I gave up Coca-Cola for Lent when I was in the 6th grade and haven’t had it since. Wouldn’t it be nice if all bad habits were quit so swiftly? There was this great piece on giving up plastic that resonated with me (insert wink). Sometimes small steps toward a larger goal are the way to go. No regrets on trading out plastic straws for these in our house. The kids love them, they clean easily, don’t take up much drawer space, and they are cute AND better than plastic. And if Easter is your holiday, they are also a great candy-alternative basket stuffer.

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I’ve been dreaming up a perfect Passover Table that transitions to a perfect Easter Table this season, for those of us who prefer the studying and learning about over the absolute practicing of specific religions, and celebrating, always, that we all have more in common than we might realize. It’s going something like this, with the obvious trade outs:


I’ve also been daydreaming in more intense colors recently, which might have something to do with why some of these Weekly Favorite Finds caught my eye. And the sales, we hit those up for this weekend too!  Heads up: there are some amazing finds on sale from a few retailers who don’t normally have sales…it must be Spring!

In between prepping Passover & Easter tables, we're grabbing our favorite finds, plus all the home decor on sale. Candles, rugs & pillows — let's do this.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13

1/  Ease Roundabout Magazine Rack: Someone asked me recently for a ‘cute’ magazine rack. Doesn’t get much cuter than this in that department. I also love that this sits as well on a desk, table or bookshelf as it does on a floor.

2/  Solid Cashmere Throw, Pink: It’s never been my personal favorite color, pink. But when shades of it like this catch my eye, I rethink my position on pink. Cashmere, that’s always a favorite. And a great year-round weight for a throw blanket.

3/  Era Wide Mini Pendant: Eye-catching, simple, but perfectly detailed pendant. Plenty of drama, but also plenty pretty.

4/  Kupa Lilac Vase: Not unlike with pink, I need to be persuaded to pastels — unless they are just easy on the eye like this one! I also love the size of this vase. And the idea of one stem of something green or white in it.

5/  Larkin Bar Cart: Happy hour is trying to move itself outdoors around here…just not quite yet. This cart equals a happier happy hour indoors and out.

6/  Boy Smells Candle Purple Kush: Does anyone else ever buy a bottle of wine just because it has a great name or label? Guilty. Same with candles. Also recently on the hunt for something a leetle more affordable than my favorites. Boy Smells | Purple Kush. What a great name, right? “Coconut wax and bees wax, infused with the green, bright notes of cannabis and brushed suede. Tulip, purple cassis and lilac add a subtle floral hint, while white musk and amber accord ground the fragrance.” You need not further comment on why we all need this candle, correct?

7/  Genesis Exploded Area Rug: Back to the naming of things…the rug caught my eye first, but the name sold me. If your room’s formation needs a little grounding, this would be a beautiful way to get there.

8/  Midnight Jungle Tropical Pillow: For the wild child in all of us. Just a little pop of beautiful fun!

9/  Blakely Pillow: I choose wine based on it’s name, candles for the same reason, rugs b/c of what they are named, and then come full circle and choose a pillow whose featured color is wine. And that should make perfect sense to anyone who can see inside my mind and heart. For everyone else, this is just beautiful.

10/  Boy Smells LES Candle: I’m going to try this one too. “Coconut wax and beeswax. Its scent, inspired by New York City’s Lower East Side, is as unexpected, nonbinary, cross-cultural and eclectic as the neighborhood itself: Blackcurrant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, Asian pear, coconut, cardamom and white cedar.” There’s a part of my heart that will always live on the LES and that eclectic mix of scents intrigues me.

11/  Loll Designs Square Planter: Made from recycled and recyclable plastic, joinery allows for a slow, seeping drainage, and holes can easily be drilled in the bottom, if desired. No Maintenance/Weatherproof, never needs to be painted or stained and cleans easily. And fun colors. Let all the garden prep begin!

12/  Renwil Valet Accent Table: I love setting up little vignettes in open unused spaces, even if they are just a little two-toned table like this, a vase and some flowers, a great piece of art and a candle. Just a little something to add a little interest and a little joy to a space.

13/  Saratoga Occasional Chair, Standard Cushion, Signature Velvet, Cyan, Heritage Grey Leg: And then I fell in love with a chair sized for comfort, in a beautiful fabric, but with that great cut out that leaves room to breath.

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Here’s to fun colors, great dreams day and night, and all celebrations to come! I’m sneaking away this weekend. More on that later, not now, or it wouldn’t be a sneak. I hope you enjoy yours!

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