Weekly Favorite Finds in Home Decor 1.19

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Drink more water. Sometimes the simplest things are the first to get lost in a busy day. I’m qualifying most of my 2019 resolutions aspirational. Drinking more water is the one I know I can manage…if I try, every day. Need to check one box off the done, healthy list every day? Try that one with me.

Random other great idea that involves water: A class parent signed-up for the “30 mini-water bottles” slot for a party we recently threw. She then showed up with two reusable gallon jugs, walked her smart self to the very fancy purified water fountains our public school installed over the past few years, and filled them. Our kids all already have their own reusable water bottle at their desks (b/c we have those fancy fountains and kick-ass teachers who encourage our kids to drink water throughout the day.) She just happily walked around the room and refilled their bottles at their desks for them from her gallon jugs. Simple, pure, genius. I was distracted by this insane fried chicken a grandparent made for the whole class, but eventually I zoomed in and commented on what she was quietly doing…it was just brilliant! She asked me to share the idea with all the other class reps, and told me that she gifts the jugs to her own kid’s classrooms each year. I’m one-upping that share and sharing with you too! How’s that for cross two off the good and healthy list for the day?

And then the home things. The fun things. The beautiful things. The sale things. All the home decor things that caught my eye today…here comes that too. Drink 8 oz of water after you read each description, and call your water consumption DONE for the day. I’m going to do the same after each one is written. Attainable goals. We’re all about attainable goals right now. Gulp.

The beauty of Home is all the gorg + all the practicality. We're drinking our daily water & putting all the things in place. Peep our fav finds this week.123456789101112

1/  Home water bottle perfection: Or maybe leave one in your away-from-home office? We all need to drink more water. I think the rule is half your body weight, converted to ounces, plus an additional 8 oz to offset each caffeine and alcoholic drink. Maybe that’s not the rule, but it’s close if not. That’s a lot of water. I find it easier to get to my daily water goal, if I drink it from a measured bottle. And I prefer glass to plastic. And who doesn’t do everything better with a little fun motivation?

2/  Areaware Table Trivet, White: Maybe it’s my love of marble countertops, but I find one can never have enough trivets, and this is my favorite right now. It’s just cute while it sits there waiting to hold the hot stuff or the stuff that might otherwise scratch or stain the counters.

3/  Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Rice Cooker: I’m not normally one for rice cookers…why do we need another thing in the kitch when rice cooks just fine in an existing pot? But…if I were tidying…and anyone asked me, “does this bring you joy?” The answer would be yes. Yes it does. And that’s meaningful.

4/  Staub Cast Iron Round Steam Griddle with Lid: Three things I love: Staub, cast iron, and a lid. So many foods taste so much better when you sear and then cover and go low. And things stay warmer and less messy with a lid too. If I had to narrow it down to 5 multipurpose cooking things in my drawer in which I could do everything…this would absolutely be one of them.

5/  Matte black magnetic-dry erase board: Magnetic + dry erase + an easy size to work into a million places.  I love these little adorable and yet amazingly purposeful boards. The gold one always gets me. But I’m on the matte black one these days. Are you also at one of those stages/phases of life where you forget the thought you are thinking before it’s even done being thunk? Trust me. These help hold all the reminders, well.

6/  Surya Home Bryant Table Lamp: Simple, elegant, transitional, and on sale. What more can we ask from one table lamp? Light, I guess. So yes, that too. It shares light certainly, but even while sitting at rest, is just so sculptural in the easiest on the eyes of ways.

7/  Rubber coated soap pump: B/c things fall. I love buying soap that smells delicious and is well-made of the right stuff, in bulk. B/c if I always bought all the beautiful soaps, I’d be broke. I also love tiny sinks. Wall-mounted. No vanity. And then I call them the great soap challenge situation. These bounce better. We’ve evinced. And look pretty too.

8/  The small knitting team that makes the Happy Habitat Recycled Cotton Throw is in Jersey. I might need to go find them one day…they can’t be that far away, right? Just to watch and be amazed. And they are made from recycled cotton. So they are an especially feel good, feel good. And gorgeous too!

9/  ILOVEHANDLES Switchboard Wall Hook: For the same reason I love the Desu Symbol, namely, efficiency in tight spaces like some bathrooms and entries and also functionality on demand, with a good-looking modern twist, do I love this wooden, more natural, same idea wall rack. And then it’s easy to love if you are comparing the price of the two…there’s a clear winner there.

10/  Wide Leather Wall Pocket: I like to have specific places where electronics live. This is a great one, especially when hung near a charging outlet/station/cord. Devices are prettiest to me when I don’t see them. Managing them + kids is better, I find, when there’s a ‘place’ to put them, and when they mostly stay there.

11/  Afra Beni Ourain: One of a kind. No joke. Fun collaboration, The Citizenry + Artisans…bringing you amazing one-of-a-kind handmade rugs. And this is one of my favs. Though I’m kinda in love with this blue one too.

12/  Nadine Settee: On sale, and settee perfection! This one is a beautiful balance of feminine + masculine with gorgeous detailing and great lines!

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Does anyone else now need to use the loo?


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