Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 11.23


Do certain weeks have you questioning your own human capacity for just about everything?This rollercoaster of a week was one of them for me for sure. Guess what I find most in those? LOVE. Every time I might just, I dunno, lose it, I find love coming at me, from near and far, from community, friends, family, neighbors and all the kiddos, and from flat-out strangers soon to be known as new friends. It’s a cycle of human hugs. Pass them forward, take them when they come your way. That’s all we can do, right?

That…and I ordered 100 candles this week. I’m half joking. More like 20. As a test. Do I do a post on my personal quest to find a candle that brings me as much peace as my favorite candle, yet doesn’t cost 100$? Who can afford a house full of $100 candles? No one. Not this one, anyway.

There’s a real-time experiment happening live in my home. When I need to calm the f down and focus, I ask Alexa to play old school hip hop and I light a candle. And then I just get to it. We’re currently on Notorious B.I.G Hypnotize and four candles burning simultaneously, two hours until kid half-day pick-up in which to get a full day of work in. Here we go, peacefully.

Weekly favorite finds below, yes, I also retreat to my safe black place, often, which I find not at all dark: black is happy. That’s my position statement and I’m sticking to it. Good home goods on big sale below too. Light a candle. Call out what you need to hear from Alexa, hug the person next to you, and let’s do the rest of this November thing. We’ve got this, because love has us. Always.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 11.23: Black — A Candle In The Dark

In this week's favorite finds, we retreat to our safe black place, which is not at all dark: black is happy. Home decor on sale, too. Light a candle & shop.

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1/ Artful Woven Treasures Arranged by YOU Real Talk: Art is expensive. Even cheap art, at large scale, is expensive. So sometimes, taking up visual space on a wall, is a creative endeavor. These weavings are gorgeous, and there are so many ways to arrange them: vertically/horizontally/in a wave….all the ways. They are a beautiful point of interest that give you some creative freedom, and for the space they take up on a wall and the interest they add to it, AND…they are hand-woven. Some very talented person’s hands wove these. I’m calling all that worth it….well worth it.

2/ Lights Out Three new people asked me my favorite thing about “what I do” this week. As I was on the phone pleading with the city for permits and with a plumber re: a sewer pipe, and on hold on another phone for electric and gas service moves (NOT any of those thing for sure.) People and lighting. I like people and lighting. THIS lamp is my favorite this week. My clients that found my lost glasses are obviously my favorite people this week, or at least among them. But this is in fact my favorite affordable, awesome accent piece of lighting this week.

3/ Sexy Chair We recently placed this in a custom fabric as a boudoir chair. Oh, those legs!!! So sexy. Worth the investment as an accent piece. It’s art in a forever chair. It just is.

4/ Gold Kicks Are For Dress-Up I wear sneakers just about everywhere. I have special ones, dress-up sneakers if you will. When the holidays roll around, I bust out the gold sparkly ones for special events. These are my new favorite. Dressing down and up simultaneously is fun. And comfy. And a survival skill at this stage in life and injuries.

5/ Rest Your Tired Head Here Linen is a great place to rest your head. It’s soft and comfy in a good fresh way. And even better with a few stripes.

6/ Reflect | Mirror of the Week Not an inexpensive mirror, no argument. One of my very favorite manufacturers, and an absolutely beautiful, timeless investment piece. Here and there…we spend it here and there. Here is a wise place.

7/ Take a Seat, Let’s Talk Accent chairs should be a little extra interesting. Yet comfortable. Yet they are often confined to a tight space constraint. If so, here you go. She’s gorgeous, interesting, and sits well. And so does her price, relatively speaking.

8/ Laundry+++ Duffle Store and tote just about anything…stylishly.

9/ Elevated Comfy Outfit Tell me this isn’t the greatest way to get from drop-off, through a meeting, back to chaperone a something and everything in between? Can’t decide b/n all black and olive. This might be a both situation.

10/ Grounded Striped Rug My solution to moms everywhere asking for a great rug that hides all the dirt. #Groundedinstripes

11/ Console Me Easy to love mixed materials, beautiful piece for storage just about anywhere you need it.

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Some of these candles in my house smell seriously good. They are all bringing me peace. Wishing you peace too.

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