Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 12.21


‘Twas the night, 3 nights before, the night before Christmas and all through the house….All my creatures were stirring, but thankfully itchy head-checks revealed not even a single louse. All the stockings are still in an unidentified Rubbermaid Tupperware storage container, in Philly somewhere. And as far as I’m concerned they can all just stay there. (I’ve flown south to FL.)

The children are nestled all snug in their still wet bathing suits, on electronics, whilst mom works, closer to the pool than their beds….And I’m afraid to know what YouTube/Fortnite/TikTok have dancing through their heads. (get it? TikTok…dancing?)

I’m totally half-teasing. We shut the TikTok thing down. YouTube and Fortnite — yeah, yeah, still those — with rules and settings. And OK, this is why I’m not a poet. But that’s approximately where we are. It’s my good/bad habit, to pause for exactly one hot second where we are, whilst really being entirely distracted with what’s next. New Year’s Eve and 2020…I’m all eyes on you. Fun stuff with that in mind, and all kinds of other stuff on sale below too. The poem above was free. I’d sarcastically say, “You’re welcome.” But it just wasn’t even that good. Here’s to better poems in 2020 and looking forward to the year to come.
xoxo, A

Weekly Favorite Finds 12.21: Fun Stuff For New Year’s Eve & 2020

New Year's Eve & 2020...We're all eyes on you for this week's favorite finds. Fun stuff, plus all the home decor sales — OKL, Anthro, Nordstrom & more.

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1/ What If? – I feel like this is the “Read Gift” I needed for my littlest one. It arrives after the holidays, so I’mma gonna call this her New Year gift and can’t wait to sit somewhere warm on a long cold night, cuddle, drink tea, and listen to her read out loud and laugh. She still has the the best little kid r-less accent of anyone alive. I kinda hope she keeps it forever. For now, I’ll take it when I get it and this book will bring plenty of joy to both of us!

2/ Fun Decals – Why wouldn’t you want to have more fun wall outlet plates in the year to come? These guys are a few dollars, and bring huge smiles!

3/ Twinkle Lights – For indoor and outdoor, you can hang them, or turn the hanger upside down, and put them in a little pot or glass on a table, or even just intersperse them through a cloth or greens running down a table. The most fun part? They are on a remote, and you can make them blink in several different patterns! We just keep using these over and over for 100 reasons! No doubt they’ll come out on NYE!

4/ Mole Skin Journal – Some people keep better lists than others…if I could always read my own writing, I’d compete. My friend Justin is the BEST list-taker/-maker/-keeper/ and -DOER that I know. And he always carries a simple moleskin notebook. I love the dotted pages of these in particular b/c I can both take notes and also sketch myself reminders and measurements. If you are considering your own lists for 2020…maybe one of these is a good place to plant those seeds. New Year’s resolution for us all: Be Like Justin.

5/ Llama Glass Markers – If you have friends who occasionally rest their drink glasses, these are a super-fun way to know whose is whose! And they make people smile. And…they come in unicorn, lizards, fish, and I forget what other fun fabulousness, but there’s more.

6/ Turn Table – We were electrical-scoping a condo full of USB ports the other day and we all laughed about how one day, some kid will wonder what all these little rectangular spots in the wall sockets are. It kinda made me want to pull out some CDs and DVDs…until I realized other than the car, I’m not sure where I would play them. And then that took me back to wanting to share the joy of record playing with the kids, and how much fun a cute turntable might be in this new year of looking back at the years gone by. I feel a dance party coming on!

7/ KH Pillow – Technically it’s the Keith Haring Earth Pillow. Right now, I’m calling it the Joy to the World pillow, and we could certainly all use a little more of that!

8/ Decanter – Such a pretty decanter! Would look lovely on that bar cart below it!

9/ Linen Napkins – Just a little touch of class. Linen cocktail napkins are fun! And they make things feel just a little fancy…even, and maybe even especially, if your party plan for NYE is PJs and Netflix.

10/ Bar Cart – Whether it’s giving in to life’s little indulgences, party prep, or getting the new year started right…now is a good time for a gorgeous bar cart and this is my favorite of them!

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Here’s to closing in on this holiday, to pausing for a few hot seconds in the moment, and to all of the thank you next holidays ahead!

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