My kids were away for nine days. That would have been an awesome time for one to have gotten all caught up. I’m not that one. So now they are back, recovering from jet lag, in full play-rehearsal, dance-performance, catch-up-on-missed-schoolwork, and with-all-the-friends and do-ALL-the-things…and while my heart is so, so full, my desk, plate and mind are um…an overflowing mess. Current status: MessyTiredLove. It’s where we are.

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week, beginning with THIS POUF that has my whole heart. I may have been strategizing new gaming chairs and a few home accessories for all the kids that can double as holiday gifts? I’m that mom. They love me anyway. More fun stuff on sale below…Black Friday/Cyber Monday came and went….but the sales, the sales are still going strong. ‘Tis the season.

Weekly Favorite Finds 12.7: MessyLove & Holiday Gifts

My fav finds this week. Gaming chairs & home accessories for the kids that double as holiday gifts? I'm that mom. Black Friday/Cyber Monday came & went....but the sales are still going strong. 'Tis the season.

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1/ The Game On Swivel Chair This is my name for this chair, not the actual one. For anyone who follows along super closely (does anyone even do that?), AJ and I have been scouting new chairs for his bedroom. Someday we’ll share shots of his bedroom, it’s over-the-top amazing, and everyone’s favorite room almost anywhere. The kid is a collector. And his mom needs for things to be organized. I like minimalism. He’s a maximalist. So no, according to me, these do not fit. But…technically, with a few inches to spare, they kinda do. And he and his friends have just gotten, well, big. So after months of back and forth, searching, considering and debating. I think we’re landing on these? He tells me we’re at a super strong probably. He’s my 2nd toughest client. I’ll wait for him to get to a strong yes.

2/ Fat Boy Portable Lamps These are team favorites. They can sit on tables or hang on hooks and can be carried around. Nightlight, flashlight, pure fun. They come in a few colors, but red is our favorite.

3/ Wall Hook If you are going to hang the lamps on something, it needs a bit of distance. These work. And are great simple beautiful wall hooks for any reason. I also have French cutting boards hanging on them in my kitchen.

4/ THE POUF Of the 1 million amazing things shopped and ordered for other people over the past few crazy weeks…this is the one that made me smile the biggest smile. Could it be any more amazing? I’m on a no. It’s pouf perfection!!!!

5/ Astrological Artwork Cecilia has one of these in her room, and it’s just so beautiful! I’m thinking of getting the other kids one as well. My kids are absolutely their sun signs, and sometimes it’s fun to explain things in life that we can’t any other way, with the stars. Great gift for everyone really!

6/ Fat Boy Chair We have a set of these. They take up serious space. But ours are 9 years old and going strong, and all the kids love them. I just wish I had bought them in red….so I’m considering adding 2 more. Do we have the square footage for that? Uncertain. But they are so fun, we probably need to just find it.

7/ Coiled Stool And then someone put a sweater hat on a stool and I fell in love. This thing is just amazing!!!

8/ The Zipper Weekender For all the weekends away that hopefully are to come real soon! I love the simplicity of this one, but it packs major space and storage efficiency. It’s on my own holiday wish list.

9/ Acrylic Board Wall Racks Most fun way to display, store, organize and admire skateboards at rest, at home.

10/ Penny Boards My dad, and most of his brothers rode skateboards. I still remember the day he took my brothers and I to the shop and bought us each, and one for himself, a skateboard. Ours were wooden and old-school. My brothers took that to a new level in their own lives. We had ramps and half pipes in our driveway, there was sleepaway skate camp, and camps my mother drove them miles to in all seasons. My brothers are both in their 40s now…and they absolutely cannot move the way they once could. But man was it amazing to watch the crazy things they could do with their bodies, and those boards and the fearlessness and confidence with which they did it. Me…yeah, not so much. I can skate on a flat surface in a relatively straight line. But I channel my father’s enthusiasm for life and adventure, and one day years ago I took my own kids and got them each a Penny Board. The colors and designs are amazing, the boards can handle anything and last forever. And…they look adorable hanging on the racks on the wall. And everyone always asks what they are and loves that they can ‘zon them in time for whatever gift they have in mind — 22″ for little kids, 27″ for big kids.

11/ Fun Girlfriend Gift Candles You have to click through and read them. They are hysterical. Such great gifts. The candles smell…OK. But this isn’t about that. This is about laughter.

12/ Faux Fur Throws Can’t get enough of these. Great gifts. Ours are piled in a basket under the coffee table and just the absolute best for cuddle time!

13/ Hysterical Custom Dog People Pillow You send them a photo — of your dogs, or your people and your dogs — and they create these fun pillows!!! I love this as a gift for my craziest of dog-loving and dog-obsessed friends. (Note to my own children: No, Santa is not bringing you a dog this year. No. No. No.)

14/ 5 minute and 30 minute Hourglass Timers I think if there’s anything that I personally do not need, but would love to have, it’s these. They are gorgeous, first of all. And…for some of us, that need constant reminders of how much time we really have, and who work better with a deadline…they are a super-pleasant way to help manage that. Also, great for kids….for instance: mom needs 5 minutes, go read for 30 minutes, you may be on your device for 30 minutes, and we’re all taking a 5 minute time out, type situations.

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Happy holiday prepping for what’s next this weekend!

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