Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 3.28


Let’s put a pin in this. I appreciate that expression. It’s useful, when I’m just not sure what to do, in a moment, with a thought or a challenge. It’s nice to have a tidy little efficient way of saying, let’s hold that thought, and we’ll circle back.

For me, personally, Pinterest, is where I pin all sorts of things and thoughts as I pull together blog posts and homes in real life, in the same way we once upon a time pulled tear sheets and magazines apart and pinned them to an actual board; only better. For visual-appreciating people who love a list, it’s a happy place, absent the negative pressures of other places that aren’t so visually stimulating and organized anyway. And it’s a great source from which to take inspiration, or just a visual visit away from whatever you might be working on or otherwise have on your mind.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Put A Pin In It — Escapism & Pretty Home Decor

I just looked up the history of both the expression and the naming of Pinterest, spoilers: something about WWII grenades (didn’t see that coming), and a wife, in her spare time, while multitasking. (Fun, relatable fact of the day.)

I would hope, and I’d like to just make real clear, right now, in case hope isn’t enough, that when I pull together Weekly Favorite Finds, and rooms, and well anything these weeks, it is in moments of focus on work and/or escapism in sharing things I search that bring me joy, just to look at and think about. In a week where our COVID-19 rates hit a high, and our jobless rates hit an economic low, and people are fighting for their lives in a multitude of ways, ALL this is meant to be right now, is me, sharing my moments of escape with you.

In these kinda times, just put a pin in it my friends. I do have hope, that we will find, a new normal. And when we do, we can all circle back to all the projects we’d like to do someday in our own homes and lives. For now, maybe we just put a pin in what inspires them. Make yourself a board, pin away hopes for soon. Or follow me, and TME (ya see what I did there?) just for fun. And with that caveat, here’s the best of what I’d put a pretty pin in this week:

Our weekly favorite finds in home decor include pretty Pinterest-worthy finds (toilet paper holder wall art, anyone?) & some home office escapism. Plus, all the sales.

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1/ Toilet Paper Wall Art LOVE » Remember the pre-week one of this hot mess when toilet paper scarcity was one of our largest collective thoughts? And then those who could stocked-up. Now what to do with it? Well, here’s a dreamy idea, my friends. Also comes in white. And C, my 9-year-old thinks it’s fantastic. I don’t get a fantastic from her on all my ideas, so clearly this is something right now.

2/ The Bag I Can’t Wait to Leave the House With » This one is personal. It’s a big bag, and not inexpensive, but from a great company, and well-made. And that shade of blue just moves me right now. If I can manage one big bag for myself this season, it’ll be this one. Here’s hoping.

3/ Wall Scone Beauty » I found this, on a search for something else, and started singing the song, to myself in my own mind, you…light up my life…

4/ Bowls With Legs Part One » Three of my favorite things in design are function, air and light. Hello bowls with legs. Couldn’t love this long guy more.

5/ Bowls With Legs Part Deux » Same as above, and especially love his size for citrus!

6/ If I can’t breathe fresh air, I’ll take this Candle » OK, fine, it’s a million dollar candle. So maybe not. But it does, smell, very, very, very good. And I’m afraid to open the windows of the house right now. That might also be unreasonable. But hey, it’s where I am.

7/ Gardening Light, Indoors Edition » We’ve been taking a walk everyday. Just in a circle around the block in front of ours. There are so many things blooming and greening almost out of control. If you have a garden that’s taking off on its own too, grab a few snips, and bring them in to a vase. Greens and flowers are like candles to me at home, they are just a little moment of peace.

8/ The Rug Of The Week » I really am on this let’s get our own outdoor backyard patio space in the best shape we can, because I feel like we will be spending a whole lotta time there soon. Loving this indoor/outdoor rug.

9/ The Daybed I Have My Own Eye On » Again, for me, this one is a pin. There’s a place, that will be open, once another place in my own home is done, that will need something to hold it. If, it’s a bench/daybed/something short of a sofa that breathes, it’ll add to an already conversational by nature space, so…I’m searching for what will land there and right now, this is the contender.

10/ More Home Office Space ASAP » I have a whole post on this for, well, all of us, coming soon. For now, yeah, where does everyone work at home is top of mind. This is a great, big desk that doesn’t take up too much visual space and has just enough storage. Let’s put a pin in that. We’ll circle back in the week to come.

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Sending you all love and strength and wishing for you whatever you most need right now. And putting a big old collective pin in the rest of it.

PS: Follow along with me on Pinterest for more Home Inspiration and other random distraction via pretty visuals during these crazy times. xo A

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