Weekly Favorite Finds in Home Decor 12.15

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Anyone else feeling a little chilly and possibly a little overwhelmed right now? And maybe a little cuckoo? My grandmother firmly believed that a cup of tea and piece of toast could fix anything. I’m going to channel her inner spirit and hope it can fix everything right now. Side thought: have you all read 3 Cups of Tea? Totally worth it. And maybe he and my grandmother were both onto the same solution thing. Tea, toast, and my favorite finds this week, as well as a few things on sale, this is all I’ve got for you right now, but it’s good stuff. Promise. xoxo, A


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1/  Chloe Semi-Flushmount: I just ordered five of these to mount as sconces (for a little fun proportion play, but that will still fit in some relatively tight spaces. Perfectly simple, and yet gorgeous are my cup of tea.

2/  Guzzini QQ Clock with Pendulum: It’s called the QQ Clock. Because someone is funny and I love it. Pendulum can be removed to sit it on a desk. And yes, the bird QQs every hour. So fun.

Ugh. And now it’s sold out. I guess I’m not the only cuckoo who’s crazy for this clock. So I’ll take crazy one step further…because sometimes we do that “similar” thing we do when things are sold out. But sometimes there just isn’t anything similar to something unique. There are however also these crazy-fun cuckoos too:


3/  Wooden Plant Pot: No plant will be potted here. Art supplies will, and so will makeup brushes, and pencils, and everything else in our homes that need a beautiful, affordable way to be collected and displayed.

4/  Theo Side Table: Not your everyday end table. Bold but not overwhelming; practical and tri-toned. Fun and interesting and functional and gorgeous.

5/  Alphabet J Side Table: I took a loveseat out of my son’s room. It didn’t belong there, and he needed the space. And then I realized that b/w the two bean chairs that are replacing it, I could put both an A table and a J table, and that’s just FUN!!!

6/  Coat Wall Hook: Racks and hooks all lined up are fun, but I have a space that needed something a little more interesting. I love the colors of these, and that you can arrange them any old way you like!

7/  Striped Bath Mat: This just went in my son’s bathroom; it’s perfect and perfectly priced.

8/  Get Naked Bath Mat: And he got one of these two. And it made him smile. And that’s all I needed. OK, he also rolled his eyes at me. But he was still smiling when he did that. So OK then.

9/  Fiona Walker Mini Zebra Head Wall Art: I’m waiting for a call from someone who needs a nursery and can’t wait to add a whole zoo full of these to the walls!

10/  Pieced + Patched Cowhide Rug:  There’s only one size left of this, but it’s on strong sale for that same reason. Calm, cool, and collected. Super-soft under foot. And fun sophisticated. Obviously not for a high traffic area, but love these in bedrooms.

11/ Harlow Mink Velvet Chair: He’s a simple chair…but…the tall back is great for when you don’t want to lose the velvet of the chair under a table. He’s just elegant enough to pair well with all the pretty tables. And he comes in a blush color too!

12/  Jacquard-weave Cushion Cover: My new favorite, affordable good-looking pillow cover!

13/  Anova Sous Vide with Williams Sonoma Sous Vide Cookbook: This is what Jason requested (and got) for his birthday. He tells me he’s going to make the most delicious fried chicken ever, and that this is required. I’ll let you know how that goes!

14/ EvieMarques: I’m not such a big accessory girl. It’s mostly just kicks and watches for me. But these are just amazing, and they have my heart right now. Read her story, it’s worth it. I asked, and yes, babes can chew on them, no harm done to the babe nor the bead. The olive are my favorite, and I kinda love that I pop that over my black sweater, black pants, and black scarf, and even in my camo high tops, do I all of a sudden look just grown-up enough to do the adult things. And truth be told, in my dreams, there’s a rack on the wall with a whole collection of these because looking at them just makes me happy! For now, I’m starting with one, and maybe someday it’ll be a whole collection!

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