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The Emotionally Unavailable Until 2021 Doormat caught my eye as 2020 came to a close. It resonated on many levels. And then 2021 knocked on our front doors this week like…well…not like we were hoping it would (said as politely as I could). S wrote about this week, here. IMHO-She is brave and articulate-while many of us are at a loss for words, she found hers. So whether you exactly agree with her every word or not, well done S, and Thank You.

Did anyone else feel like they needed to pull their hair back and take a deep breath while trying to simultaneously grasp what the actual f was happening before our eyes and fielding a relentless onslaught of questions from an 8, 10, and 12 year old about our process, our rules, our laws, respect, peace, privilege, police, protest, Black Lives, and a closet? My 8 year old asked me 3 times about the President’s Closet before I realized she meant the President’s Cabinet. She then made a joke about skeletons and moths; She.Is.8.Years.Old.

So distractions…here’s this: Black-owned Business Spotlight this week, Girls Auto Clinic, has my mind absolutely blown, by a woman, in my own city, who disrupted a male-dominated industry and is empowering, to exponential degrees – other women. She’s an engineer, shecanic, genius and fire-starter (the good kind of fire-starter.) Her name is Patrice Banks. Check-her-out.

How to sweep-up crumbs, and your hair, plug-in, plan-out, grow, spark, open, note, grow, show, and stack among Weekly Favorite Finds, and some fun for home on sale this weekend below. January 2021, let’s go week 2-there’s no turning back, only what’s ahead.

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1 | Bow Scrunchie

A sweeter way to hair pull back, up, or (my own new favorite): to the side. Every day, I start with my hair down. Every day, it gets pulled back, up, or over, the first minute I have to really think, speak, or act. My favorite clips all disappeared like they were last year, I love my favorite pony tail holders, but I’m worried about long term breaking my hair. So these sweet things, are where I am for 2021-they are my safe, kind to my hair, pulled just together enough new favorite way to manage my loads of locks.

2 | Dust Pan And Brush

I accidentally tossed our dust pan and brush with the recycling one day recently. Unfortunate, but true story. I’m not sure exactly why the design of dust pans and brushes brings me the relatively disproportionate huge joy that it does, but just click through so that you can see the scale, as it is genuinely dust pan sized IRL, where it appears tiny in the stand alone photo-it’s not, it’s real. I love the mixed materials, I love the shape and color, I love how this one feels in a hand, and I love the bristles. I can’t go so far as to say I’m glad that I accidentally tossed the last one, but I am absolutely in love with the new one.

3 | Emotionally Unavailable Doormat

I might have to request custom and add the word Spring. Emotionally Unavailable Until Spring 2021. That feels more true given how this year is beginning-I do see the light, the sun, the warmth ahead, I’m just not feeling it yet, not after this week. So maybe by Spring-I hope, by Spring. Regardless, the doormat makes me giggle, and I’ll take all the light humor I can get right now.

4 | Herb Garden Kit

Kits like this remain my favorite gift to give right now. They are a gift that keeps on giving, great for cooks and kids, and kids that cook, and anyone that just needs a little green, a little life, a little hope, a little herb right now.

5 | Surge Power Box

The cord control situation in many homes is currently out of control. I’m pulling together a whole post on just that this week, but for starters, this is in fact one of my favorites for look and function. It comes in multiple great color combos, and sits pretty and helps organize the mess of power at all of our desks all over our homes.

6 | Planner

I’m feeling the need to start using a pretty paper planner this year. It’s a mood. I like mine spiral bound, with places for notes.

7 | Spark Family Fun

These fun box sets have my eye and heart right now, because each stick has a little message on it with a prompt for a family fun question. They are not actually matches…they just look like matches. They are serious fun, that’s for sure-and a great distraction.

8 | Kraft Paper Roller Note Block

I’m trying to get the kids to just add food to the cart, online, when they use the last of it or realize we’re out, and for all their requests. I’m not succeeding yet, so this, for lists. Also, as we’re all here, together, but each doing our own thing all day, often one person’s break and chance to say or ask for something is while another person is in class or on a work call, so notes help, and again, this. And also, I “clean-up” family admin before I go to sleep, and often need to leave each kid a note at their desk, to remind them, to remind me, of whatever I need to remind them about, so, yup, just this. He’s cute, right? His big brother is on our wall. He’s better sized for small notes that travel, and he sits nicely at rest on a counter.

9 | Lounge Chair

I originally chose this for the chair. Now, after living this week, I find the image to be a mood, or at least a visual of what mine feels like right now. But back to the chair-it’s a beautiful accent piece-and also obviously a good place to plop and have a moment of reflection. It’s crafted from rattan and sustainable wood-and just gorgeous.

10 | Magazine Rack

Recently, I included this wood beauty, which I love. But if wood isn’t your thing, yet magazines on display is, this brass finish and acrylic beauty is a great piece.

11 | No Touch Door Opener

Sign of the times. It’s a no touch door opener…for the cautious, the germ fearing, the design obsessed, or just for fun.

12 | Firewood Log Rack

This log rack has the right angle;) Picture two of them flanking opposing sides of a great fireplace! Love the warmth of real wood fires, also love this beautiful way to stack the wood.

Black-owned Business Spotlight | Girls Auto Clinic

Photo Credit: Heather Sten via Glamour

The photo above is from a Glamour magazine article from October of 2019, Inside Three Work Spaces Made for Women, by Women. I am so inspired by these women, and this business, and the photographer couldn’t have captured this better-and ok, the stylist-just wow, but the WOMEN and the BUSINESS. THE WOMAN-The one in the red heels, is Patrice Banks-the founder of THIS BUSINESS: Girls Auto Clinic. I’m not sure I can even digest all this she-power, through the shecanics, and their mission of empowerment in an industry that many find intimidating. They are auto repair shops and she, rather than me chanics-that seek to educate and empower women. Banks also published a book we probably all need: The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, and the Glamour article in which they were included is also a great read and oh hey, they also have an in-house, while-you-wait Clutch Beauty Bar. I am inspired, I am in love, I am in awe, and I can’t wait to get there.

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Sending everyone a hug. I have little other than that left right now, but my hugs are huge-so here they come. xoxo A

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