Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 7.6


Do you have a friend’s home where you walk in and go directly for the leftovers in the fridge? Mine is Amanda. Not only did I find a turkey burger with sweet potatoes and greens, but she also had fresh hummus AND (hot-out-of-the-oven) she had just made delicious seed crackers. The hardcover book (yes, that’s how we still do and probably always will) was still out on the cookbook stand on the island. Amanda loves this recipe but feels the cooking time isn’t true…she says let them cook at least an hour, maybe an hour 20. Until they are super crispy. I taste tested this truth. And I just ordered the book. Part of the privilege of having a key to a friend’s house and freedom to walk in and out at leisure is a friendly agreement not to steal anything. Otherwise, I would have just borrowed hers. Love you Amanda. And craving more seed crackers like crazy.  

Weekly favorite finds and a whole lotta sales stuff below. ‘Tis the season. Yup, full-blown summer sale season. Are well ready for the big N one? Yeah, yeah, that old thing. I have a feeling there might be some goodness to be found there this year. Or I’m at least super hopeful. Maybe bake yourself some seed crackers and grab some hummus, and we’ll get to that one soon enough.

It's all happening! The NSale is coming, we found the perfect sneaker/sandal & we're calling the Mom onesie. Our fav finds, PLUS, all the home decor sales.

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Weekly Favorite Finds in Home Decor

1/  The Clean Plate The cookbook I almost stole right off Amanda’s counter because I’m not in love with the seed cracker recipe.

2/  Nike Vapor Energy 2.0 I take my backpacks seriously, work them hard and keep them forever. And this is my new favorite in the mix. It’s just fresh.

3/  Revive Jumpsuit Let’s just all agree to call a jumpsuit the mom onesie 2019? Easy dressing. This week’s uniform. Click through all the photos, you can drawstring and balloon the pants on this one which is making me particularly happy right now. I love when they do tall sizing, but even on me, this one sits long enough.

4/  Women’s Shoe Nike Air Max FF 720 Looking for something smack dab between a sneaker and a smart sandal? Done. These are so freaking comfortable. And yes, maybe I like the side eye Jason always gives me about my shod feet. I think deep down, he knows it’s all good. And I might never take these things off my feet now that they are there.

5/  Recycled Urn Planter  Made from recycled material and such a pretty way to style just about anything faux or living, especially a fern or fig.

6/  Terrarium Wood & Glass While fully appreciating that it’s meant to be planted, this might be what I plant on my desk to house my thinking stash of pistachio nuts.

7/  Sconce A scone is just an opportunity to do something special!  This one is gorgeous!!!

8/  Hoop Umbrella Stand Sometimes it’s the simplest of functional things that just make me happy.  This piece is this week.  So easy, so sweet, such nice lines, and super functional…assuming all your umbrellas are tall.  

9/  Slate Cheese Boards Once upon a time, I posted something and a reader asked where my board was from and I was forced to tell a true story of leftover construction materials being recycled. But see…now you can easily have them too! I stick the chair stickies under them so they don’t scratch my counters and tables.

10/  Two Tone All-Weather Wicker Outdoor Stool Tell me this isn’t just the cutest little stool indoors or out?

11/  Serena Throw This comes in a few colorways, all two-toned, and this among them my personal favorite.  And is on sale! Yay!

12/  White Lacquered Linen Coffee Table A new way to play horseshoe this holiday weekend, and a new look for CB2. Two words I love in all I do? Lacquered and Linen. Combine them and I’m just done, done, done. I LOVE this table!

13/  Infiniti Grande Curve Back Sofa I love the shape of you. To infinity and beyond. Yup, I just went to both of those places in one description. Can you think of a piece more deserving? Float. This is meant to float in a room, don’t go pushing it into a corner or up against a wall. But…if you have one of those rooms where all you can think is none of these walls work, then just float a beautiful sofa like this. Voila.

14/  Round Wood Burning Fire Pit Well hey there cute, compact, well styled, wood burning fire pit with a safety lid!  For all the S’mores and so much mores.

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I’m going to go check on the ocean  Hope your toes are somewhere happy too!
xoxo, A
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