Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 6.22


Sometimes we all just need to come home to our safe happy place. Mine is easy neutrals, a few pops of color, and plenty of room for comfy cozy cuddles.  

The dress, cardigan, shoes and bag below are what I’ll wear and use to tote files to my day date with my favorite ex-hubs at Family Court in August. Where better than TME to ask, “Is this outfit OK?” The city is hot in August and Family Court is cold always (double entendre fully intended.) I’m aiming for affordable, appropriate, comfortable, effortless-seeming, classic and quietly screaming, “Don’t mess with me.” And will fit regardless of whether stress fluctuates me up or down a few pounds leading into that date? The outfit is an easy one and reasonably priced, and I’ll wear it on repeat for plenty of other reasons. The bag is an investment, but I tend to keep bags for 20+ years, so worth it to me, and feels like my treat to myself. Am I good to go or do I need to revisit this? Be honest, we’ve got some time to edit.

In other random thoughts, I went a little pillow happy this week because there were too many, too reasonably priced to leave them out, and in general with pillows, more is more, right? And then hey, if you can coordinate your dog pillow with your people pillows, why wouldn’t you do that? Fun finds in stripes, geometrics, easy neutrals and fun color pops below, and all the sales that are catching my eye this week too.  xoxo, A

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor

We're loving all things chic — from pillows to kitchen organization, lighting & art — even court-appropriate style. Our fave finds & home decor on sale!1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9// 10//11// 12

13// 14// 15// 16// 17// 18// 19// 20// 21

1//  Tiered Tabletop Tray: Fun piece for entertaining, but also is under consideration for my desktop “inbox.”

2//  Wood + Rope Outdoor Lounge Chair: I love these easy chairs, indoors and out. And this one is just particularly pretty.

3//  Kristi Kohut – Leave a Big Mark 3: This art makes me smile. More so, in its title.

4//  Teal Dome Pendant with Brass Socket: Oooo…that blue. Wow.

5//  Abigail Demilune Console – Natural: Take the edge off? Especially in an entry when you live with also accident-prone people? Family-Friendly beauty. I also love a pair of demilunes as bedside tables in a guest or master.

The Weekly Collective Pillows Edit, easy affordable, and indoor/outdoor | Get More Comfy!

6 Black and Ivory Geometric//  7 B+W Big Stripe//  8 Black and Ivory Petals//

9 Slate Grey Sunbrella//  10 Blue and Ivory Geometric // 11 Sunbrella Stripes coords with dog cushion//

12//  Double Handled Oak Tray, Extra Large: Hey there, big guy who can’t wait to serve all the snacks and will live at rest piled with apples on the counter. Does anyone else have kids that eat a bushel of apples a week?

13//  Burned Wooden Trays: Trying to help some friends “organize” their kitchen counters and feeling like these might be part of the solution.

14//  Sunbrella Indigo Lido Stripe Indoor Outdoor Dog Bed: Obviously we all need a dog, and obviously all those dogs need dog pillows that match our people pillows.

15//  Sphere Large Dark Grey Planter: This is HUGE. And also gigantically beautiful!!!! And in my cart.

16//  Able Sarai D’Orsay: I don’t like socks, I can’t stand my toes and ankles to be simultaneously covered, and would prefer that neither ever be. And yes, sometimes “appropriate” means covered toes. So here’s where I landed, letting my mid-foot hang all out. My feet need to breathe or I can’t. Weird? Maybe. But just one of my many “things.” Other ideas?

17//  Raffia Tote: And then a girl fell in love with a bag. And we’ll leave them all to wonder, “what’s she got in there?”

18//  Short Sleeve Shirred Dress: Easy, comfy, stretchy, soft, plus sleeves, neck and long enough. Done.

19//  Modern Weave Harvest Baskets: Baskets are tricky. I needed a few that are giant but will fit under a bench and easily collect shoes. So here’s where we landed.

20//  Round Teak Pot Feet, Set of 4: I have so many collections of planter feet, but I’m newly in love with these, and so they will keep that big sphere above off the floor, and a few other planters I have too.

21//  Long Cardigan: We’re going to call this a mom security blanket in the form of a pretty sweater. You feel me? All I know is this does. But…I’m open to similar alternatives if you share them.



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Wishing you a happy comfy cozy weekend at home!  xoxo A

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  1. Outfit looks great. Perfect for family court. Make sure you’ve got a great necklace or brooch or something to pull it together. Wasn’t sure about a raffia bag for that much $ but after looking at it on the website it looks really sturdy and quite nice. Go get ’em. (That applies to both the outfit pieces and family court.)

    • Renee: Thank you for the confidence vote! And then I giggled when I wondered if I can get through the TSA type security situation with jewelry on. Maybe this is where I pull one of my very best noodle necklaces from the kids:) xoxo A

  2. LOVE the outfit. Feels super appropriate, professional, sophisticated and quite frankly…bad ass. You’ve got this. And you happen to have a bunch of women, who are moms, maybe strangers, but still your BFF, backing you!

    • Christa: Love Felt. Thank you woman! If not for ALL the brilliant, strong, women that hold me up, help me keep my life and shit together, smiling, and moving through every single day with an open heart still, well…much of life, but ‘this’ in particular would feel so much bigger than just me. I read this quote in some random place yesterday, it was something to the effect of “when someone helps you whilst they are struggling too, that’s not help, that’s love.” That rang super true to my heart-no one (no mom for sure) has “extra”, and yet people take the time, and give. Thank you, so much. xoxo A

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