Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 2.8


Soups, salads and snacks, and continuous improvement is where we are this week. Soup is often an onion-garlic-based, fridge-veggie-drawer-clean-out-session, plus beans, broth and herbs in this house. Usually tastes OK, sometimes delicious. Soup just happens around here.

Trying to pack the protein for my favorite vegetarian kid and to switch things up a bit, I tried this Chickpea Pasta Minestrone Soup recipe. We definitely added more veggies that needed to come out of the fridge anyway, and more beans and garlic, because sometimes more is more. C and I thought it was OK; but we’re discerning. AJ, (decidedly not a vegetarian,) LOVED it.

If you have vegetable-based soups that pack the protein, and are delicious, we’d love some recommendations. It’s cold and rainy here, and we are in for plenty more soup before this season transitions to the next.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Dutch Oven Love + Sustainable & Fair Trade Finds

Also, all soups around here, get made in a Le Creuset Dutch oven. (WS has a sale for 20% off + free shipping with code, but even still, it’s expensive.) It was a gift, 13 years ago, and will probably last at least the next 113 years, even with daily use. That said, they still cost a fortune, so I went on a hunt for a more affordable alternative and worked one into favorite finds below. I’m not an InstantPotter. Kinda like I’m not an Instagrammer. Maybe I’m just not an Insta kinda anything girl. Dutch Oven is the old-school Instant Pot; it’s my safe happy soup, sauce and braised place. If it might be yours too, try this beauty (comes in multiple colors.)

More weekly favorite finds below, like plastic bottles recycled and made into gorgeous throw pillows, no joke-Amazing! And my favorite sale of the week is Pottery Barn’s code Friends for 20% off and free shipping; because what’s better than friends and family? I’ll tell you what: PB with the sustainably sourced, fairly traded picks, on sale, below.

It's soup season, so we're waxing poetic about the Dutch Oven, Le Creuset & Instant Pot (on sale). Plus, cool sustainable & fair trade home decor #addtocart.

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1/ Coffee Table | In addition to the gorgeous balance and symmetry, this table is also made by Ethnicraft, of natural and renewable materials; it’s built to last and is timeless, and is sizable. And it’s my favorite this week for all of these reasons. It’s new, and not on sale, but we can just put a pin on it and wait for a sale if you love it too; sales eventually happen.

2/ Match Jar with Strike | I don’t like air freshener sprays. Among the so many things my ex-husband taught me, was that if you simply light a match in a water closet, it will almost immediately kill any not-so-pleasing smells. Once upon a time, I collected match books and left them in a cute vessel in each bathroom. Matchbooks are hard to come by these days, so I’m slowly trading those out with jars like this that hold the matches, and on which, you can strike them.

3/ Dutch Oven | The one I referenced above, a really pretty, solid alternative to far more expensive ones, and it comes in 7 really great color finishes.

4/ Wood Board | Along with soup and salad, sometimes our favorite meals are when we just set out a board of healthy bites. I particularly love the handle on this one. And you can choose your wood material from this vendor, and the size of the board too.

5/ Wood Wall Art | I’ve stumbled upon so many similar such things in vast searches for affordable large art, but none that were so clean, interesting and well-priced as this one. Adds a little dimension, shadows well, is much prettier than the photos that don’t quite do it justice.

6/ Salad Bowl | Gorgeous large wooden bowl for the salad that goes along with the soup. Comes in 3 finishes, 2 sizes, is Fair Trade, AND…is on sale with code Friends.

7/ Throw Pillow | From the same new set at the pouf below, technically it’s an outdoor pillow, but it’s strikingly similar to ones I have indoors too. Fun, easy, interesting neutral in great natural pattern. And how cool is what it’s made from????? Check this out: Plastic bottles get new life in this beautifully textured pillow with the look and feel of real wool. The bottles are recycled into yarn that’s dyed black and white and handwoven on traditional pit looms into bold stacked stripes that create an optical illusion. Amazing!

8/ Dining Table | I fell in love with this new piece, and then I had a Flinstone’s moment, and then I decided I love it even more. Stone+glass+brass, yet organic and warm feeling.

9/ Lotus Sofa | A friend was recently eyeing a modern black armless sofa that cost a fortune. I pointed him to consider this one as an alternative. It’s super well-made, lasts forever, comes in all the fabrics including many blacks, and while it’s absolutely expensive, it’s still way better priced than our starting point. And in selling him on it, I remembered how much I really do love it myself, most so in all the whites and all the blacks.

10/ Indoor/Outdoor Pouf | Same deal is as the throw pillow….this beauty started as plastic bottles! I’m still in amazed awe! Plastic bottles get new life in this beautifully textured pouf with the look and feel of real wool. The bottles are recycled into yarn that’s dyed black, grey and cream, then handwoven on traditional pit looms into interlocking, angular shapes. With tassels made of the same yarns adorning the top corners, this exclusive pouf mixes effortlessly with other pieces in our Mohave collection. Soft yet durable, it can be used indoors or outdoors, and each one will be slightly unique. Mind blown on production and it is gorgeous, and a great functional accent piece for indoors and out!

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Continuous soup improvement, plastic bottles living their next best life as pillows, and all kinds of other home goals for the weekend! Enjoy yours!
xoxo, A

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