Let’s see….what will we be up to this weekend?  Hmmmm….I wonder how’ll we manage to occupy our time this weekend….if only….if only….if only WINTER WAS COMING.

Bring it, Game of Thrones!!!!  On Sunday night we’re going to try and get the boys to bed quickly (I mean heck – we’ll iPod if we must) because a girl’s gotta know:  Jon Snow?  Dead?  The books make him sound very dead.  Here’s my theory:  he’s the son of Eddard Stark’s dead sister AND Rhaegar Targaryen (which would explain why Ned would never reveal Jon’s real parents).   If so, Jon’s story would be so much more exciting and important if he were still alive.  So I’m betting on life.  But truthfully, I’m not sure how they’ll pull it off from a plot perspective.  I’m a little nervous that we’re venturing into unwritten territory – I tend to be a purist about movie adaptations of books.  I do realize that I’m geeking out hard, but HEY!  Us nerds have been waiting YEARS for this!

Weekend Links and Reads

Speaking of nerds, I think this tshirt was made for me.

Cropped jeans and ankle boots – a few of you asked to see how they look together, so I just posted a pic to Instagram (@shanachristine).

Rainbow crochet and tassels.  Yes?  Check out this bag.  I haven’t the foggiest notion why it works.  But I’m obsessed (and it’s only $42).

Raining and strollering just got easier.  The Mumbrella will solve all of my walking-to-school-in-the-rain-while-pushing-stroller problems.

A woman with Down Syndrome just became the face of a new beauty campaign.  She totally rocks it.

Plastic toys are about to get a whole lot cooler.  Fischer Price just named Jonathan Adler it’s new Creative Director.  Fortune Mag thinks we should thank the Milennials.  Please.  Like they’re the first generation of parents trying to tempt junior away from their cellphone with a handmade cubist rattle.  #beenthere

Are YOU a Milennial?  The Atlantic breaks down the generation confusion.  Because #facts.

Snapchat, anyone?  I started a snapchat account (@themomedit) and suspect I may be the only Generation Xer (or Yer? still confused) to have one.  I’ve been posting on a schedule that I’ll generously describe as “semi-regularly”.  So for the twelve of you that care, what do you want to see?  Outfits?  Is makeup required?  (Please say no.)  Weigh in or I’ll just start sharing my many cooking failures and more videos of Pax dancing.

GP released a new cookbook called “It’s All Easy“.  If you order from her website, you can request a personalized message.  I’m so tempted to order one with the inscription, “Dear Shana, I’m a big, HUGE fan of The Mom Edit!  Lunch soon?  xx GP”  Wouldn’t that be hysterical?  Just casually leave it open when people are over….

I’m so thrilled for our Cam – she’s one of the finalists in Redbook Mag’s Real Women, Real Style awards!  Cam discovered the contest late one sleepless night, and she was all – in the midst of a nursing/spit-up/sweatpant extravaganza – I’M A REAL WOMAN WITH STYLE, DAMMIT!  I MEAN SOMETIMES!   Hells yeah, Cam – we’ve alllll been there, our style/sanity especially questionable at 3AM.  That’s about as real as it gets.  If you have a second, go on over and vote.


What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’re hitting the PIFA festival, Morgan’s Pier is open, and we’re currently listening to Purple Rain on repeat.  What an insanely talented man.  RIP, Prince.





  1. I’ve only just got a Snapchat account so I’m the last Gen Xer with you. Still don’t know what the hell to do with it but I look cool to my teenage nieces and nephews. And it kills some time with my toddler because she loves the filters. If I knew how to work I would say outfits please and no makeup is ever required.

  2. What?! This article did not help me at all… I’m a generation X-er AND a millennial.

    But! That bag?! May have to order that baby!

  3. I can’t see that you have anything on snapchat? I would like outfits..no makeup required..ps I don’t think Jon Snow is dead.!!

  4. This would be a perfect pic for xmas card!! And yeah, this gen x’er is not on snapchat. I’m too busy crushing candy, ha ha!

  5. Oh Shana! Laughing and relating over here! I’m one up on you with the tee–I already got the sweatshirt a while back: http://www.krembdelakremb.com/nerdy-by-nature/

    And Snapchat… I’m on it, trying @krembdelakremb. I followed you and the first thing I enjoyed was hearing your voice–if you know what I mean. I never know what to post about either. I always feel so utterly silly.

    My weekend has been good so far–the high school put on a fashion show which is so impressive (I snapped about it, so there are exactly 8 more hours to see it;). Today I pick up an author that’s visiting out school for the next two days. Life of a librarian. BUT, yesterday my husband and I went on a day date that was bliss! We went to the best Lebanese restaurant–oh! So yummy.

    Anyway, have a great weekend! Love the family portrait. So RAD!

    Love, Ann

    • Oh my! I’m looking at the link I posted up there from two years ago, and it’s a rather laughable outfit. What was I thinking!? See! I’m very, very Nerdy by Nature! ;P A x

  6. Yay, we hooked up on Snapchat! I’m the Xer who’s been on there for over a year – I blame my Millennial friends. What I post is anything I want to share, but not Facebook / ‘gram-worthy. If that helps at all!

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