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I’m a little late with my weekend post. Does anyone care? Nah. We moved out of our beach rental this past weekend, and have spent all day Sunday back at home, trying to unpack/do laundry/re-organize the entire house. When I start adulting (rare), I go BIG.

Also: USWNT is giving me life.

Anyway, on Tuesday I’m heading into Nordstrom for my yearly Anni Sale #dressingroomselfies. I’m excited. It’s always a long day (ha! understatement!) but I’m oddly hopeful this year. As I mentioned before (here), I was a liiiitle disappointed with the sale last year, as were many of you. But the early glimpses we’ve gotten over here at TME look really promising. I’ll throw some early looks up on IG stories (@themomedit)…but our biggest sneak peek will be via a special newsletter. So. If you haven’t yet subscribed to our daily newsletter, we’ll make it worth your while.

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Lastly, a couple of readers left comments saying that the Nordstrom Anni Sale coverage feels overwhelming — especially since so many bloggers cover it so extensively — and they were hopeful that we wouldn’t completely lose our minds to this sale. I totally get this sentiment. As a point of comparison, I peeked at our analytics last year, and it was something like 30 articles about the Anni Sale, 6 articles about Amazon Prime Day, and 40-something articles about everything else.   

It’s a balance, right? 

Here’s what to expect: There will be a spike of articles at the beginning of the sale on Friday, and several more when the sale opens to the public a week later. As the sale goes on, we’ll have a couple of round-ups (the best jeans, for example, so you can easily compare them on each contributor), and a highly edited selection of mens, kids, beauty and home stuffs. 

Our goal is, as always, to save you guys some time. This sale is so annoyingly good — it really is one-of-a-kind (I seriously wish more retailers would follow suit) and has become my go-to way to stock up for fall. The pieces I snag during this sale, year after year, have become some of my most-worn pieces. (Vince sneaker boots, James Perse sweatshirt jacket, Weitzman OTK boots, oversized cashmere wrap, cashmere sweaters, Pendelton wool coat…to name just a few examples from previous years.)

My point? Hang in there with us. We’ll be doing our usual highly edited guide to the big sale…but since none of us can stay in one box for too long…we’ll be busting out plenty of other fun content that has nothing to do with the sale. 

High on my to-do list? 

Travel articles and packing lists that I’m horribly behind on (Greek Islands, I’m looking at you), and styling long denim shorts several ways. Linz has been working on a back-to-school backpack post (since you guys told us our August article came too late last year), and Laura has been busy trying to figure out what the heck short people can wear at Free People. Should be a fun month.

Until the bitter end. My Reef flip-flops are, technically, sand colored, but after wearing them all summer for the past, oh, four years they’re horrifyingly dirty. I keep thinking Reef will re-issue them in the same neutral color, but we are not seeing eye-to-eye on this topic because…hot pink. YEARS OF HOT PINK WHY REEF WHY? And they’re the only flip-flops that don’t irritate between my toes, soooo I can’t switch styles. But then a friend of mine showed up in these gorgeous champagne Reef slides and heyyyy. (ps. They’re on sale at Amazon.)

Dangerous. Intermix is doing one of those sales where they’re offering 40% off the already marked down price. And the Sexiest Dress of All Time is included (I have it in red).

With the fire of a thousand Zooey Deschanel characters…I want this romper. So charming! With a French-girl vibe! Obviously I will go to Paris! But then I remember that rompers can make your life a living hell and I pause. We all know the pause is meaningless. I want that “youthful effervescence” SO BAD.

Trying this next. I’ve been hunting for a really good self-tanner – no streaking, no smells, long lasting, and…all natural. This one by Josie Maran has insanely glowing reviews. Ordering. (Hmmm…need to get over that $50 shipping threshold. I’ve been coveting my sister’s Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter — it’s a “complexion booster” that is perfect for a summertime glow…and I could use a new turquoise eye liner. I use it in the summer on my lower lids and get a ton of compliments on my “eye makeup”. HA. It’s so easy.)

Hello, Gorgeous. A few of you sent in photos rocking your Voloshin X TME pieces — THANK YOU!!! I’d love to pull an article together showing how freaking amazing you look (and it’s always so freaking helpful to see these pieces on different people). So let’s do this: send a photo of you in your Voloshin X TME garb to OR tag us on IG (@themomedit #voloshinXTheMomEdit) and we’ll send one of you a $200 gift card as a little thank you.

Enjoy your week!




  1. P L E A S E don’t hold-back on your coverage of the N sale!!!! I think I may enjoy your coverage of it as much as the N sale itself!? It’s the only way I shop the much anticipated sale! So thank you!! Continue on…

  2. I, for one, thank you heartily for the Anniversary Sale coverage. I have always felt the Nordstrom online models channel that 1980 Spiegel Catalog vibe, and I can NEVER tell what’s good and what’s not from the pictures. Your dressing room selfies are really the only thing I rely on for the sale.
    One thingI would love/desperately need: I think everyone has the skinny jean/cute bootie look down pat (Yawn. Boring…). I think loads of women (myself included) need help figuring out shoes/boots (especially boots!!!) for those cropped flares, wide leg pants, and high rise boyfriend cut jeans. Thanks!

  3. Couldn’t agree more with Erin, above. Bring-on ALL the selfies, ALL the tips, ALL the things. #NSaleXTheMomEdit feels like Christmas!

  4. I totally agree…I love the Nsale coverage! And…I have also referred back to it later in the year when I see some things I didn’t try out that are on sale again at Christmas…and I can be like wait what did that look like on a person? or how did they style that? LOVE your coverage!

  5. Yes, I love all the NSale articles too! Especially looking forward to boots and jeans this year. But I read every single one, and I refer back to them later.

  6. Not sure if you include lunch boxes in the backpack post but I’dove some recommendations. It’s hard to find ones for those in betweeners — too old for small paw patrol/Disney branded options but still young enough to need fun colors/themes. Thx!

  7. That romper article… Haaahahahaha! Thank you for including it. This is one of the reasons I have never purchased one, or a jumpsuit. Also because I am long-torsoed and cameltoe just isn’t the look I’m going for. 🙂

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