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Our Christmas tree, is still up. Yup, still. From last year. Because our house is not done yet. My friend Kevin promises me we’re going to bang-out the finish by Thanksgiving. It’s October. Should we run a contest with a free giveaway on the over/under of this house being done and that tree coming down before the holidays this year? Probably not. I always cross my fingers. I never hold my breath. And that friends, is my graphic-tee-worthy statement of the day.

My girls wanted to decorate for Halloween. They said, “Mom, we know you pretend to hate this, but then once we do it, we know you really actually LOVE it.” I smiled, and told them I love them. I love them is why there are now faux cobwebs, faux spiders and LED-lit spiders, skulls, bats and pumpkins on the Christmas tree. And the front door. And plenty of places other than the front of said undone house, that might possibly be getting masonry work this week. Obviously. If I were a social media participating kinda girl that tree would be an epic post right about now. I’m not. I’m a waste of great social media material. We can use our imaginations: picture a fake Christmas tree in the middle of your living room, surrounded in packed boxes and other piled-high, stored furniture, overdressed in Halloween accoutrement. As if nothing is happening in those 100 square feet next to an otherwise impeccably decorated living area. And cute kids decorating it. That’s where we are right now. No, I don’t love it. Yes, I do love them. Block out the mess, find an area of peace, let the kids have their fun and light it up. Why not, right?

Favorite Finds and Sales. That’s where we’re shifting to right now as I leave you to your own holiday decorating for the sake of the love of your own children. The one I’m most excited about is DWR Semi Annual; that one is close to home for me. You see what I did there, right? Grace, my 7-year-old told me this morning that she has both the mommy legs and the dry humor. And then she does that above-her-pay-grade double-wink, head tilted just so, and I die. All love, kiddo. All love.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Full-On Fall

We're full-on Fall with a Halloween-decorated Christmas tree. Plus lamps, rugs & bedding in our favorite finds. CB2, west elm & DWR are just some of the sales!

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1/  Dipped Clay Pot + Stand Lots of people tell me they want plants. Lots of people can’t keep live plants living. There are a few tricks to it, first: the pot needs to drain. I’m loving this planter b/c rather than trying to disguise the catching tray and sitting it on the floor, which frankly isn’t great for the floor, this is well-styled, celebrates what a plant actually needs to live a full life in a pot, and let’s everything breath. I think it’s my favorite find this week.

2/  Belgian Flax Linen  I have a favorite black duvet cover and pillow set. And it’s not available right now. And someone needs one right now. I have also slept on these, very happily. And they come in soft black, and soft almost every shade for that matter. And sometimes, softer is better. PLUS, it’s Oeko-Tex certified + Fair Trade certified = sustainable.

3/  Nelson Popsicle Clock On sale as part of the semi-annual sale, and just a fun pop(sicle) of functional art.

4/  Capiz Scalloped Chandelier Sometimes a fixture is about the light it creates — for tasks, for instance. If you have a place though, where you can rest something beautiful during the day, and then cast amazing shadows at night, fixtures like these share those. It’s almost like a temporary art installation — every time it goes dark.

5/  Midbrook Table Lamp Glass, brass, and big shade. What more could we need here?

6/  Buchanan Bed My mother often comments on “those straight lines you prefer.” So this one is for Mom…see sometimes I appreciate a pretty curve. I just prefer my curves in straight lines too. This is a seriously beautiful bed whose fabric you have many choices in, and whose shape just adds a little more interest than just another upholstered headboard.

7/  Black Marble Orbit Base Bistro Table Hey there, Little Guy! Aren’t you just the most dapper thing I’ve seen today.

8/  Perimeter Floor Lamp It’s that the shade sits below the form…that’s the detail that grabs me here. And this comes in fun colors too.

9/  Turkish Rug I’m just a tiny bit in love with odd-sized old rugs that’ve lived many lives and find places like this vendor — wonderful places to bring them to their next life. I’m tagging this as my sustainability effort for the week; repurposing old rugs…again, and again and again.

10/  Toro Lounge Chair You are gonna need to click through b/c the photo here doesn’t do this beauty justice. It is just gorgeous, and also super-comfortable. I’ve posted it before. It’s on my mind again this week b/c a wise friend just snagged a pair of them. I’m excited for her.


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And on to what I hope is a great weekend for all! Enjoy every minute…these seasons pass too quickly!

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