Let’s just start with a group hug today. Anyone else also have a Halloween Hangover? Why are ALL holidays seemingly so much pressure and so emotionally charged? I dunno. If you are a Halloween Lover, high five you; you are #goals. If you’re a parent, that JUST BARELY survived this holiday whilst simultaneously managing not to actually kill anyone else, who left many f’bombs dropped, I’m sorry lovers, but I’m going to give the haters who got through it high ten and call right there with you.

If you are a happily married person who coordinated work schedules to both be available to two healthy kids who coordinated a whole family outfit without tears, go you; well done. It takes WORK under the best of circumstances. If you are the single mom working two jobs who traded 5 nights of sleep to hand-make a costume that a pre-teen then refused to wear day of; you are felt. If you are one of the millions of moms of kids who changed their mind about a costume with 20 minutes to spare; you are felt.

If you are the newly divorced person who had all the kids and not enough eyes, hands, nor hours; yup, we feel you too. If you are a parent that doesn’t celebrate Halloween and had to explain why to the kids whose friends do; felt. If you are the newly divorced parent that had none of the kids and was so shitty lonely you could barely hand out candy to all the other kids; you are felt. If you are the divorced parent that had to coordinate with your ex for the sake of the kids; you are felt. If you are the mom of the kid that’s allergic to freaking everything that has to nervously survive the class parties and then take away ALL the candy, through tears; you are felt.

If you had to decorate a wheelchair, a walker, a cast, an eye patch, a prosthetic, an anything extra; you are felt. If you had to travel for work and missed Halloween; yup, felt. If you signed up for the class party and then your boss scheduled a conference call at the same time on two minutes’ notice, said 10 quick minutes, and then you MISSED the party and took said call in the school lobby for an hour and a half; felt.

Do I need to go on? Probs not. You hear me. What I hope, is that you also feel me; I am sending you ALL hugs. I see you, and I feel you. And whatever it took for you to get through and do the best you can, which no doubt you did, just here’s a giant freaking hug to say, well done you, too. Halloween 2019 check.

Weekly Favorite Finds in Home Decor: Color It Calm & Warm—Camel

Camel. It’s calm, it’s warm, it loves us all. Feel it like another hug. It’s my favorite in all the Favorite Finds this week. That, plus sales on more fun for home below.

Camel color. It's calm, it's warm, it loves us all. Feel it like another hug. It's my fav of all the home decor finds this week. That, + more sales (DWR, Target, OKL).

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1/ The Bag It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in LOVE with a bag. I’m there with this. I tend to keep bags forever. This one will stand the test of time, while remaining timeless.

2/ Hide Throw Pillow I like a little hide here and there. It’s not for everyone. But if it is your thing, these are great and nice and warm.

3/ Color Block Throw Pillow How not to love this I’m not sure. Available in multiple sizes and configurations.

4/ Linen Throw Pillow Subtly fringed. Zoom in. Gorgeous!

5/ Good Burning Scents They had me at Fig+Vanilla.

6/ Plaid Throw Blanket Lambswool, gorgeous and monogram-able. Great gift idea! Even better self-gift idea. Just sayin’.

7/ Striped Throw Blanket Hand woven by a family owned studio in Peru.

8/ Cashmere Throw Blanket Nothing ever was so classic as cashmere in camel.

9/ Hand Soap Set Smells good, looks great, feels even better. Great gift too!

10/ Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman My favorite investment that will last forever and get better in time lounge chair, in camel.

11/ Daybed One I always come back to because it’s just so easy on the eyes, and comfortable too.

12/ Striped Camel Rug Handwoven, wool, simple stripe, easy grounding for any space.

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Gracie asked me last night at bedtime, “What’s the next holiday I have to look forward to?” Thanksgiving Love. Mom loves that one more. High fives and tens and hugs to everyone…onward to giving thanks, that just comes so much more easily? I don’t have my kids for that holiday this year. I didn’t mention that part to Gracie; it was bedtime. But I’ll find a way to give and give and ease my heart simultaneously. I’m always up for that challenge. Ideas a brewin’. Plenty of fun action to come on that topic.


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  1. Just catching up on old posts and read this. Thank you for the best post on Halloween (and holidays in general) and for seeing all of us. We see you, too.

    • Love felt. Day made. Thank you! Sending you a hug right back! And a high five on catching-up!!! (on anything right now, is a big deal!) xo A

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