What are you guys up to this weekend?  We have BIG PLANS.  Raines turned six a few weeks ago, but we're just now getting around to throwing his official birthday party – the one where he invites eight friends.  Wish me luck:  Kid birthday parties are NOT my favorite (unless cocktails are involved) and so….yeah.  This is all new for us.  (It's a ninja party at a karate studio and they cut the cake with a sword?  I don't know.)  But he's excited.  

I've been meaning to show you these adorable hoodies from Pip and Squeak Boutique.  The very talented Kayt sent each of the boys one, uh, sometime during my dark chemo months (I can't honestly remember – this fall was all a blur).  Anyway, the boys LOVE them.


I mean seriously.  

Raines wanted gray (of course) and Pax wanted "SOOP HEROW!!  WUF CAPE! And mask." (this last part was whispered reverently)

His does come with an attached cape…



…which you cannot see because he's layered another cape over top of it.  Why wear one cape when you can wear two?


Speaking of super-heros, my friend Tamar, the Bradamant bodysuit designer, has launched a kickstarter campaign for her Spring collection.  You gotta see the video – it's fabulous.  I love the last line: 'a lifestyle brand for ambitious women'.  Hell yeah.  Ambitious women are so often portrayed in a negative light that I find Bradamant's campaign both refreshing and empowering.  

And I get a serious kick ordering from a small company.  If you have any problems with your bodysuit, any questions or comments or concerns at all, your words get back to the designer herself, Tamar.  She's already refashioned some of the designs based on our feedback.  Isn't that cool?  Because early orders help her out, any bodysuit purchased through her kickstarter campaign is 35% off.  I'm drooling over The Expert in navy.  

Of course, if you don't want to wait for your bodysuit to be made, I've been living in both the Coquette and the Hostess.  Seriously soft, seriously comfortable, and adds a bit of glam to my everyday. (A side bonus – Mike thinks they're sexy.)



shirt: c/o Bradmant –  The Hostess

coat: old Steve Madden puffer…similar

jeans: Rag and Bone

heels: Aerosoles…similar

kids: hoodies c/o Pip and Squeek, pants c/o FabKids



And you know what I realized about the Hostess bodysuit?



Yup.  I could nurse in it.  Not that I need to, obviously, but if a nursing mama is looking for a going-out top, this would be my pick.  And while the neckline would, over time, get stretched by nursing, I'll bet it would hold up for the odd night out.  (Tamar is probably banging her head on her desk right now, LOL!)

Happy Weekend!!!






  1. My son had a similar ninja party last year for his 6th birthday, and it was awesome! I hope your place is as great as ours because my husband and I both said we could have just dropped off my son and left. They ran the WHOLE party so well, and I was free to watch and take pictures. The kids had an absolute blast. Enjoy!

  2. Can I just say how much I appreciate that you’re still looking out for us nursing moms, even though you’re not nursing? Love it. My wardrobe has been centered around being pregnant and/or nursing for the past 5+ years, and will continue to be centered around those stages for who even knows how much longer… At least by now I’ve gotten pretty good at dressing for it!

  3. True story! Since 2009 and counting and I SO WISH I would’ve found ANMJ sooner because it was NOT pretty BS – before Shana – lol!

  4. What are your thoughts about how well the Bradamant tops hide poochiness? Only certain styles will do is my thought going off pictures…

  5. Yup.  I concur.  My pooch is smaller than it was three year ago, but still stubbornly there.  I can hide it easily in the hostess and mogul, and pretty easily in pioneer, ingenue (and the silk versions), and the adventurer.  (But I'm only 5'3" which may help.)
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  6. Just ordered a Dino Hoodie for my little guy! Thanks for the suggestion – They are ADORABLE! Got the same colors as Raines sweatshirt πŸ™‚

  7. I just bought the Hostess without realising it’s dry clean only! Please tell me you don’t dry clean yours!! I’ll never wear it otherwise cos I’ll get snotted by my 18 month old within minutes πŸ˜‰

  8. No!  Never!  I put mine into one of those laundry bags and wash it on cold with the rest of the darks.  Then I hang to dry.  (No dryer). 
    I hear ya on the dry cleaning issue.  πŸ™‚
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