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We went out for Sushi last night, because I felt like I needed a treat. Grace began her order with, “May I please have a red wasabi roll?” And that was all it took to break my long week, more-balls-in-the-air, fires-needing-extinguishing, disappointments, challenges, and slaps-in-every-area-of-life-than-one-mom-can-handle funk. I smiled, possibly for the first time in days, hugged her, and explained to the server that she was hoping for a Spicy Tuna Roll.

AJ chose The Lego Movie 2 as our Friday night cuddle movie. I nearly drown in my own tears watching End Game two weeks ago, so this lighthearted easy flick was a welcome relief. And then the closing song played, and Ceci just looked at me and we both laughed out loud, realizing that we’d be singing this song for days to come…”Everything’s Not Awesome…But we can make it better if we stick together.” The lyrics are kinda hysterical in between, if you have a minute and need a laugh.

Lessons I learn (ed) from my own mother: 1) Stand up Straight. I’m 6′ tall. She’s, um, not. My entire life my mother has been gently tapping my back and reminding me to stand up straight. Thank you mom.  2)  Give with your whole heart, always. To your partner, to your kids, to your family, friends, and to the whole community as if they are family. Just keep giving. Always. When I feel like I’m running out of give, I channel my own mother (her mother and her sisters) and just dig deep, and somehow, it’s always there to be found. 3) Savor the moments. My mother can enjoy a simple cup of tea, or a random flower or bird with a full heart and calm, clear mind like no one I know. It’s probably one of the many reasons all kids just love Alla. It’s also one of the reasons I do. 4) Silence speaks volumes. I have my father’s DNA too, so I had to learn to listen while speaking (it’s possible.) But from my mother I learn again and again to listen, and maybe just stay a little bit quiet and see what else I hear. 5) Dance. When the music or mood move you, when all else fails, when your partner is the poster child for the rhythm impaired, with your kids, with your friends, and by yourself in the kitchen, folding laundry and sitting at your desk. Just keep dancing. Mom’s taught me far more than this, but if I had to sum it up, those are the ones I remind myself of many times a day, every day, and that I try to teach my own kids too; they are the lessons that get me through. Thank you Mom. I love you. And will you please cover chaperoning a 1st grade field trip on Friday the 17th, because I had to take a 9am meeting? I’ll get there as soon as I can after. I love you. And I know that you’ll say yes, and that you’ll say that’s why you are here, and that I’m so lucky to have that privilege in life. And we all know the kids would rather have you there anyway. And we don’t blame them.

Here are some fun favorite finds, to mark time-passing while telling your kids to stand up straight, to keep the air moving, and the kitchen fun and active, and that are otherwise just beautiful. And the sales this weekend, too!  xoxo, A

We're taking a lesson from Mom for this weekly favorite finds. Fun, loving & active home decor for the kitchen, bedroom & living areas, plus all the sales!

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1/  Spitfire 60″ LED Ceiling Fan – Satin Brass: My office is the only room of the house that doesn’t have a ceiling fan….and I might be regretting that. And there’s wiring. So this guy might be incoming soon. Fans are just the best for these in between seasons. And I’m way better with a little fresh air.

2/  Roland Black Striped Cotton Rug: I just love this rug. No explanation necessary. Straight from the heart, I just do.

3/  Le Creuset ® Signature 3.5-Qt. Graphite Grey Oval Wide Dutch Oven: Where was Graphite Grey with a brass handle when I invested in my Le Creuset? One wonders. Regardless, it’s here now. And if I had it all to do over starting today, I’d start here.

4/  Platinum Dining Chair: Something about a tall back, a short arm and a stripe, and you have my whole heart! End chairs mixed with something fun at the dining table? Two of these and a bench in a breakfast nook? Or flanking a grande console in some space that just needs a little love.

5/  Ceil Bookshelf, Iron: Sleek AF, open, triangular and ZOOM in on those gold feet. And then you’ll be in love too.

6/  Black Silicone Utensils with Acacia Handle: My kitchen wooden spoons and spatulas have all taken a beating recently. I’m considering replacing them with these. Which translates to I ordered them, I’ll try them, I’ll let you know what I think. But looks wise, they are pretty perfectly beautiful.

7/  Modern Hanging Leather Headboard | Handcrafted in Portugal – The Citizenry: The older I get, the easier I do it. How easy is this headboard, in both form and function and to love? And the warmth of that camel color leather is just gorgeous. This is a super-efficient, super-beautiful finish piece. Beautiful bedroom, done.

8/  Chantal High-Back Chair, White: The Rattan piece of the week. And isn’t it just beautiful??? This might even be the mother of all rattan chairs. ’tis the season for mothers, and rattan chairs. xo

9/  DwellStudio Faceted Black Vase: I love these most as a set of three. They are just faceted gorgeousness, on a tablescape, or on a fireplace mantel. Or even on your master vanity. I love them most with one giant green Hydrangea each in them, but any old flower would make me smile.

10/  Woven Elephant Basket: It’s an elephant and a basket. What’s not to LOVE here?

11/  Personalized Growth Charts: Just for good measure….I asked a nephew to make me one of these when the kids were small. That never happened. Luckily my folks have been recording regularly at their house. But wait…they are not going to be there forever…full circle stop. Get one of these. Record the growth. Take it with you wherever you go. Just for fun and love.

12/  Danish Paper Towel Holder: This. Now. Please. I don’t remember the last time I fell in love with a paper towel holder. Maybe NYC, some fun store, 1990? Well it just happened again, for the second time ever. I might only have one more of these kinds of love in me.

13/  Elephant Jumbo Sculpture, Natural: You need to read the story on this one, if you didn’t find love at first site. The Laotian carvers that chiseled this guy from kiln-dried peach wood claim that they find an elephant inside every tree and free him with their primitive tools. And he’s functional art. So take a seat and think on that.

14/  Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls: I own these, I love these, I’ve gifted these to everyone I know who both loves to cook and knows how to have fun, to all kinds of people I love starting their lives, and to all the kids…they work well for sand castles too.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. Be gentle with yourselves, especially when the world doesn’t feel so gentle. Stand up straight, savor the moments, and hug those kiddos no matter what life brings.


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