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Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to The Year of The Rat! I have one of those…a Chinese Zodiac Rat. And he’s true to it for sure. He’s a clever, quick thinker, that is content living a peaceful, more quiet life. He’s as loyal as the day is long, as well as industrious, diligent and generally positive. And I couldn’t love him more, especially for tolerating with his own love and patience, his Tiger of a mother, and his Tiger and Dragon sisters.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Happy 2020, Year Of the Rat

Weekly Favorite Finds, including a children’s book on the holiday, and all the weekend sales roundups below too.

Speaking of New Year’s…how are those intentions and resolutions going? Right. This hysterical and adorable sweatshirt just in from my friend Katherine, that pretty well sums it up for most of us. Thank you for the truth giggle KB. xo, A

Happy New Year! 2020, the Year of the White Metal Rat. Weekly Favorite Finds, including a children's book, plus all the weekend home decor sales roundups.

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1/ Stacking Woven Coffee Tables | These are arguably the deal of the day. They are beautiful woven tables for a very reasonable price. And you can tuck and stack them, which I both love the look and the function of.

2/ The COAT of my Current Dreams | I do not buy a coat every year, but when I do, I invest in one and then keep it for a long, long time. The one I’ve been wearing most this week, got me through three pregnancies and is still turning heads in a good way, and going strong. My eldest child is 11, so that coat is more than 12 years old. You’d never know it. I have a few others. I don’t need a coat. But when I see one, I know I will wear the heck out of for the next decade+, that it will work with everything, and it will keep me warm but not stuffy. This one happens to be a gorgeous asymmetrical cut, AND is made from recycled materials AND happens to be from Eileen Fisher’s new “sustainable line that transcends gender“…well, let’s just say it’s in the cart and I can’t wait for it to get here. I went with black, because, well, practical. When not momming, there’s a lotta construction site and dust in my life. Though there is an argument to be made that the white would hide the dust better. Just kidding, white isn’t going to be with me for 10+ years. Black will. Done.

3/ Teal Dome Pendant | The interior of these is white and reflects light beautifully. The exterior is a great matte teal that just looks beautiful with the brass and black.

4/ Tequila Mockingbird | The find that made me smile the biggest smile this week! I don’t drink liquor, but I love me some literature, and fun twists on words. So I’m all in for this new book. I have a feeling there’s plenty of good humor in there.

5/ The Poof (that costs more than rent) | So let’s pause for a minute here. These, are not the deal of the day. They cost a fortune. If you click through, and read, and have the budget, then you might justify the expense on art, craftsmanship, proportion and unique. That said, I LOVE them. So they make it on to my favorite finds this week. Sometimes these finds aren’t about “finding the best deal”, they are about the things I come across that most catch my eye and heart and therefore get added to my personal list of favorite things. Maybe we’ll do a solid on these when we have a minute and round up reasonably priced poofs, inspired by these. For now, let’s just put a pin on them and hold them in our hearts.

6/ Faux Alligator Tray | Great on a desk, at an entry, on a console, or on a coffee table for collecting and displaying all the other stuff — well.

7/ PAUSE Poster | Favorite art reminder of things we should all do more of.

8/ The Great Race | Just a fun kid book to help ring in the 2020 New Year!

9/ I Love You | Plain and simple. Great for zhushing an open shelf. Great Valentine’s gift.

10/ Stella Kicks | How I will have my own personal little celebration of the Chinese New Year: new red Stella Boosts. Prosperity won’t come unless I move it. And red is my favorite color.

11/ A Washcloth that’s Worth It | Best $10 you can spend helping your face. Facials are amazing, and there are probably scrubs, washes and creams that are worth their price too. For me, nothing helps quite so much as just using a good washcloth to help clean and brighten tired skin. And it feels really good too.

12/ Wood Handle Storage Bins | I love the subtle color of these, but it’s the wooden handles that really get my attention. I also find storage bins that carry and relocate super-helpful. And they are on sale, so Yay! to that too.

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Wishing you happiness and prosperity in 2020!
xoxo, A

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    • Valerie: I’m excited about it! My mother has a fantastic EF body, she looks amazing in all of it. I do not…but this coat…well, I’m excited that there’s something so beautiful, that I also feel good about, AND that fits! xo A

    • Sara: The WFF aren’t necessarily all things that are on sale, they are just favorites that week…when they are on sale, I try to note it. Those bins, unfortunately are not. But I’ll keep my eye on them in case they go on sale and repost if they do. xo A

  1. The “I Love You” figurine is exactly what I have needed for an open shelving unit in my living room, that is missing that one final bit of “zhush” 😉

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