Weekend. Yes.



picture from one year ago


Happy October!! It’s hard to believe we’re here already.  But last weekend I needed mittens WHA??? Soooo…yeah.  Fall.  We’ve picked out pumpkins and made apple crisp and have started talking about Halloween costumes and I wore bad pants.  Ahem.  According to some of you.  Like, 96%.


Haha, I’m kidding.  But The Great Mom Jean Debacle of 2015 (as that post will now be known) was cracking me up all week.  Can you believe that there are currently 116 comments?  One hundred and sixteen!!  There haven’t been that many comments on a single post since I was diagnosed with breast cancer!  Clearly, those pants are hitting a nerve.  And the comments have been hysterical – I’ve been giggling, (ok snorting) over them all week. But I got the message, loud and clear: PANTS = NO.

However, I am going to try and work up a little comparison between those pants and another high-rise, cropped pant (I’m thinking these).  I may even try cuffing the old ones, but to be honest, I’m not sure it’s going to save them.  We’ll see.



Gigi New York is having a friends & family sale – 25% off your entire purchase!  I’m picking up a new iPhone wallet.  I was so hard on my existing one that the pretty blush pink now looks…..gray.  But because this wallet is so perfect, I can’t live without it.  So this time, black.  I’m also seriously considering the Jenn Bucket Bag, done in buttery soft leather with a tassel, cross-body strap, and the most gorgeous shades of oxblood, navy, forest green or tan.  (Code is WEAREFAMILY)

Last year, a bunch of you wanted to know where I got Raines’ camo, fur-lined parka.  (It was Appaman, and all sold out.)  Anyway, Joe Fresh has dead-ringer for Raines’ Appaman jacket, and it’s currently on sale for $34.

More sock boots have hit the market!!  I’ve updated The Sock Boot Shop with some new additions – and, happily, they all have lower heels.

Loved this post on The Man-Repeller:  what your drink order says about you.  Apparently, I’m Ron Burgundy. [headslap]

I don’t normally go gaga for BCA products (so much pink), but I do like JBrand’s little pink jean.  Blush pink, cropped, and destroyed.  Seems fitting.

The Land of Nod has 15% off kids bedding this weekend!  They have my favorite sheets – soft, with seriously modern and cool designs.  If interested, you can see the bedding we chose on Instagram (@shanachristine):   Raines, and Pax

Refinery29 has images from Moa Karlberg’s latest project, 100 Times The Difference.  She compares the childbirth experience of women in Sweeden (one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the country) to that of women in Tanzania (one of the highest).  Hence, the 100 times part.  What was interesting is that the photographer focuses on close-up images of the faces of the women featured – almost portrait shots.  You get a sense of similarity, yet the situations are vastly different.  It’s sobering.

On a very similar topic, Mike spoke at Strata last week, talking about the very exciting stuff he’s been doing at Penn.  If any of you are data nerds (or medical geeks), you can check it out here.  I’m so freaking proud of him.

And before I forget: I need Halloween costume ideas for Mike and I!  The catch?  He wants to wear his glasses. Thoughts?

Have a good weekend!!