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Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor…(by home we mean home on the beach this week — that’s the extent of my range) and all kinds of actual in-and-out-home goodness on sale below, if you just need a quickie fix in that kinda way. If you have time for a little local travel story and a few fun shops to hit, read on.

Last weekend we went to a new beach for a day trip to visit friends and celebrate a birthday. For a super-short stretch of land, the Jersey shore offers a wide variety of look and feel in each unique beach town. Personally, I prefer the quieter ones, which by my definition means no tall buildings, no boardwalk — just lots of water and sand, enough people, and a little town. I call it a new beach because the kids haven’t ever been to Bayhead, NJ and it’s been, oh, I dunno, 26ish years since I have. We had such a great day with friends, feet in the sand, kids splashing in waves! We were lucky to have a grandmother friend host us all at her beautiful home and garden where the kids couldn’t get enough of washers (strong work D!). That is, after the adults competed fiercely in a match. It’s sometimes the simplest things that catch my attention, and what did here was watching the kids watch the adults and wait patiently for their turn (in a world where kids aren’t often afforded a chance to wait for gratification) and how fun it is to be adults who play. I think that’s also fun for kids and important too, to see their adults play — it’s good for all of us really. So washers: they work in sand, on grass, and even in the middle of a city street if you just weigh the buckets down a bit (even water can do that), and are fun for the whole family and all the friends.

My girls wanted to go explore the town for a bit. Be not confused, they wanted to go shopping. But they are smart girls and know that they have a mother who doesn’t like to shop. So they phrase it as an exploring adventure to get me on board and I pretend not to know what they really mean. Two of my girlfriends were also willing to co-chaperone the exploring adventure. Fun was had. Just enough of it!  I’m thrilled when a town has what I like to call a Devil’s Triangle: three super well edited and well designed cute stores, with everything you might possibly need.  Three stores is just enough fun for all of us!  If you are ever in Bay Head, NJ, check out our three favorite shops:

Carrie Dunham 523 Main Avenue Bay Head, NJ (new location!)

While she’s known for her amazing and “switchable” clutches and handbags, which are also available through her website and can be found in other shops all over the world (as well as in my own clutch drawer, but shhhh on that), her own boutique is a super well-edited fun place to visit! The beachy summer clothing pieces were to die for and while worth it, are priced appropriately. The bags are a very reasonable investment-they are forever bags for sure. And the shop is full of fun accessories and jewelry at more than reasonable price points for an exploring adventure! Grace grabbed a necklace and Ceci chose a bracelet. I grabbed some hair ties and Dayana now has the most fun and perfect pair of earrings. The girls and I each got out for $15 of fun or less and while D’s earring were twice that, they are in fact perfect on her!

Burke’s Market  534 Main Avenue Bay Head, NJ

Such a great and refreshing market! A few gourmet snacks and beverages, displayed well. Prepared food that makes you wonder why you would ever cook. Easy access to their wine shop next door (just saying.) And…best of all, down a cute hallway where you’ll pass just enough fun straw bags and beach throws and toys to catch your eye, is a hidden candy shop! I don’t even like candy and found this little gem to be so, so sweet!

Waterlily 41 Mount Street Bayhead, NJ

Just one door down from the side exit of the hidden candy shop, is this candy shop of clothing and accessories! We had to window shop this one in order to keep the exploring adventure real, as it was one of those places where you walk in and just kinda would love to own any and/or all of it! We may have grabbed a couple of pairs of fantastic earrings for less than $18 each. And we’d all love to go back one day to collect the bags, tops and bottoms we’re all still thinking about.

With beach days on my mind, my weekly favorite finds are all my favorites for those kinda days, tried and true, because I’m fairly certain there hasn’t been a day of summer during which someone hasn’t asked me, “Where did you get those towels?  I need those.” I get them wherever they are priced best and have the largest selection of colors which right now is here. It’s the brand that’s my favorite, and they last forever.  Mine are on their 4th summer of fun and love and still look fantastic. More favorites and fun things on sale this week below.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Beach Trip Packing List

For this weekly favorite finds, we're on a beach trip packing list mission! Think fun in the sun & games. Plus, all the home decor sales.

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1/  Rio Gear Original Steel Backpack Chair I’ve tested them all. This is by far my favorite bike-able backpack chair.

2/  Rio Beach MyCanopy Sun Shade When my hat wasn’t big enough and I tired of digging an umbrella into the sand, I invested in one of these and never looked back. #madeintheshade

3/  YETI Hopper Backflip I fell in accessorized travel love with a man I don’t know who used this as his in-flight carry on one day. And then Mike D visited me with his boyz and this the other night and I asked if this was the bachelor party pre vowel renewal crawl. It was not. He was still lugging from family picnic. (reasons Mike D is still married 20+) But you know…it works for all those things and we LOVE ours!

4/  BULZiBUCKET Every time I search for this I start with Ballsy. Can we all just giggle? And trust me that it’s a fun beach game?  Bulzi not Ballsy. Nor Ballzy. Got it.

5/  Canvas beach bag This fits all my towels, and the boom, and sunscreen. And then I can put a chair on my back, a Yeti on my front, and still bike and look “almost cool?” Nah. But who cares?

6/  Favorite Turkish Towels There’s a reason or 100 these are my favorite. Tried and true. They dry easy. Are so lightweight that packing 10 of them in your bag won’t weigh you down. The kids and I wear them as cover-ups when we’re wet and fresh out of the pool or off the beach. And they are fun colors that make me smile happy.

7/  Boom Hey, Alexa, tell JB that if you were portable, I’d take you everywhere. Until then, I Boom at the beach.

8/  Yeti 30 This was a gift from Gwen, Amen. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Water through a straw is the only way I actually force the 90oz of that a day my body needs. And, technically, without ice, you can fit a whole bottle of wine in there I learned the hard way when J brought my golf beverage for me one day. Dear Lord. I think he just wanted to be sure he beat me. He did. End of story. Water is my better friend.

9/  Washers Good, clean, classic summer fun!

10/  Grab & Go Pony My current favorite hair ties for a house full of people that are super picky about hair ties. They double well as bracelets. And they ball well for storage fun. 

11/  Kan Jam Another totally fun and easy beach or yard game for the whole family jamily.

12/  Ted Baker Slides Because often we slide to the beach!

13/  Sand Free Beach Towel Sand Free. Now you have my attention. I still love my towels best. But these…a friend had and they caught my attention too.

14/  Minorca Canvas Beach Tote Classic and most similar to the 20 year old one my mom gave me and I still use regularly!

15/  Birkenstock My tried and trues, in all the colors, but this the most fun of all!


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Happy Last Weekend of July!  Make it count! xoxo A

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  1. Where to start?!? I love those towels and for this price, I think everyone will get their own color and we’ll be super organized for beach trips. The Ted Baker slides speak to my soul. I ❤️ them, for real. And finally, the Soludos beach tote looks perfect! I’ve been carrying an LL Bean one for a few years, and I really do love it, but it’s had a couple of iced teas and ice creams and water ices spilled on it, so it’s looking a little worse for the wear. This one looks pretty close and you can’t beat the price! Thanks for all of these great suggestions!

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