Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 4.27


What is it to live with a wicked articulate, genuinely comic, yet still 6-year-old, youngest of three children?

Conversations retold from the pediatrician this week, in response to “What brings you in today?”

Grace, age 6, “I have a garden blood blister on my foot.”  (She means a plantar wart.)

“I’d like to use duct tape. Someone told me I can use duct tape. Someone else told me you would scoop it out. That would hurt. And someone else told me you would burn it. That would burn. And hurt. I’d like the duct tape. I’m basically here so you can tell my mom to use the duct tape. So, OK, I can have the duct tape, right? That’s great. I really wanted the duct tape. But will duct tape hurt too? (Cocks head sideways.) Maybe Scotch?”

Pediatrician:  “Grace, I really pegged you as more of a Martini kinda girl.”

Grace:  “There’s nothing teeny about me. I’m getting the duct tape, right? And it won’t hurt, right?”

Ba dum dum.

There you have it. How’s your week been? Mine’s been entertaining. And oddly peaceful.

I sleep-trained three kids. Successfully. Using three different methods. Not this week. That was a long time ago. We can talk more about that if you’d like someday. Or you can call me crying in the middle of the night and I’ll answer, and feel you and talk you off that ledge with 20/20 hindsight, as if it was yesterday, with love. But, now, several years, moves and custody schedule transitions later, two of them, um, co-sleep with me. Co-sleep is akin to Grace’s garden blister in my vernacular. It’s a super-pretty way of saying I have a 6- and 8-year-old in bed with me if any of us are to get any decent sleep, AND, I’ve all but given in to not just accepting it, but finding genuine peace in it.

It wasn’t the plan, it is where we are. Just like all roads in life lead us. Here’s hoping that wherever you are right now is somewhere better than you planned to be, or at least, simultaneously more entertaining and peaceful. And the sales. All the home sales this weekend, plus a few favorite finds for that wonderful place we all call home. You know, for you and all of your hysterical, brilliant, totally lovable and co-sleeping, co-habitants.

You've found us exactly where we are right now. Still co-sleeping. Still spring-refreshing. Still shopping for home decor on sale, in this week's fav finds!

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1/  Polly Ivory Accent Chair: Numero Uno in this post, and yes, probably my favorite of the favorites this week. It’s just so easy, so clean, and so comfortable! A pair is a great partner to a conversation situation…and four around a table would also be amazing! No space? Even just one flanked off the edge of of a sitting area. Easy, beautiful, comfort!

2/  Macadam 9-1/2″ Pendant: My favorite new fixture of the week. Comes in all the configs. LOVE it. For its light and its shadows, inside and out.

3/  Smooth Strap Urn, White Moss: I collect urns. Organically. This one, I’d order and break that pattern for.  In a pair. Just such a beautiful touch, as a pair, on a console, or deep window sills especially!

4/  102″ Shoreham Link Rain Chain, Weathered Rust: Have you ever seen these in action? They replace a down spout in the most beautiful of ways. And can naturally water a planter below them. It’s a miracle to watch and listen to!

5/  Woven Stripe Runner Fringe Blue – Threshold: I love runners center dining table. And on consoles. And I also love them set the wrong way, three or four in a row, with placemats layered. They just help everything look a little more intentional, a little more special!

6/  Corsica Wine Basket Set, Khaki/Multi: What really is a picnic? It’s wine, on a hike, with the kids and friends in a beautiful place on a beautiful day. You can go out to eat after. Great Mother’s Day gift. Just saying.  Packed would be even better. Again, just saying.

7/  West Slope Toilet Paper Holder: Can a toilet paper holder spark joy? It can. This one does. It’s just so beautiful!

8/  Oslo Small Vase: Full of Hydrangeas, clipped fresh from the garden. Or borrowed from someone’s garden. Or with ivy year-round, indoors. Can you see it??? LOVE this!

9/  Wyndser Rug, Blue and Pewter: Favorite rug of the week for both color, and texture. Just Beautiful.

10/  Diana Club Chair, Navy Velvet: This classic club chair pairs exposed hardwood framework with a caned back and plush velvet upholstery for a refined rustic look. In addition to its stylish good looks, this piece is also amply padded with foam for exceptional comfort and support.

11/  Picnic Blanket Waterproof Extra Large: The partner for the wine basket gift. Blankets that can handle wet and keep you dry AND look this cute? Perfection!

12/  Nemus Panel Bed, Ivory Linen: The closest bed to my own, on the most sale, right now. Easiest way to create a retreat of a master? A big, giant, white bed.

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Peace, love and laughter. xoxo, A

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