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This week, in random reading, I stumbled on a representation of snakes as a creative force in addition to fertility. And I haven’t been able to get them off my mind since, so I decided just to wander into the wonder of snake print home goods, and fun accessories for when you leave your home.

Weekly Favorite Finds: At Home With Snake Print

My Weekly Favorite Finds this week are all inspired by those beautiful creatures, represented in faux form in home decor and accessories. Weekend home decor sales below too. Williams Sonoma has 20% off + Free Fast Shipping this weekend. Four of my favorites from my own kitchen are below. Here’s to the fertility of all the creative forces! xoxo, A

Weekly favorite finds inspired by those beautiful serpentine creatures, in faux snake print home decor & accessories. Weekend home decor sales here, too.

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1/ Jewelry Boxes | This wonderful functional accent piece is available in two sizes and three gorgeous neutrals! I keep jewelry in my boxes, but I also keep letters and special keepsakes, and maybe one or two of them are even full of special pebbles and shells. More boxes is more better in my book; I love collecting and displaying them.

2/ Rug | Hand-knotted, wool, available in two sizes. And while not an actual snake print, I see a hint of the spirit of one in the pattern, and sometimes, a hint is just enough. The patterning of this rug is beautiful regardless of what you see in it!

3/ Snake II Art Print | Giclee on watercolor paper, available in four sizes, with four options for framing. Love this bold blue print! Especially in the largest size, framed in black or white.

4/ Black Throw Pillow | Handmade, serged edges, optional insert, chenille, velvet 20×20 beauty!

5/ Metallic Throw Pillow | Stunning velvet, silver/grey and taupe pillow available in multiple sizes.

6/ White Throw Pillow with Oversized Zipper Detail | Well hello there, Glamorous! I can’t get enough of this throw pillow.

7/ Photo Frame | Simple, classic, beautiful and on sale!

8/ Charcoal Rug | Are crocodiles and snakes related? They are here. Great texture, available in four sizes, all on sale!

9/ Children’s Plush Toy Snake | And then we can get literal with this whole snake thing…and why wouldn’t we when this guy is so stinking cute?

10/ Throw Blanket | This is a snake I would love to have wrapped around me! Soft, cozy, plush and oversized.

11/ Embossed Belt | I promise this will be a keeper. My friends, our daughters and I have been borrowing back and forth a similar belt my mother has had since the 1970s that’s still a fun favorite!

12/ Faux Snake Plant | Sansevieria Faux Plant, 38″ tall. My mother is the only person I personally know who calls this plant by its proper name; most refer to it as a snake plant. Once when I was a child though, someone called it mother-in-law’s-tongue and when my naive face went quizzical, they explained, you can’t kill it. Taking that up a notch, this one is faux. So you really are safe with this if your thumb is not so green.

13/ Bracelet | Vintage (yay!) mesh snake bracelet! Love this statement piece living its next life!

14/ Weekender Duffle | This bag gets me every time, and all things considered, it’s a reasonable price for its size and function. I have it in light grey, which might be sold out…but I’m wishing I also had it in blue, and given that Anthro is 20% off accessories in the cart right now…well, what’s the over-under bet on me and this bag in blue?

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Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Constructive criticism – I would really love to see more cost conscious home decor. I have mostly stopped reading these posts because the item prices are just so hilariously shocking to me. Brutal honesty, I end up rolling my eyes a lot. Just one example, you’ve linked to a $250 throw pillow. I know a lot of wealthy people who hire designers (I have even hired a designer) and I don’t know anyone who would buy a $250 throw pillow. Yes, your choices are beautiful and I especially like your modern style choices, but these posts would be much more helpful if them item prices reflected something the average TME reader would buy. A nice compromise might be to have examples of aspirational pieces AND price conscious pieces that have the same vibe.

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