perfect fit, and super-soft faux-leather. It’ll be a bit water resistant, just due to the nature of faux-leather, and I’m thinking it might be a really cool Spring jacket (that could easily be worn in the Fall, too).

I don’t usually like belts, but…this one got me. It’s thin, studded, and denim so might just visually melt away into my jean outfits, while still adding a little something-something. High hopes.

Refined cargo pants? Yup – in denim, no less. Sustainably made (hiii Reformation), but at Nordstrom, so easier to….add…to…cart (which I just did thankuverymuch).

J.Crew Annual Spring Event, whoa. I just ordered this pretty cut-out suit in lemon print, the striped suit I mentioned last week, and my favorite string bikinis (still the best, at any age – literally been wearing them since high school). I also ordered a couple of linen shirt-dresses. This classic one that for some reason (sleeves, maybe?) looks like it has a cooler fit than traditional tie-waist shirt dresses, and this gamine shirt dress. I’ll report back on which I like better.

Outfit Inspo: This exact outfit. To recreate, I’d keep the top the same, but for the pants, I’d go with rag&bone khakis, or even these GAP pants (on sale for under $50!) instead. For shoes, I’d either wear my everyday black flip-flops (suuuuper comfy, and look fancier on than one would expect) or my Jenni Kayne sandals.

Plus size pick: Paige Carly Cargo Jeans – they’re so freaking cool. I’d wear them exactly as pictured, or use them to recreate the outfit above. 

My favorite socks. I typically swear by merino wool socks…but these classic Ragg socks have totally stolen my heart. They’re super cushy around the house, but fit well enough to wear with boots, and are cute enough to wear with Birkenstocks (both sandals and clogs). The 4-pack gives you a 5% savings, but since I just want the ‘washed taupe’ and ‘meteor’, colors, I’m going order mine separately. (Oh haha – Mike saw that I was on Bombas and was all, ‘can you get me more dress socks?’)

Summer necklace. All I want is this delicate ‘XO’ necklace from Gwen Beloti. Almost sold out at Saks, but you can get it here, at Gwen’s website, too (and support a Black-owned business!).

It’s walking-the-dog satin. I just returned these pants back to Adidas because the overall shape didn’t work for me (too tight when I wanted them loose, and loose where I needed them tight). Instead, I think I’m going to try Adidas’ satin, wide-leg track pants. The color is gorgeous, the shape looks much better, and they’re not really satin. They’re recycled polyester, machine washable and are the kind of satin I plan to wear walking the dog.

You had me at ‘lip smoothie’. I don’t know if it’s because I’m up in Colorado’s extremely dry air…but Farmacy’s Lip Smoothie, a lip balm and plumper, made with Vitamin C and peptides is currently in my cart. Oh and it has an apple scent, too.

For men who hate sandals. I keep coming back to these men’s Nike…clogs? They’re like Crocs, but sleek and, well…kind of cool, actually.

Toys for teens. This stuffie. Raines was grumping at me and it just seemed appropriate.

Easy Dinner! Mike threw together a really yum dinner last night in about 40 min. He covered a couple of chicken legs in olive oil, garlic powder, salt & pepper and a tiny bit of cayenne (seriously that’s all) and roasted them at 400 for about 35-40 min, flipping halfway through. He sauteed up this Whole Foods Frozen Vegetable Protein blend and served it over brown rice (the kind you just microwave in the packet). Done! That protein blend is a family fav, but we always add fresh lemon and a little more salt & pepper before serving.

WATCH: Our YouTube channel’s been busy. After declaring Golden Goose dead, the Gen Z’ers I work with made me try them again and…gahhh. And, we just dropped my big Sezane haul if you want to see how their Spring collection is stacking up (hint: it’s really fun). There were definitely a few surprises pieces I loved.

Enjoy your weekend, and send any OMG PAX STAY SAFE vibes on over. 🙂




  1. Good luck to Pax!! I’ve been reading your blog since you lived in Denver, and y it’s been inspiring reading your boys’ journey into competitive snow sports. My 3 boys just finished their first season skiing with Team Summit here in Colorado, and we’re still learning to navigate things. I’ll be in Copper today volunteering at the team tent and will be sending good vibes to your family!

  2. Hi there! I’m a mindfulness meditation educator and an integrative health and well being coach. I guide all ages including kids and adults. Check out my site: http://www.serenajain.com for more information and my family has been skiing since our kids were babies- I learned when they were 4 so in my 30’s and I used mindful skiing! Yes this is a thing! I’d be happy to help.

  3. Crossing ALLL the fingers for you, Pax!! Been hanging around here since you were tiny and I can’t even believe you’re a teenager! Hang in there, mama!

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