Happy New Year!!! Lex taught me about intentions this week, as in we are setting intentions for 2020, not resolutions. Think: areas of our life we will purposefully tend to with our energy (and where we hope the Universe will attend as well). Intentions — such a nicer, less-pressure way to think of this whole start to a new year, possibly new decade (depending on how you look at that.)

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: 2020 New Year Intentions

My weekly favorite finds are all part of my best of intentions for 2020. I know the road-to-you-know-where is paved with those, but I’m setting them anyway. Fun selections from the big sales on home decor below too, my personal favorite of which this week, (strangely for me,) is Pottery Barn. It seems they set an intention to get a bit more modern in their designs and lines, and so many of their new pieces are easy-to-love if a little more modern is your thing too — sustainable, fairly traded and priced fairly, especially on sale through Sunday! Let’s get this new year and the many roads it will take us down started off right already!

Our weekly fav finds are some of our best intentions & resolutions for 2020, plus big sales on home decor too — Pottery Barn, CB2 & Land's End.

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1/ A Modern Way To Cook | My middle child, bless her heart, committed to being a vegetarian approximately a year ago, and hasn’t looked back. We do whole family, sit together, one-meal-everyone-shares around here, and this new challenge, well, it’s been a bit of a challenge, but we’re doing ok with it. I found that we do better, if I pull out a cookbook, and ask her to tag 5 items once a week. It helps me give her (and the rest of us) a bit of variety without too much Mom Brain Power. My 2020 intention is to expand our vegetarian selections, starting with this new (to us) book.

2/ Plenty | This is a book we’ve been working with for years and love! C has all her favorites tagged for me. Maybe we’ll do a post on those one day! Plenty of deliciousness in this one!

3/ Harmony II | There’s also Harmony I, check that out too. This is an awesome Minted for West Elm collab. And…they pair together in a lovely way! I prefer them best as a set, 30″ squares, framed in white. The intention here, speaks for itself…more Harmony in 2020. Yes please.

4/ Black Braided Basket | Intention: new shoe bins. New, beautiful shoe bins. That don’t show me how dirty they are. I don’t need to know. These are gorgeous and perfect. Our old ones were fine, but don’t quite fit under and on the new shoe bench. So I’ll covet these until I finally just cave one day and add them to my cart.

5/ Black Serving Bowl | While this is a beautiful serving bowl for a table, mine is currently serving all of those little samples of magical face creams all those nice ladies at the fancy facial places hand me. My 2020 intention is to use ALL of those samples before I spend another dollar on face cream that is frankly, never going to give me my 20-year-old skin back, but might help me look like a healthier 45, for free, or at least to not look 20 years+ my age anytime soon. I’ve encouraged myself to do so, but putting them all on my vanity, in a bowl similar to this. And there they shall sit until used.

6/ Black Umbrella Wood Handle | 2020 Intention: to not be driven crazy by random umbrellas. I’m getting us each one of these. Plus a few for friends. And we’re all going to intend to not lose them this year. I’m tall. Rain often comes with wind. These are a great size for that, plus the special wind breaker thingy. And they are beautiful in the umbrella basket.

7/ Umbrella Basket | Speaking of which, someone recently asked me for my favorite umbrella holder. Averaging function, price and style, it’s this one.

8/ Wall Hung Butcher’s Paper | 2020 Intention: not to hang random notes to myself all over my wall with painter’s tape. THIS is my genius solution. One is going in my office, for all the work stuff. One is going in the kitchen for all the other stuff in life. I’m a list maker. This thing sparks all the joy in me. I can’t wait for them to get here!!!

9/ OK Boomer Hoody | 2020 Intention: to continue to learn from those younger than me, and continue to lovingly, yet sarcastically, tease those just a bit older than me — like I dunno, my own folks maybe? Ugh…the teenager in a hoody in me is firing strong again this year. Read here for context. And if YOU are a boomer…I love you, I just also appreciate the young people poking, and yes, I’m ready for them to come at me and GenX one day all too soon.

10/ Wood Serving Board | I like big boards and I cannot lie. Intention 2020: more board meals. It’s just so easy to serve a big crew and make everyone all happy when you just place bits of deliciousness on one of these!

11/ New Sharp Knives | I am investing in new sharp knives, these specifically after reading ALL the reviews, and reviewing all the prices. 2020 Intention: to never put them in the dishwasher. Lessons learned over the past decade include: hand wash the sharp knives.

12/ Birds Candle Stick Holders | 2020 Intention: only good Tweets:)

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Here’s to all the good things intended for all our homes in 2020. Cheers!

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  1. For 8 the butcher paper… Do you plan to pull a bit down, write on that exposed part, and then rip off and pull down more when you need it?

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