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Go way down deep (in other words: scroll to the bottom of this post) for what genuinely most stole my heart this week (shopping wise.)

Conversations at bedtime this week: “Mom, did you know that Leonardo da Vinci, or DiCaprio, you know one of those two…he used to write his ideas upside down so no one could steal them?” I think you mean backwards, right to left, mirror style. And I’m pretty sure that you mean da Vinci, though DiCaprio is certainly a Renaissance Man in his own right; maybe just not the same degree. What I’m certain of, is that it’s time for sleep and I love you. Good night Sugar.

This conversation occurred after I got home from seeing a burlesque stand-up comedy show as part of Fringe. Highly recommend hitting whatever you can of this festival if you are local Philly. I especially loved this one too.  All of these super well-curated shows are just mind-, heart- and soul-expanding. And we all need that in the way of public art at its best.

More conversations after the first week of school: “Mom did you know that Ms M is pregnant??!!! And…did you know that she cut bangs??!!” Both said with equal enthusiasm. So there’s that.

In other random comparisons and juxtapositions this week, my reach was stretched between selecting the loveliest, most artisan handcrafted and price tag associated pieces, and a request that interrupted that work to stage an entire home, in 5 hours, on 5 hours’ late night notice, on a strict budget. We got that done. It involved getting into a car, renting a truck, hiring a few strong helpers and schlepping to all the box stores in a sub-5-hour for the whole project radius. But…before we did so, I went on Amazon…just to see…could they same day deliver a sofa (and everything else) to the nearest hub? Or anywhere nearby? If so…that absolutely would have been my solution without leaving the comfort of my desk and other work for the shop part of this project. They could not. They need approximately 3+ days for large pieces. But if you can wait three days, here’s a small selection of what I had placed in my cart. They are reasonably priced, easy on the eyes, and gentle on the wallet pieces that I genuinely would have pressed purchase on could they have been here in 5 hours.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Cute & Quick From Amazon

This weeks fav finds in home decor are reasonably priced, easy on the eyes & gentle on the wallet. Plus, we hit all the sales: OKL, Pottery Barn, DWR...

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1/  Velener Mini Plastic Fake Green Grass Plant  So cute! And no care necessary. Comes in a few styles for easy grouping.

2/  Rivet Gold Bedside Table Desk Lamp with Light Bulb – 18 Inches, Linen Shade First of all, so pretty. Second of all, comes with a shade and bulb.  Lots of lamps don’t.  Easy.

3/  nuLOOM Elijah Seagrass Natural Area Rug If you just search rugs on the ‘zon, good luck. I trust the quality/price of nuLoom. So that’s how I sort there. And natural is just obviously an easy neutral base and great to layer.

4/  nuLOOM Kimberly Hand Loomed Area Rug, Navy Blue Comes in many color ways, I love the blue the best. If you need quality assurance, ask Cams. She has this one, and has for some time. It seems to be holding up to the 3 kids, plus dog real life she lives. But you can confirm that with her.

5/  100% Pure Scandinavian Wool Throw Oooo, so, so pretty! And a fantastic price. Also available in 10+ color ways and patterns.

6/  Throw Pillow Covers Supersoft Chenille Velvet  Covers only, you’ll need inserts too. But you can choose your size, and they are super soft.

7/  Mid-Century Modern Linen Fabric Accent Armchair with Shelter Style Living Room Chair (Blue) Also comes in grey, but I love blue the best. He’s fun. And adds a little vertical interest given his tall back.

8/  Rivet Alonzo Contemporary Modern Leather Sofa Couch, 80″W, Cognac  Well priced for leather. Great lines. More compact size. I really like this piece.

9/  36″ Short Round Coffee Table For Living Room with X Base Faux Marble Top Gold Base Similar to many others available at higher price points and in real marble. But real marble stains. So bonus to taking the budget way out here.

10/  Rivet Modern White Marble and Wood Double Storage Wood Shelf Side End Table, 21.3″H, White/Brass/Walnut Love the double layer in this round side table and mixed materials.

11/  Marble Finish Color Glass End Table,(18x18x18-inch, Black Marble Finish)  I’m obsessed with the two tone top of this sweet side table! And it’s legs too.

12/  Ravenna Home Parker Round Shelf Storage Coffee Table, 31.5″W, Faux Marble/Gold/Glass Same with the single layer coffee table above, faux is a good thing on the wallet and regarding staining. And also love the layers to keep it more interesting.

13/  3 Tier Oval Bowl Set I’ve used this on many staging occasions. More interesting than a single fruit bowl. Also works well for parties.

14/  4 Pk. 24” High Backless White Metal Indoor-Outdoor Counter Height Stool Faux Tolix, at a great price for a set of 4, and I love the white. My own real Tolix are sitting in that house right now, waiting to be switched out with these next week. The ends we’ll go to to help a friend…right? The knock offs are close. We can see the difference. But we can also do the complicated math on that and make smart choices on investment or close enough.

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And the bonus edit: THIS COLLABORATION. For obvious reasons. Here are my four favorites, or maybe let’s just speak truth and remind everyone that my birthday is 11/8, and this is my wishlist please?

One Kings Lane | Limited Time| OKL30YES 30% off

High-end, and not and meaningful, mixed-up conversations. Show up. And represent. What more is there?  OK, fine, plenty.  Like we need to Kondo Rhoda’s closet (she’s 90+ and has 8 closets) before her next big move, asap, in between the everythings. And Ceci/Sugar is speed-reading Hamilton before Sunday when we go see the performance in Philly. I was lucky enough to see original cast in NYC. It will be super-fun to see it at home with my little fan of this kinda stuff. I’m glad she’s reading it first. Context is a thing. That and perspective.

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  1. Love this post! As a mom of 3 under 10 years old, I haven’t yet committed to REAL adult furniture, but I still have a desire for style in my home. Can you please come decorate for me?!? I love all of the Amazon pieces you pulled.

    • Christa…as a mom of 3 under ten…REAL is your life right now sister. The definition of REAL furniture has the same reach as your arms and heart do in any given day! Keep on….REAL is REAL…and you are doing that. Furniture will come and go…grab pieces as you see them and love them and can, regardless of what they are. It’ll all come together eventually! xoxo A

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