We finished a cucumber yesterday. It was the bonus, found cucumber after we thought we had finished the last cucumber the day before. It brought joy. More joy, then a cucumber has brought since my now 9-year-old was 3-years-old, and used to have a few key phrases that would crack us all up, as 3-year-olds do.

She was an adorable mess of crazy blonde curls and would push them back off her face with one hand and look up at my eyes, from approximately the height of my knees, cock her head just so, and ask, “You got cucumbers?” Needless to say, we always had cucumbers; and plenty of them.

Got Cucumbers? Privilege, Gratitude & Home Decor Sales

Times aren’t so tough in this house that there won’t, most likely, be more cucumbers by the time they get back from their dad’s after this weekend. Times are such that I make no promises, but I think, we’ll probably have more cucumbers by Sunday. Probably.

We’ve had a few such similar moments recently, where food tasted better, was more important, more appreciated, less wasted, and more enjoyed, just because it existed in a moment and we shared it. Food shortage isn’t something I thought my kids would appreciate in their lifetimes. And not one I would wish on anyone. I did always wonder though, in my mom brain…the same mom brain that wonders how to get kids to appreciate going back to school for the privilege it is every September, if they would ever really appreciate food, school? And if they would ever really learn to not waste toilet paper?

Wins from this week: My kids appreciate their now-on-hold privilege of going to school, toilet paper and cucumbers, genuinely, in a whole new way. While I as a mother, am not at this time, genuinely, food-shortage-scared-to-death. How’s that for a new appreciation of the appreciation of privilege?

Weekly Favorite Finds this week (which are basically all on sale, Yay!) include a fantastic S’Mores tray from Etsy. While it says that there’s only one available, I bet if we ask, they’ll make more. Always ask, right? It’s a genius idea, and a beautiful tray for getting S’More family time outdoors, without going full-fire-pit. Also, Lulu and Georgia are having their annual 25% Off Friends and Family Sale. There are certain retailers I especially enjoy, who just don’t do sales often (L+G is one of them,) and hence, aren’t typically featured in this post. So now’s good for that. There’s also this little retailer you may have heard of, doing a 25% off almost everything right now; my favorites from Nordstrom’s Sale (Limited Time, but still going strong for now!!!) below. Oh, and another lil’ one is also having a Mega March Sale, up to (almost) everything. You go on with your big sale self West Elm!

My kids appreciate their now-on-hold privilege of going to school, toilet paper & cucumbers. That story, but home decor on sale.

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1/ The Light Fixture That Wow’d Me This Week » It’s wood. Someone asked me if it was paper this week. Nope, wood. AND AMAZING!!!! I’m not sure I could love it more. It brings me visual peace (at a super-reasonable price point for what it is,) and that’s a lot right now.

2/ Easy, Clean, Zane Console » Also comes in black, we just prefer white. Is on sale. We like the sections, visually, but also for organizing. Great in an entry, but if you have the space, would also be a great oversized nightstand, or could float as a room divider behind a loveseat.

3/ Oversized Ottoman + Tray » Any one else doing more family movie nights + snacks than ever before? Kick your feet up, load the giant tray once, and then sit back and take all the cuddles and quality family screen time you can!

4/ Take a Seat My Friend » I’ve got a spot, in my own home, calling for a seat, but it needs to be just so. Think Goldilocks…not too big, not to small, not too modern, not too precious…I’m all eyes on this one right now, on sale, like I’m the Big Bad Wolf…too many fairy tale references for one chair? I dunno, it’s kinda a wish come true for me.

5/ The Lamp That Won My Love This Week » Speaking of wishes…THIS wishbone floor lamp.

6/ More Beautiful Baskets » I like sets of three, and beautiful places to organize all the things, especially in banana leaf basket form.

7/ Comfy Sofa+Sexy Legs » Competitive Pricing (annual sale) on a ridiculously comfortable, super-sexy sofa. LOOK at those LEGS!!!

8/ S’Mores LOVE » No fire pit nor place in your home yet? Problem solved. Portable S’mores tray, gorgeousness. Family bonding at home just got more fun.

9/ Best New Hiding Spot » Stool for sitting, storage or side table. You decide what’s in there. Maybe we all get a set, and then do a social media guessing game of “what do you keep in yours?” For real though, super-cute and functional, right?

10/ Two-Toned is the new Variety in Life » On deep sale, and therefore not available in many sizes and colors, but if Queen and Slate Belgium Linen+Velvet sound like you…this is the deal of the day. Normally, I love all white bedding, everywhere, always. These are new times…we’re at home, we might need some new action in the bedroom.

Shop More Home Decor On Sale This Weekend

Nordstrom | 25% Off (almost) Everything | Limited Time

Lulu & Georgia | Annual Friends And Family Sale | 25% off Everything

West Elm | Mega March Sale | Up to 40% off (almost) Everything

Here’s to S’More cuddle time with the kids, if they are with you, (healthy distractions if they aren’t), and cucumber appreciation. Stay well

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