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New and fresh is my current craving. Honey for health— have you seen/heard this? Things that cost $3.00, are functional and spark joy are amazingly wonderful. And Keith Haring expresses politics in a far more beautiful and receivable way than any other I’m currently receiving. Same issues remain; he, like many artists, remains ahead of the times. Check out my favorites found in those areas and a few others —spring-inspiring — below, plus all the great things on sale too!

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Spring Forward —
All Things New & Fresh

New & fresh is our current craving. Check out our favorites finds —spring-inspiring — plus great home decor on sale — Pottery Barn, CB2, Urban Outfitters.

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1/ The Political Line|Keith Haring Coffee Table Book | Is reading about politics, watching debates, and living the consequences of our collective political choices IRL also emotionally and intellectually exhausting anyone else, or is that just me? Sometimes, it’s interesting to me to see current politics through the eyes of artists; they often seem to have a more clear lens. This isn’t a new book, it was published in 2014. But it is a beautiful one, and somehow, the subject matter of social justice/gay and straight, young and old, male and female — well that all still feels relevant. Maybe more so.

2/ Reusable Flower Wrap | Does anyone else go to the local farmers’ market with a certain list that doesn’t have fresh cut flowers on it, but always comes home with them too? And/or love to visit their favorite neighbor’s gardens in full bloom and unashamedly send the kids to ring the bell and ask, “May we just take a few snips, please?” Here’s a better way to bring those beauties home.

3/ Honey Sticks | My kids LOVE honey. In tea, on toast, for dipping apples and pretzels, drizzled over their yogurt and granola. In truth though, they are also happy to just eat the honey. Sticks are an easy way to toss honey in lunches, and a fun way to snack at home too. And yes, it’s my favorite first response to, “Mom, my throat hurts.” I’ll make you some tea with honey. It usually does the trick.

4/ Riviera Stool | Stool, decidedly not new. Colorways are what are. And it’s just so beautiful in all white and all black!

5/ Hello Door Mat | Fresh mats. Spring requires fresh door mats. Hello, New Doormat.

6/ Watering Can | For watering the indoor plants, the container gardens, and topping off the turtle tank…it’s always great to have easy to work with tools, especially when they are $3.00 and cute.

7/ Outdoor Rocker | I love that they guys are visually pleasing, comfortable as heck, and take up relatively little footprint. Two colors available. Not sure which I love more.

8/ Striped Throw Pillow | Simple stripes, outdoor throw pillow, available in 4 colorways. Blue is my favorite, and no reason it can’t live indoors. Oh, and it’s on sale. Nothing says spring like stripes and on sale.

9/ Over the Table Stand | Pause, click, and then click. What a beautiful, fun, romantic way to decorate a table ABOVE the sight/conversation line. With lights, with flowers, with wrapped ribbon…or maybe even all three!!!

10/ Portside Swivel Chair | My favorite outdoor collection just added the one piece that was missing…a swivel chair. We can all rest easy, outdoors, this summer+swivel now.

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Cheers to thinking of Springing and fun things! Hope you have a great weekend.

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