I'm getting the Spring shopping bug.  It's like the sun shows its face for one tiiiny second, and I immediately want to bust out a floral t-shirt (specifically this one – Lands' End – who knew?).  To appease the shopping beast, I'll be coming out with some fun Spring shopping posts next week.

In reality, I seem to be wearing mostly black.  Still?  I know.  I feel edgier with all-black and short hair I guess.  And I've been wearing the heck out of this little ponte blazer again.  I like the insta-polish with the super-stretchy fabric.  Mine was purchased in – ready for this? – 2003 I kid you not. Clearly, they have staying power.  I really like this one.  So sleek, with a cool brass button.  Totally perfect for grounding Spring prints.  (Or, uh, sweatshirts and too-big jeans.) 

Mike and I snuck out for a mid-week date night.  The nanny stayed a couple extra hours and we hit happy hour.  Cheapest. Date. Ever.  Drink specials and $5 apps and the whole thing was under $50 with tip.  

And before I forget?  These shoes are comfortable!!  Like, soft and supple and comfortable.  Shocking, I know.  They look like the kind of flat shoes that anger me with their stiff sole.  Nope.  



But let's do the normal Friday linky thing.  Here's what I've got:


Am dying to recreate this outfit.  I'd do it with Bradamant's black bodysuit, and either this fabulous denim pencil skirt….or this one at half the cost.  (Or maybe even Old Navy?) 

I just found out that my favorite high-waisted MiH denim comes in a gorgeous light wash.  They call to me, Mamas.  THEY CALL TO ME.  But at – gack – $325?  Is this how it starts?  Remember when we were all choking on the $100 price tag of a pair of Sevens?  Is $300 the new "standard" price for high-end denim?  It seems to be the price tag of all the pairs I fall in love with (stupid R13 and their perfectly faded not-too-black-wash jeans which have not gone on sale in 8 months).  Know what $300 jeans are?  Besides drool-worthy  ANNOYING.

Have you heard about the 4 year old fashion designer?  She's freaking awesome. (And so is her mum.) 

I'm working on the next family photo article, and was blown away by the book, The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life.  More about this book later, but it was too good to sit on (and under $10, so WOW).  Whether you shoot with an iPhone or a fancy DSLR, this book will inspire.  It's totally changed my own photography game.

I'm in the most recent episode of Meagan Francis' Kitchen Hour podcast.  This time we chatted about Spring break and dressing for Spring (while there is still snow on the ground).  These are so fun – I LOVE that girl.  (And I think she's looking for reader questions, so feel free to let us know if there's anything you'd like to hear us blather on about…) 

Happy, happy weekend, Mamas.  




  1. You look fabulous! Im so glad you are doing so well! Love those shoes too!
    I too have the spring shopping bug and I am really hoping you will do something updated like this http://www.aintnomomjeans.com/2013/03/new-spring-basics-101.html
    I haven’t updated my wardrobe since my last pregnancy (and third baby just turned one so that means I’m long overdue) I need your help knowing what to buy so I feel like a cute stylish mom and not a frumpy out of style mom!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Link to the floral t-shirt? (And $300+ jeans, man. Somehow denim inflation is vastly outpacing my own ability and desire to purchase said denim.)

  3. RE: High wasted jeans
    I’ve been on the hunt! Glad to know you like those at Anthro, but yes even a $200 jean is a stretch so I appreciate you being real about those prices being high despite how amazing they fit. I have no faith in myself with a nick name of ‘Messy Jessy’ the harder I try to keep something clean the quicker I spill olive oil or red wine on it… Ha. So. If you have any other high wasted jean tips/preferences/good buys let us know! Thanks and cheers (from the Yoop!)

  4. You’re at suburban square! I live and work right nearby- it’s not often that I recognize the background in a fashion blogger’s posts. Enjoy the mild weather this weekend!

  5. Your hair looks fantastic and chic. I was supposed to start chemo yesterday but got a call to put it on hold due to conflicts in path reports from biopsy and surgery. If I am very, very lucky I might not have to have it. Of course I’ve already bought and cut my wig, ordered cute hats and the B5 face mask you recommended.
    Hope you are feeling better every day, physically and mentally. Now that I’m on this cancer process (hate the word “journey”!) I’m totally inspired by your grace, strength and kick-ass style through the whole thing. Kudos, mamma.

  6. I’d love to hear Shana’s tips on this too, but have you tried Gap’s 1969 Always skinny high rise jeans? I thought of jump in here because I’ve been looking for some more affordable high rise jeans as well (hoping I can lose some more baby weight before I invest in designer denim) and thought those were lovely. They are just under $70 and they come in a few variety of washes.

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