Weekly Favorite Finds in Home Decor 3.2


It just snowed, just enough. I know some of you have more snow than you know what to do with, but we haven’t quite had that here in Philly yet this year. I was grateful for the quiet wonder and beauty that a fresh decent coat of snow brings when you wake up to it unexpectedly. It’s just so peaceful.  Until it’s time to get people out the door, through the snow and to all the places they belong. That’s not so peaceful. But for that first hour and a half, when I’m the only one awake, and safely watching it through a window…it’s just a calming gift.

You know what else calms me? Neutrals, genuine wood and cloth natural neutrals. Had I remembered this rug first, it would have been the star of the show. It’s special and beautiful enough though, maybe it was just waiting for its own honorable mention. Sometimes something cozy in a nice neutral, or something wooden in a space that doesn’t have enough wood is just the thing to warm it up. Warm, cozy, and peaceful…late winter East Coast goals. And all the sales…big things are on major sale right now. We rounded-up a few of those to share below too.

Warm, cozy & peaceful. That's where we are now, people. It's mid-winter & we're looking at wood & warm neutrals for home — plus ALL. THE. SALES.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18

1/  Carved Wood Planter Planter is such a limiting word. Let’s expand it: I would plant paint brushes, kitchen tools, make-up brushes (if I owned them), colored pencils, and maybe even just a big moss ball in this beauty as quickly as a sweet fern or succulent. I’d set it with silverware piled in it on a long picnic table, summer self-serve dinner, or pop a glass full of water in it to host a gorgeous spring bouquet. If this piece lived with me, it better just be ready to work…all day, everyday, in all the ways.

2/  Rectangular Wood Planter Tray My favorite shape for hosting clementines, apples, and moss balls on a table. Or for hosting the chips if it’s a guac and salsa kind o’ night, or the sliced baguette if it’s more of a stew/soup/chili kind o’ night like tonight.

3/  Wine Bottle Wall Vase / Set of Four  Such a simple idea really, but so well-done. And the perfect place to pop just a few clippings from your garden or most recent hike. Or even just some beautiful fallen branches of whatever you happen upon in your travels.

4/  Topanga Organic Matelasse Blanket THESE are my favorite spring blankets. When all the faux fur is just a little too much, but you are still in for a good strong cuddle with the crew…these are just perfect weight. And they look so lovely thrown with the rest until needed — end of a bed, over a chair back or arm, piled in a basket. Their texture is just right.

5/  Live Edge Wood Bath Caddy Tubs can look cold. And then they don’t, once you add wood and a pretty jar with a few bath salts. Warm bath, even without water yet.

6/  Birkenstock Patent Arizona When not in kicks, I was a Doc Martin, 8-hole kind o’ teen/twenty-something. I remember when my (obviously from Denver) roommate, after trekking to and from Trenton’s City Gardens and all over Manhattan with me for shows, decided my life wasn’t one full-lived until I went to see The Dead and Phish. We made a thing of it. I think I was 17, maybe 18. I wore Birkenstocks for the first time. Those were my only Dead and Phish shows ever. The friend I’ll love forever and always, hi B! The Birks I’ve been wearing since. And I just ordered these. B/c I have two trips coming up before spring actually arrives in Philly, and these were the only item that was necessary. The rest of what I’ll pack is in my closet already. And OK, fine, I found the earrings below, and decided that these Birks and these earrings are me ‘dressed-up’ in all white linen, all black jumpsuit, and jeans and jean shorts and a white tshirt. See? Packing list, done. It’s so easy when you are predictable, experienced (read: older), know yourself, and deviate only by the color of your Birks by season.

7/  Decorative Basket White Just put all the things in all the pretty baskets. Done. I wonder what MK would think of me and my organizing ways. We have a good purge in common, that much I know. After that, just all the things, in all the baskets. Done.

8/  Concrete and Wood Ampersand Decor I have a thing for an ampersand that may or may not be related my other thing which is always having another thing to say. Regardless, if you need an object, choose this.

9/  Outdoor Lantern Wood and Rope And then we take the romantic mood lighting (even with 100 people under the age of 10 running around) outdoors. And we do so better with this. Even if your definition of romance is battery lit candles. It still works.

10/  Hinged Vanity Organizer Wood I’m not sure that my ‘vanity’ has enough stuff to require this much organization. But my desk does. So this goes there for me. And the kids are getting them too, for all their rocks and shells to come this season of rock- and shell-hunting.

11/  Faux Wood Bench – Brown OK, fine, it’s faux. I can live with that. It’s cute, and well-priced.

12/  Large Walnut Brown Wood Leaner Mirror with Live Edge J has similar in his room. And yes, that now reminds me I did promise the tall man a railroad tie to prop it up a bit. On that next. Promise. Or at least next, next.

13/  Cravings by Chrissy Teigen 2pc Acacia Wood Salad Serving Set Well go on with your hysterical in-its-realness-Instagramming-self CT (no, I still don’t social media, but her feed is so funny, it often makes headline news and therefore I happen upon it.) Woman also has made salad server skilz apparently. Love these!

14/ Wooden Hoop Earrings One piece per season. Change of seasons upon us, these are my one and done.

15/  Halifax Farmhouse Wood Counter Stool Brown If your counter is sitting by itself, these would be happy to join and make for a happier place.

16/  Keeler Natural Jute Rug C&B rugs are a strong quality. And Jute is just a strong, solid decision for a beautiful base. Jute — there it is!

17/  Natural Wood Pillar Candleholder Have a mantel calling for a spring refresh? Start with these.

18/  50″ Warwick 3-Door Accent Media Cabinet Fawn Brown Need some sizable, reasonably priced, beautiful storage? Done.


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Wishing you all a warm and cozy weekend full of peace (or at least moments of it.)

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