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Do you ever get in the shower, shave a leg, rinse, and then get confused about which leg you just shaved? Or if maybe you actually shaved both of them already? That’s where I was this morning. I re-shaved, both legs, just in case. Sloppily. But hey, that I even showered, washed my hair, and tried to shave, at the beginning of the day is freaking amazing. Welcome to the last weeks of the regular school year, the transition of seasons, and seemingly when everything feels due yesterday, and where everything else is also on fire, and where no one is really sure what’s been shaved. All I can say Mom Friends is that you are in good and plentiful company. And this is where we are. So let’s just all take a minute, sip whatever we’re sipping, and shop some fun home decor trends and the home decor sales.

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Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor

1/  Harwich High Back Windsor Bench Black – Threshold – I just ordered this bench for a lower mudroom. Yes, it’s true, some people have two mudrooms. Can a city girl even imagine that dream come true? Windsor is strangely modern, never gets old, and the proportions and price of this piece are perfect. (My 7-year-old asked me what alliteration was this week. Where was this sentence then?)

2/  Modern Battery Operated Metal Glass Lantern – While I’m a fan of an actual lit flame, battery operated makes sense in so many ways….And can be seriously good looking too! For a totally lit patio? These.

3/  Iron And Rattan Pillar Candle Holder Lantern Black – Project 62 – My Rattan pick of the week: for a little extra romance indoors and outdoors!

4/  Pink Petals Woven Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow – Well hello there, beautiful! I’d like to sit right next to you! Outdoor fun pillows at a fantastic price. Brighten things up. Just for fun!

5/  Bright Orange Petals Woven Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow – When I knowingly lie about my favorite color, my first answer is always orange. Who doesn’t love the color of the sunshine? It’s a 90% truth, at least. And a cute, right-priced, outdoor pillow for sure.

6/  Seersucker Twisted Shoulder Top – I don’t do trends. I don’t do quantity. I do quality, great cuts, fantastic fabrics. I’m adding this one to my own closet, and when TME posts a style challenge for a forever piece 10 years from now, I’ll make an exception to my no social media no selfies (unless I absolutely have to for the good of the whole) rule and submit this, just to prove a point.

7/  David#2 – 90×90 – limited edition of 20 Art Print – And THIS was the work of art that gave me the most joy in all my shopping for such things this week. The hyper-pixelated thing I just love, kinda like I love the Tate Modern: if you can express relevant times, in real art, in multimedia with mixed message, and with a sense of humor, you amaze me. This one is absolutely 100% worth the price. Bank on it. It’s a good investment.

8/  Vertigo Pendant – If I die and come back in my next life as a pendant, I wish to be this one. While still living this life, this week, I promise you this ends up in a project that will be all the better for it.

9/  Delano Planter – Give me all the big bowled gorgeous-lined planters. One of each size. Grouped together. Planted well. Absolutely gorgeous.

10/  Corten Steel Planter Bench – So you have to buy 2 to make this configuration real, but I think that’s worth it. We don’t have a bus stop, we walk to school, but if we DID have a bus stop, this is what it would look like.

11/  Square Bowl Fire Pit – Tis the S’mores season! Beautiful and functional with that great storage area! Let the roasting begin!

12/  Ebonized Spindle Back Bench – Let’s just call this the aspirational dream bench. THIS is the one I fell in LOVE with. But…budget. So we went with the Target bench for the project. But if budget weren’t a challenge and I had my way, we’d ALL have one of these in an entry, at a dining table, or any other old place we could fit one.


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Happy sips, sales, and shaving.


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