Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 11.16


Joseph Fox, favorite Philly book shop. The kids and I went last week, gift shopping was our story, but hey…you know how that goes. I found a book for myself in the children’s section, Yves Klein Painted Everything Blue and Wasn’t Sorry, and I haven’t put it down since. It’s a great children’s book, and Grace and I have read it over and over since. It’s also a beautiful coffee table book. And…it’s one of those subtle/not-so-subtle, life lesson books about people choosing their own path. IKB (International Klein Blue) or Yves Klein Blue is arguably a perfect happy blue; not the, but a. My Favorite Finds this week, while not all true (IK) blue, follow the spirit of, and make me smile. Here’s to children’s books that inspire us all, happy ways to feel the blues, and more fun for home on sale below too.

Hot tip: Minted is having a 30% sale on holiday cards, and you can motivate yourself to get those checked off the to-do list by rewarding yourself with some fun art, 20% off. I popped a few blue favorites below. Now that I’m on the search and click…you can also bang out half of your gift list with fun gifts too: I see personalized backpacks and totes, art, books, calendars, aprons and hot mitts, play tents and napkins…for starters…I’m thinking girlfriends and their kids, teachers, nieces and nephews, the whole crew.

And for our sustainability interested friends: have we yet discussed plant-based plastic? Let’s do that now with this fun set of nesting bowls!

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: International Klein Blue (IKB) or Yves Klein Blue

IKB (International Klein Blue) or Yves Klein Blue is arguably a perfect happy blue. Our fav home decor finds follow the spirit of (IK) blue & make us smile.

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1/ Screen Print Sometimes art is easy to love, in its pure-seeming simplicity.

2/ Bud Vase Hey there, sweet thing! Easy fun pop of color!

3/ Rug From one Klein to another….good things pass underfoot.

4/ Paint Pick a wall. Any wall. OK, not any wall, choose carefully, and then bring it to life as an accent.

5/ Bookend Bookend, Objet D’art, or both. Bookshelves everywhere just got prettier.

6/ Decanter Jonathan Adler knows how to have fun and use blue. Great holiday gift idea!

7/ Vanity My friend Kevin and I disagree on this, frequently…but I do love blue in bath. This guy is also a great combo of hidden and open storage in a nice tight clean line way.

8/ Rug Wanna have some real fun? It calms down on the floor, just enough.

9/ Yves Klein Painted Everything Blue and Wasn’t Sorry The end. Love this book.

10/ Yves Klein Book Another one for the coffee table, and a nice long sit on a cold winter day with a glass of something warm.

11/ Decker Sectional Drama+Comfort+Gorgeous, nothing not to love about blue velvet.

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Happy Blue, Happy Holiday Carding and Gift Shopping, and Happy Weekend!

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