Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 4.4


Oh, that’s right: Passover and Easter — coming in hot. Today is Saturday. Just in case…like me, you lost track.

Weekly Favorite Finds: On The Bright Side For Easter & Passover

Easter is in eight days from now. If you need to order stuff, like plastic eggs for instance, today. Today is good for that. Passover begins four days from now, so, maybe order that stuff first and choose prime/same day/two day? No pressure.

A few silly, fun, not-at-all religious ideas below for #STAYATHOME celebrations — like my absolute new-found favorite things: Mrs. Maisel’s Macarons. Those, and an otherwise seemingly random collection of things, and the best of home decor sales below, too.

(And maybe you too are starting to think that home-projects-on-back-burners and outdoor back patio things on sale, might be well-timed, right about now.)

Grateful for health & home, this week's favorite finds lean toward the bright side, to Easter, Passover & colorful spring break fun — plus, home decor on sale.

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1/ PIZZA STONE » #STAYATHOME Pizza is shockingly easy. You just need to start early and give dough time to rise. We’re taking turns choosing and making dinner. Cecilia (our resident vegetarian) nailed her Friday Family Pizza night! We used this stone and our regular oven. Everyone chooses their own toppings. Deeeelicious.

2/ MRS MAISEL » I love me some Mrs. Maisel. She’s a riot. Currently debating letting the kids binge watch her so they too, more appreciate these treats. For now, they think the tin is cute. Meanwhile I’m just so enjoying my own gift to my own self, in 100 ways.

3/ EASTER EGGS » Once upon a time I had a Rubbermaid Tupperware full of these that we used for egg hunts every year. Then it went into a friend’s pool house for storage between moves. And it came out a year+ later with mouse droppings in it. And then went bye-bye. I’m not sure what Easter will look like around here, other than absolutely eggs filled with coins, lego guys, and whatever other small items I can round up, hidden ALL over the house. Because why not? The ones I linked…are just eggs…the ones that come with the guys, yeah, they won’t get to you in time. You’ve got guys, we’ve all got guys. This is a use your own guys kinda exercise, this year.

4/ BUCKETS » For collecting Easter eggs. For water play, and home tie dying (see below). For gardening at home. For all the things we can possibly think to do right now, I like these, in all the colors. And someday, when we can socialize again, they fill well with ice and adult beverages.

5/ CLOTH WIPES » Anyone else not able to keep up with the laundry, nor paper towel stock right now from all the hand-washing? These are tiny…but perfect sized for drying well-washed hands and cleaning-up all the small messes. And then they run through the laundry and a fresh supply is ready the next day. And they are cute.

6/ TIE DYE #STAYATHOME Fun » This is me trying to figure out fun at home for holidays and spring break. A little tie dye action goes a long way. We’ll be doing this next week for sure. Probably sheets, t-shirts and socks. Maybe napkins. Who needs large stock of all white linen napkins anyway?

7/ COLORFUL STORAGE » AJ and I are currently purging/spring cleaning his room, and his epic lego collection and displays. It’s meticulous, labor-intensive, and wouldn’t be at all fun if not for the time spent together. Oh, and these. These are the base of his lego table. Without them, organization would not be possible. And they are on sale.

8/ RUBBER BIRKS » We’re staying at home. And taking that seriously. And we have a shoeless home. But yes, every Tuesday morning, I have to take the trash out. And yes, I’m counting my blessings they are still collecting it. I wear my rubber Birks, and then I bleach spray and hose them down as needed. That might be overkill, but hey, just saying, you can easily clean rubber Birks if you need that kinda crazy in your own life. I obviously don’t have enough of them and therefore Zinnia are now in my cart. Small pleasures.

9/ TIE DYE THROW » Not in the mood for your own tie dying, but die for the tie? I love this easy spring summer fun throw! Especially for outside sitting while there’s still a bit of a chill.

10/ A BETTER HEAD BOARD » This is fun, and so pretty. And who says it has to be a headboard? Flip it and hang it in a large open space and call it art? Hang it as a room divider. Or yes, it’s also great as a headboard in case your master bedroom needs something, oh, I dunno, fresh?

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Sincere wishes, that you are home and healthy, and huge thanks to the heroes among us that are out there on the front lines so that we can #stayathome and all try to stay healthy.

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