Anyone else in a caged and cuffed, gator and croc kind o’ mood? Let’s not ask why, let’s not read too much into it. Let’s just roll with the fact that this is where I find myself today…finding all the fun home decor that meets that mood. And maybe yours too. And the home decor on super sale, that fun stuff too.

ALL the leather — sheepskin, croc, gator — & ALL the wiry things —that's the home decor we likey this week. Plus, CB2, Coyuchi, Anthro & all the sales.1 234567891011121314

1/  Black and Gold Crocodile Box: I mean why just take the spirit, when you can have the whole sweet animal sitting right atop that box? I love this box on a nightstand or shelf in a bedroom. My daughter C just opened all my boxes in my bedroom and wanted all the stories about all the special things in them. But it was bedtime…so those stories are to be continued. And by the time we get to them, this guy might be living with us.

2/  Wired Horizontal Cage LED Pendant: Modern and minimalist in the best of ways! I love fixtures that you can see through, but that are also beautiful, especially if they grab and reflect some natural light while just sitting pretty at rest in the natural sunshine.

3/  Graham Wire Wall Art: Well this is fun! Overlapping geometric shapes form minimalist sculpture that appears to float. Your blank wall might need this kind of good attention.

4/  Drizzle Black Umbrella Stand: I get very fussy about umbrella stands. Too many of them are too small. They need to breathe in order to dry. They also need to accommodate umbrellas of all sizes b/c aren’t we all just grabbing whichever one is closest when we most need it? But they also need to look good sitting near the door. This one is my favorite of the moment!

5/  Everglade Place Mats: These are just so fun! I love their simplicity, their shape and their texture!

6/  Metal Wire Basket: I talked Shana into these a few years ago — no regrets! They are just gorgeous sitting on her old hard wood floors stuffed with faux fur throw blankets!

7/  Ferris Pillow The Piper Collection: Modern safari-style in a velvet pillow with croc-inspired pattern in a light neutral hue. Insert included; too often great pillows are just the cover.

8/  Black Wire Side Table: Inside out. I can’t wait to take the insides outside. Spring/Summer ’19 please get here soon! And then we’ll pop this side table just to the side of a comfy place to sit and whisper away all the happy extra hours of setting sun!

9/  Saint Laurent Crocodile Cuff: I don’t wear much jewelry. But when I do, I like for it to make a statement. THIS….with an LBD, with a proper blazer, with all of my one piece jumpsuits, and yes, even with my summer jeans and  tshirts…THIS is a piece I’d wear everyday to all the things for years to come.

10/  Edie Parker Jean Box Clutch: Sheepskin Leather; Croc-embossed, patent leather; Hinged, magnetic closure; Inset vanity mirror; Lined; Dust bag included. Is that enough to justify the price? If you can afford it, hell yes! This is not an ‘easy’ piece. This is a forever piece. But I’ll share this: someone recently asked me if they could buy one of my clutches from 10 years ago that’s no longer made. I love them, but no, that clutch has another 90 years of service in it. If you can…they pay for themselves. It’s a big IF.  But IF…THEN. (we just finished Science Fair projects. If you did too, you are giggling right now.)

11/  Nourison Maxell Charcoal Rug: Modern textures, ombre effects and drama! If your master needs a master, and hide isn’t your thing…this might be.

12/  Windsor Blazer: So here are a few things: 1)I prefer to shop for men’s clothes more than women’s. Always have. 2) I have a few men in my life that make really strong suggestions for what I wear. Tosh (Laura’s husband is one of them.) And he happened upon this the other day. And now we’re all in love with it. And 3) I’ve found myself, when needing to be ‘dressed’ recently…adding cashmere blazers to my high tops, jeans, and graphic tees, and calling that job done, well, and warm in these cold AF temperatures. I have a feeling this habit will continue into spring and that this blazer will be the one that takes it there.

13/  White Wire 3-Tier Glass Drying Rack: These drying racks are perfect for their intended purpose. They also happen to dry baby bottles very well if that’s your stage of life. And they also dry herbs well. And they also look lovely whist sitting doing absolutely nothing on a counter. Typically, they are more ‘antique’ in their finish. I love that this one is a clean, crisp modern white!

14/  Spoke Marble Graphite Metal Coffee Table: Hand-welded spokes of antique, zinc-finished iron fashion the table’s curved, sculptural base. And then it’s topped with a disc of polished marble. Beautiful. Indoors or out  It’s great in that substantial but you can still see through it, and therefore it’s light and airy kinda way.

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Uncage all those crazy moods you are in this weekend, and let all the animal in you run free. It’ll be worth it. Promise.


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