Sometimes, I get a bit distracted when I’m working. This is the understatement of my lifetime. It’s really more of just a bit of a mental break, clicking on things that aren’t at all what I should be focused on, but grab my eye in a random moment. I was searching for a vintage Mid-Century piece for a client last week, and I just kept stumbling on fun things on Etsy. When 10 such things were in my cart, I forced myself to focus for real, for real, on the task at hand and did manage to get that done. But here’s what also happened, in a fit of distraction or maybe in honor of sometimes just giving in to where life, and the interwebs take us…for a few minutes anyway.

Weekly Favorite Finds: 10 Things In My Etsy Cart Right Now

YES! Etsy & sustainability. From linen pillows to glass reusable straws, our fav finds are handmade, eco-friendly & gorg — PLUS, sales at Anthro, OKL & Crate & Barrel.

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1/Hex Gold Light Well, hey there, you little hex. What a great detail for something just a bit extra special. And it goes both ways. Just saying.

2/Mobile Leaves Brass I love mobiles. They bring me peace! And they are a gorgeous way to add vertical interest! The brass of this is just beautiful!!!

3/Bohemian Recycled Rug Growing up, with these all over our home, we referred to them as rag rugs. Not a very pretty name, but we loved them just the same! I like the new thing we call them. And this particular selection. They work well underfoot, but also as beach towels or a throw over a chair or even hanging on a well! They are a forever favorite pop of functional fun color!

4/Glass Straws Colour Mix Hey Lex…are you tagging me on all this sustainability? So we’re done with plastic straws. And I’ve been using the heck out of our stainless straws…but THESE ARE GLASS!!! My mouth is happier. The world is better. It’s an all around win. And they are cute AH. (That’s the mom clean version of that expression/abbreviation.)

5/Hanging Rack  So my guys are back. We’re working on finishing touches, and oh, I dunno, the exterior rear, front facades, finishing floors, and walls and a basement. Rather than go all in order (who needs order anyway?)…now that we’ve solved the HVAC leak…we’re thinking about how to best use the tiny amount of space we have in the laundry room for a girl that air dries just about everything. Stay tuned…this guy might come into play! He’d also be great in a tight room that needs extra hanging, and/or to hang something decorative. So maybe we just order him and then figure out where exactly he lives with us?

6/Terry Bath Mat So soft underfoot, dries, cleans and ages well. I have one that’s lasted so many years. I’m adding another to one another of our baths. It’s organic. It’s two-tone block. It’s easy to love for a long, long time.

7/Modern Minimalist Vases Award-winning, handmade, GORGEOUS vases. I love them all so much; I’m just trying to figure out how many sets are reasonable? Three? Three is reasonable, right?

8/Linen Bread Bag For bread, produce, legos, hair ties, lingerie, emergency first aid, snacks…you get the idea…gather what you must in a cute linen sack and then carry on!

9/Linen Pillow Cover Linen + Block = LOVE!!! Available in multiple sizes!

10/Bee Hotel | Mini Bee House AIR BEE & BEE…Yes!!! I think I’m funny. Not everyone does. But how cute is this thing? And bees help…with that whole environmentally conscious thing. True story.

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Happy weekend! Enjoy every little distraction!

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