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We left the house. For the first time in I’m not sure how long. We masked and took a few skateboards and went to meet friends in an unused, well-landscaped, quiet parking lot. We call this city fabulous fun. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was kind of everything. Just seeing friends, even masked friends, even from a safe social distance, warms our hearts in ways I don’t even have words for. And the kids figured it out…all the things they could do, with nothing but their bodies, scooters and skateboards, at a safe distance. It was wonderful. Except for the part where I continuously had to explain to my youngest that the mask needed to remain on her face and that no, she cannot suck her thumb through it. But hey—small challenges, and I’m more stubborn than her.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Summer Outdoor Fun & Home Organization

Our favorite skateboards, netless badminton, travel-sized colorful corn hole, and other Weekly Favorite Finds below, as well as a few picks from each of the best home sales this weekend. HOW IN THE WORLD did I not notice this melamine outdoor dining set until just now? Now is good. It’s on sale. More of that below. xoxo A

Skateboarding, cornhole, picnic blankets, herb gardens & more ways to have socially distant fun this summer. Plus sales at Wayfair, CB2 & Williams-Sonoma.

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1/ Penny Board Skateboard | These are our absolute favorites. My father commuted on a skateboard for years of his life and got us each our own board when we were super-young. My brothers competed, and wow, was that amazing to watch. It’s still fun to watch them as 40-something-year-old men hop on a board and do all the amazing things, seemingly effortlessly. I…well, I am afraid of my height-to-ground surface ratio on land in a way I am not in water. In other words, I stink at skateboarding—basically for fear of falling. Luckily, their uncles have given my kids the gift of a few lessons, luckily, I tuck my own mom fears down deep, and even hop on a board every now and then to prove that we can all do this. These boards are fantastic for fun in the city and at the beach. They have the perfect amount of give and flex without being too technical and come in so many fun graphics and colors. The 22″ board is small and good for little people. The 27″ is the right size for most kids, and the one I hop on too.

2/ Travel Corn Hole | Just give me all the fun colorful games to play that can travel to parking lots and parks and picnic places and hikes, easily!

3/ Travel Picnic Blanket | Love picnic blankets that fold and carry easily, and that protect our tushes from the moisture of wet grass, and from which sand easily slides off. Bonus joy for more colorful fun!

4/ YETI Tumbler | Everyone seems thirstier these days, everyone needs their own cup these days, and so yes, we’ve recently re-upped our YETI stash. And added the straw tops too because they work well with masks on.

5/ Netless Badminton | Fun just got easier with one less obstacle to construct! Works as well in a parking lot as it does on a beach or in a back yard!

6/ Lucite Tumbling Blocks | These will be on my coffee table soon, and will then live there forever.

7/ Cute Camping/Picnic/Mom Chair | We’re going camping soon. We were reviewing the list and our supplies. My sweet middle kid said, mom, we never sit still, so we’re fine with the chairs we have, but you really should get yourself one that’s better than what we have. I love her. And this chair. So that happened.

8/ Organic Kitchen Herb Garden Set | Fun, affordable way to start an herb garden in the kitchen that can stay there or move to containers outside!

9/ Flour Water Salt Yeast | Anyone else doing more baking, pizza making, and just carbing-up in general in quarantine? This is a great cookbook.

10/ Cute Baskets | Love the size of the larger ones for shoes and toys by the doors, and the rope hanging ones on wall hooks for sorting masks, sunglasses, keys, and recently found and collected objects!

Shop More Home Decor On Sale This Weekend

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Wayfair Indoor Refresh Sale | Up to 70% Off

CB2 | Bar Essentials Sale

Williams Sonoma | Clearance Up To 70% Off

Cheers to skateboarding for all, safe grilling, fun chilling and other weekend thrills!

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