It is a whole new level of: we are where we are. I hope where you are is safe, warm, well and in a home full of health (or trending toward).

And has toilet paper.

We’re home. We’re figuring out the routine for homeschool and work and who is responsible for which chore when. We are reinterpreting social distancing daily, washing our hands, bleaching surfaces, and assessing if there is actually anything we don’t have in stock that we genuinely need. We’ve recently learned that we can not order toilet paper from Amazon. I’ll leave that statement of privilege as it stands, no comment necessary but to say this: I was in fact mind-blown when the child that was assigned that chore came to me and said, “Nope.” It was not a search fail on their part. We are where we are indeed.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Sage Green, Stocking Up & Social Distancing

It seems a bit, I don’t know, trite? to be writing about things you can buy on sale right now. That said, I’m a creature of habit, a list-maker, a checker-offer, a task-master, and well, right now, when so many things are so much bigger than any of us can process and manage, well, writing a weekly post just feels super doable. So imma gonna just do that, and check it off the weekly list of things I can actually get done.

My friend Bragg’s birthday was this week. It took my friend Rebecca and I a few texts to discern exactly which day this week was B’s birthday. I mean, we’ve only repeated this celebration annually for 28 years, neither of us being able to recall exactly which day is a new level of aging-brain. Anyway…Bragg loves Sage Green. So with her on my mind…I chose my weekly favorite finds. And as we do, I also went digging for things on sale, for our homes, that aren’t toilet paper.

Because I can’t help you there.

Stay well friends. Take care of one another. From a distance. xo

From a distance, we're eyeing all things home decor in sage green. Stocking up & hunkering down + a little shopping at west elm, Lulu & Georgia, & Etsy.

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1/ Ooo La La Drapes » It takes quite something to call my attention to a drape panel, especially a stock one. What’s catching my eye here is the subtle luxury, the texture of the material, and that edging.

2/ Jeweled Pendant » ON SALE!!!! Big time. I have one in my office loo. And everyday I fall in love with it all over again.

3/ The Big Mirror of the Week » This is a forever favorite on HUGE sale. Now, now is good for pulling this buy trigger.

4/ The Bookcase that took me by surprise » For a friend, in spare time, was I on the hunt for a semi open/semi closed storage piece, mid century friendly, and just pretty. I would not normally choose something painted sage green…and yet, of the 50 I found, THIS was the one that stays with me. It’s just a gorgeous green and a great piece.

5/ The DEAL OF THE WEEK Bench » Why this is on sale for the price it is, I don’t know. But sometimes we don’t ask questions, we just click add to cart. Great for entries and the ends of beds, and anywhere else you can think of. Classic grain sack+stripe. Love this bench.

6/ Faux Plants: Because sometimes to get real, we go faux » I kinda lost count, of the number of super loving, super lovely, amazing people that have told me they love plants and then promised me they’ll keep them alive, and then don’t. Big plants are arguably very difficult to keep alive indoors aside from sets of circumstances most of us don’t live in. So maybe, the right balance, is for big, go faux, and then challenge yourself to keep a few tiny houseplants living? Maybe? This one I have particular affection for. I grew up with a mother that kept 2 GIANT Olive Trees alive, and thriving, outdoors. They were just so amazingly beautiful. They were NOT low maintenance. But so, so, so pretty! Faux, faux Olive Tree is approximately what I can personally handle in life right now.

7/ It’s almost Turkish Towel Season!!!! » One day, we’re going to choose a day of summer and call it A’s Turkish Towel Obsession Day. I love them because they dry in a hot minute. I love them b/c they weigh next to nothing so we can lug them where we need to without burdening our backs. I love them b/c the roll so pretty into a basket and sit so nicely. I love them b/c we wrap them in all kinds of fun ways and wear them to lunch and dinner on the best of summer days. And I just ordered my first set of 14+ a basket as a gift for this season and it made me so happy! And yes, the link will take you to the current best stock and price-that’s an ever moving target.

8/ Throw Pillow Love » Look at that itty bitty tiny little line of a stripe! Bragg: bday gift?

9/ Peace Candle » Because we could all use a little more peace right about NOW.

10/ Big Basket Great Price » Call this a sneak peak. We did a whole round-up of Big Baskets. B/c why wouldn’t we all Spring Clean and reorg while we’re home anyway? Ok, fine, 1000 reasons. But I’m just offering a good use of home time here friends. Beginning with big baskets.

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Back to hand washing, home schooling, and hella anxiety management.

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