I learned a new term this week: Snow Squall. I’ve sailed through a (warm weather/water) squall or two in my time. They leave an impression. That’s something a bit different than this. This week, we felt the snow coming, we felt the temperature dropping. The sky did that pillow thing. The air felt damp. The wind was fierce. And then Wow! If you looked out any given window, you felt as if you were in the snow globe. Amazing. And then four minutes later: done. Over. That’s all. It didn’t even stick. Well alrighty then. That was much ado about…

But it was beautiful for those full four minutes. Not quite the same magnitude, but more beauty and wonder below. And some fun. And some LOVE too. And the Sales. And you can probably get through it all in under four minutes too; like it never even happened…but for how it made you feel. xoxo, A

Lights, linen & LOVE. Home decor doesn't have to big to be beautiful. Our favs this week include some gorg accent pieces, plus more interior items on sale.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13

1/  Banded Stripe Losange Chair: A little updated Mid-Century Mod fun in a great black and white striped pattern! I love when black and white is plenty of pop!

2/  Pipe Light: I was recently searching for ‘simple’-yet-good-looking sconces a plenty for a hallway. Had I happened upon these first, they would’ve been IT! Super easy to work them into so many fun places. Now that they’ve been found, they’ll show up…many places!

3/  Orion Sconce – Natural Brass: I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked if there’s a ‘not ugly’ three-light sconce? Voila. Perfectly simple. Perfectly beautiful.

4/ Love Sherpa Pillow Cover: One of my favorite iconic images, for obvious reasons a plenty. Now in faux sherpa and leather. LOVE this, for warm cuddles, a pop of fun, or even a Valentine’s Day gift or refresh.

5/  Hillside Coffee Table: Simple, Clean, Elegant, Not-Too-Fancy, and yet Interesting! All the XXXXs for this beautiful coffee table!

6/  Plug-in wall sconce: Plug-in wall sconces are great b/c no hardwiring required. They aren’t always this amazingly fun and well-designed though. Other color choices…but red is definitely my fav, especially against the wood.

7/  Urania – Acoustic Sound Amplifier: Outdated? Maybe. Old-fashioned. Yup. Not at all practical? Probably not. Not needed b/c Alexa is everywhere? Fine. However…there’s just something so great about something so simply complicated as a blown glass ‘speaker’.

8/  J.Crew Home solid cashmere throw: All the big giant heavy faux-fur and wool throws have their time and place, but there’s nothing like layering a little cashmere, especially in some super-fun colors! ps: on sale!

9/  Handmade Wire Basket – Bin 24: These are great b/c they store well, can sit on the ground or hang on a wall, have a fun little hanging mount, and come in multiple sizes! Anything that helps us be a little more organized…just anything. Especially good-looking things.

10/  Willmann Vase: There’s something almost a little quirky in the ‘off-balance’ of this. And something wonderful about the ‘secret’ of it. And something gorgeous about the materials. This plus one perfect green…everywhere.

11/  Tumbler Alarm Clock – Brass: Black + Brass + Clock + Open Box on Sale. How to not love this, I’m not sure.

12/  Stitched Linen Duvet Cover: Linen…and stitched. New Line for Anthro. Beautiful, just beautiful, and also…if you haven’t yet slept on linen, there’s just really nothing like it.

13/  Fort Standard Balancing Blocks – White: We have ‘things’ all over the place that kinda count as art, kinda count as toy, kinda get you thinking, and kinda give you a place to busy your hands while you work the rest of it out. These are just magnificent. And on coffee tables everywhere are they wonderful.

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Stay warm, wondering, well-strung, in awe and LOVE. Always.


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