Weekend 4.27


Hey gang! We’re having a busy weekend over here, so I’m keeping my blah-blah-blahs to a minimum. Hope you are having a good one!

I see you, Tevas. They just dropped a new, minimalist version of the classic Teva sandal and it looks SO GOOD. Ordered.

Really chic Vans. I love my black-and-white checkered Vans…but this tan upgrade made me swoon, and has memory foam, too. Also ordered. Will report back on both the new Vans & Tevas.

Mom! Order this! Last summer, when I was helping my mom pack for our trip to France, I kept looking for Eileen Fisher’s suuuper lightweight, cropped linen poncho. It’s the perfect piece to throw over strappy sundresses or tanks if you prefer some shoulder coverage (or just need a shoulder covering when touring old churches in Italy, etc.) Anyway, this piece sells out every year, but is SO freaking good – both useful and cute. Also in black, if interested.

New bag. Abby brought her black Clare V Pot de Miel bag into the office (yup – the one with that cool, bamboo handle) and whoa: It’s really freaking good. I might…I might even like it better than the original??

That Saks sale is trouble. It basically reads like a who’s who of my favorite pieces, including these Jennifer Fisher earrings I bought last year after trying on allllll of her many, many options. They’re my hands-down favorites (not too big, but big enough to make a statement, with seriously gorgeous texture that makes them special). Now, I am currently debating between this bag and this bag – two pieces I’ve been eyeing for over a year. If you’d like more temptation (I know, I know, I’m not helping), Abby & I pulled together a list of The 15 best pieces in the Saks sale, if interested.

She’s 100% right. A friend texted me about how much she loves these Vuori tank tops because they really do vibe more like a regular, everyday tank (rather than a workout tank) and I was like ohhhh that’s riiiight. I forgot I actually own them in 2 colors – for that exact same reason – and dug mine out. I’ve been wearing them all week (including to Solidcore & running, so they definitely work like workout tanks, too).

Sooo…are dog people worse than cat people? I was staring at Printfresh PJs, trying to decide if I want/need this set in ‘avocado’ or ‘bagheera wedding cake’ for Mother’s Day…when I saw these and immediately went, “OOOOOOO….” Is this who I am now?? Stop it, S. STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

OMG HALFDAYS. Halfdays, my very favorite brand of ski, hiking & adventuring clothes is having an absolutely epic sample sale – this weekend only. Everything is final sale, but these prices are so low, it might be worth the risk. My very favorite pick right now is this windbreaker – I have the green and have been wearing it constantly. It’s so (surprisingly) cute on that I even brought it to France last summer. My favorite ski & snowpants are also on sale: $121 instead of the usual $345. Whoa.

A rare, Sarah Flint sale: If anyone has been curious about Sarah Flint shoes (think: seriously expensive, but made in Italy, and designed for comfort – including padded arch support, etc), they’re having a spring sale this weekend, 40% off select shoes with the code, SPRINGEVENT. My favorite dressy sandals are included (I own them in 2 colors, black & sand), and they’re basically the only dressy heels I ever need.

Completely ridiculous, but I want it: This decorative dish. I know, I know, I have no explanation, either.

D&D fans!!!! I know I’ve already gone pretty hard on the classic, old school shoes this week (Vans, Tevas, both mentioned above) but OH MY GAWD these Converse sneakers are, a) a seriously chic color and b) that color is literally called CHAOTIC NEUTRAL. Ded. I’m ded.

Can we just agree this is sexy? This swimsuit is like a mom-swimsuit, but there’s something about the cut of the front and the seriously cool back that makes it more naughty than nauti – right?

Need new lip SPF. I feel like we have a million tubes of Sunbum’s lip SPF lying around and I hate it. Like…so, so much. It tastes good (do we care?) but seems to make my lips dryer, and has to be reapplied constantly. Has anyone else had luck with SPF specifically for the lips? I want something truly moisturizing, I don’t want color, and my usual SPF go-tos have left me underwhelmed when it comes to lips (Supergoop, etc). I’m currently looking at MD Solar Sciences lip balm (SPF 30), Elta MD (SPF 36) or Cle de Peau Beaute (if I must).

Fancy food. I feel like making something like these Asparagus, Pea & Ricotta tarts on sunday. Quick little puff pastry pizzas (that’s basically what they are) are such a fun way to surprise the boys into thinking we’re have a fancy dinner. I’ll make them vegan (or vegan-ish) by using Love & Lemons vegan ricotta (I prefer the version in her cookbook, rather than her blog version – the difference is spinach & cashews), and the round out the dinner with roasted new potatoes & a hearty salad. Yum!

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. Please report back on the lip spf! I’ve had a hard time finding a decent one, too. I’ve tried the Elta MD and can’t recommend it–it turned goopy and white pretty quickly. I currently use Aquaphor with SPF (not glamorous, but moisturizing), Blistex (ditto), Cay Skin Isle lip balm (glossy, moisturizing, and available clear and in several colors), and All Good sunscreen lip balm. It’s sunny where I live, so I need options!

  2. I hated the EltaMD – avoid!! After two uses it wouldn’t come out of the tube anymore no matter how hard I squeezed.

  3. I like the Carmex pomegranate lip balm, but it’s only SPF 15. For sport/water-resistant I have a great Target up & up brand sport lip balm, but it appears to be discontinued 🙁

  4. I just found out my lip needs to be treated due to sun damage, this question was perfectly timed!

    I chose your Jack Black recommendation — and it is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for posting. I have never so quickly loved a lip product AND it has SPF. Huge win!

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