Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 3.16


Spring Refresh? One day of 60-degree weather and a bit of sunshine…that’s all it took to get us there! We’re purging and putting away all the Winter things and trading them for all the Spring things, fresh whites and light textures. And it feels good. Like a breath of fresh air. We are also getting ready to start garden prepping. See how even that is a two-step process here? My very favorite gardener used to always tell me to “wait for it.” Not to get too excited, too soon, for fear of more frost and wasted hard work. I want to believe it would be safe to plant right now, but…I’ve lived through too many April random East Coast blizzards to be confident. From the Heavens, I feel like Mary just gave me a wink. So stay tuned for some full posts on garden work. Until then, find some of the freshest ways to work a Spring Refresh into our homes, safely, right now. And the sales. Always the sales.

Ps: Yes. For anyone who follows along and is wondering, the Christmas tree is still up. The hearts will be traded for Leprechauns and Four Leaf Clovers this weekend. No, it’s not ‘helping’ our Spring refresh. But this is just where we are.

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1/  Mendosa Arch Wood Mirror: I have many pairs of modern square vessel sinks paired with old mirrors with tons of character. It’s hard to find new mirrors with tons of character. This one is a very pleasant surprise.

2/  Marble Book Ends – White: All the shelves need all the white beautiful things on them. Start with these. After reorganizing the books? See how this Spring refresh thing really could take us a couple months?

3/  Beaker Glass Tube Wall Vase: So simple, so fun, and so easy to enjoy with just a single stem of green or white.

4/  Aged Brass Photon LED Chandelier: For when we can’t see all the stars in the sky at night, we bring them in with us. This beauty is a burst of light in the best of ways.

5/  Gold Display Ledge: ALL of my super-tiny, odd-sized, and not-able-to-be-hung-on-walls old photos needed to find their way off the floor. And I don’t know why…it’s just a thing with me, but I don’t love photo frames anywhere other than on walls. So we tried this, it’s perfect, and now…I think I might need three of them, one above another, for my sunglasses. Perfect resting place. Meant for kids rooms…comes in fun colors…but if you are fun adult, there are plenty of ways to work this useful piece in.

6/  Parachute Linen Double Up Bundle: It’s time for new sheets. I love the percale, but I’m going linen with this round. Super-excited that there is such a thing now as a double bundle.

7/  Large Straw Hat: I’m mostly Irish. And so is my skin. And so this is my definition of a reasonably sized sun hat. It will be replacing the ones that my daughters claimed as theirs now.

8/  Kata Striped Beach Blanket: Have you ever seen such a gorgeous beach blanket? And the size is generous too. My days of schlepping all the rolly things and stuff to the beach aren’t quite over, but they are narrowing, and if I’m schlepping anyway, I may as well bring a few things that I’ll genuinely enjoy there too!

9/  Mini Bilbao Wall Clock by Nomon: For those for whom time is not a line, but a dimension…And those who only really need an ‘idea’ of what time it might be…And those that just love beautiful things and know better than to take anything too seriously.

10/  Peralta Large Oval Basket: New, fresh, big baskets everywhere please! Starting with this one!

11/  Galiano Rug: Outdoor rug that easily comes right inside. It’s not easy to have a grey rug not just be a boring grey rug. Ask Shana, she worries about these things. This, I promise you, is not at all a boring grey rug. It’s gorgeous.

12/  Spin Glossy Vase: I love big beautiful vases on the floor, but I also love that crazy proportion perched up on a table that can handle it too!

13/  Humboldt Side Table: I understand that you are a table, but don’t you just love that he invites you to break that rule of don’t sit on the table?

14/  Pier Lounge Chair: Simple, perfect, outdoor lounge. Super-clean lines, yet super-beautiful. No cushions needed (read: quick dry when it rains.)

15/  Adelaide Floor Mirror: So this beauty can actually be a floor mirror if you are the same height as Shana, Linzi, and Grace (my six-year-old.)  For some of us, it would need be mounted on the wall several inches above the floor, and I love it even more if you had the height and could rest it on a table or an old wooden bench!

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Enjoy your weekend. I hope it brings all things Spring, freshness, and the luck and love of the Irish to you.  xoxo,

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