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And Saturday. Truth? My perspective is super limited. I read too much news every day. That’s not new, it just feels heavier to digest these days. If you don’t already Skimm, I highly recommend. It’s a women-owned, women-edited, daily news summary subscription. They, magically, find a way to distill down to need-to-know, and also to balance severity of fact with just enough wit and humor. So that plus 10 other news outlets every morning and evening, give me an awareness of what’s going on around me.

I have my own extra layer of fear of Covid-19 because I have an immunocompromised kid who needs an infusion this week — I’m trying to count my blessings that’s possible while squishing all the WTF that’s actually going through my mind, knowing full well we are in a major city that hasn’t yet peaked. I know that the SBA is out of stimulus money for now, that general stimulus checks are delayed because they needed to wait for, um, someone’s name to be printed on them, that the numbers are rising, that the governors are taking even more charge (thankfully), and there is a wide range of opinion on reopening our economy, and most importantly, that the heroes continue to sweat their asses off for the common good, while many of us, are living, safely, in sheltered bubbles, doing the best we can to manage our homes, families and fears — and to not increase the heroes’ workload unnecessarily.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Pretty & Practical For Productivity At Home

I guess that’s my disclosure statement before I launch into favorite Fancy Toilet Brushes found this week and light-hearted conversation from a super-privileged perspective of appreciating that all three of my children have learned to use them recently. My collection of favorite finds this week, might not seem that thematic, but if there is one, it’s here are the useful things we’re finding help us at home, a hint about how we spend time other than eating and school from home and work from home, and a few things we’re looking forward to.

Is fostering/adopting a dog right now a thing people are doing? Yup? Is it a thing I should do? Nope. Might it happen anyway….maybe. Hence the cute dog bed below. I’m on a super-strong maybe there. We’re going to clean the toilets and the car and prep the garden and keep having a deep think on that whole dog thing. We’ve got time, thankfully.

Our weekly favorite finds are pretty & practical to help us at home (think chores, organization, cleaning & gardening), + sales at Terrain, west elm & OKL.

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1/ Fancy Toilet Brush » It’s Agave Green Ceramic. It’s so lovely! Also comes in Moonbeam White and Charcoal Grey. The cute more affordable one I love is this black and white sweetheart that’s now in each of my kid’s bathrooms. And I have a few friends who are swearing by these disposable pod Toilet Wands.

2/ Rosemary » We are in Center City Philadelphia, were per the wisest gardener I’ve ever known, it is NOT yet time to plant a container garden. But these are in my cart, and will be the first things I do plant in another week or so. I love cooking with fresh herbs and Rosemary is one of the heartiest in terms of how the plant does outdoors, in a container. And everything around it smells so good. So it’s going in first, and we’ll build the rest of the garden around that.

3/ Tiny Step Stool » We have a few of these and they are amazing! First of all, they are adorable. And they fold, so they store easily. The handle also makes them easy to maneuver to where we need them in the house. They help with kids reaching sinks to wash hands, and reaching the top shelf to put the clean glasses away from the dishwasher, and to get the art supplies out of the closet independently from where they wouldn’t normally be able to reach. Among many other helpful at-home uses. I love the smallest ones best, but they also come in this helpful slightly larger size, too, and in all kinds of fun colors!

4/ Nozzle » This is the replacement I’ve ordered, for the lesser quality one that I destroyed. It’s the spray shape and control I prefer most, and if the lesser quality one lasted 5 years, I’m banking on this higher quality one lasting 10. Can’t wait for it to get here!

5/ Hose » One of my hoses is temporarily out of commission until someone with a better grip than I have right now comes and detaches the broken nozzle from it. So I needed a new one, because that could take a while. And this is the one I fell in love with, for color. All about the color.

6/ Big Step Ladder » 3-step, step ladders, that fold almost flat can be super-expensive. This one is not, and it’s RED — be still my heart. And sturdy. For the higher up work, done by those who need a little added reach.

7/ Car Wash Mitt » Among many safe productive ways we’ve found to have fun at home, is washing the car. The kids soak one another, the car gets kinda clean, fun is had, safely outdoors in masks, in the driveway, with basically organized water play. One thing we’ve learned is that the kids do a better job of getting all the spots, and not scratching the car, with these fun mitts. And then I just toss them in the laundry for next week. Mind you, we are washing a car weekly, that is being driven no where right now. I give it four weeks before we hit all the spots. Maybe five. Whatever. This exercise is more about the fun.

8/ Shade » I do not love outdoor umbrellas. They are too bulky for my taste. I am though, a captain of team need-some-shade. THESE…sailcloth triangles that you clip to mounted bolts are my favorite way to accomplish that. These in particular are a great price, and they come in 20+ sizes and 14+ colors. I love the black and white stripes the best, but there’s one for everyone if you click through.

9/ Floor Pillow (indoor/Outdoor) » This floor pillow (it’s giant), especially at 50% off, remains one of our all-time favorites for flexible comfort, cuddling and general house plopping. And it’s indoor/outdoor, so even better.

10/ Dog Bed Pillow » Who the heck begins their search for a dog, with finding a dog bed that coordinates with existing throw pillows? Guilty. It’s my own private wishful distraction right now. Just let me have it.

11/ Watering Can » Soon, we’ll use this to water the container garden. For now, it’s helping Grace top off the ever-evaporating turtle tank. Way more fun to do it with this than the plastic pitcher she was using, and spilling because her reach is off by about an inch, but she takes this job seriously. So seriously, she overfills the tank, the turtle figures out how to pop the lid with the extra height advantage, and home adventures in ut oh, Turtey-is-out-again ensue.

12/ Putting Green Mat » After approximately 17 years of use, my practice putting mat is disintegrating. This one comes in two sizes, is indoor/outdoor, and is in my cart as my Mother’s Day gift to my own self. So excited for this one. I’m not sure when we’ll golf again, but I am committed to practicing my putting. It can’t hurt, right?

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I hope this weekend brings you safe, healthy joy at home, as best it can, whatever your circumstances are right now. If you have dog adoption advice, I’m all ears.

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  1. We got a puppy two weeks ago. We’d been on the fence for a year and finally decided it was a great time. The down side is it’s one more thing to take care of right now. The plus side is it’s really cute and keeps the family happy. Plus – we’re all HOME for potty training. I don’t know how I would have done this if I had to go to work.
    Wishing you the best! For us it ended up being the right choice. We love her.

    • Cristin: I love reading these words from you. I have friends, who knew that I while I was saying to the kids, no dog, I was really the one that wanted one most, and yet they maintained…it was not a good time. For years. Close, sister-like friends, who have and love dogs. One of them, was the one that most recently got me thinking about it all over again and said, yeah, now’s good. And now I get a text every few days asking, well??? It’s in my heart, I’m a follow my hearter…preparations are being made, I’m one of those too. I’m so excited for you that you are there and have that puppy in your lives and that she has you! Maybe we send my friend a pic of your new puppy to keep her at bay for another week or so? xoxo A

  2. I wanted to thank you belatedly for your office chair recommendations. I normally work from home some days anyway so I have a comfortable setup, but my husband is now floating around the house, working where ever he’s out of the way (of me and our teenager). After he complained repeatedly about the chairs he’s using, I sent him your post and voila! He picked a comfy, affordable one and is much happier. Thanks!

  3. I’m laughing at your musings about getting a dog because I was doing the exact same thing. I have firmly been telling my kids “NO” to a dog for years, but something about being stuck at home has made me wonder whether I need to rethink my stance. For the record, my husband said, no way, Jose to the dog idea, so it’s not happening here. Will be interested to see what you decide.

    • Allyn: Admittedly, it’s a terrible idea…terrible. Yet also an amazing one that my heart has been set on for so long. Advantages to being the only adult in a house? Yup, tallying the final votes is far more streamlined, for sure. I’ll keep you posted. And I’m counting your vote in the “encouragement/yes” box. Thank you for it!!! xoxo A

  4. The putting green mat is linking to the watering can, will you add the putting green please?! My husband would be THRILLED if I got this for him. Thank you!!!!!!

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