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The kids are eating a late summer breakfast at the kitchen counter, and Grace sees a rainbow on the glossy white counter base. It’s a prism, but who am I to correct her? “Look, look!!! It’s a rainbow!!!” As big sibs do, promptly, one of them says, “That’s not a rainbow Grace. I only see red, orange, blue and purple. That’s not a rainbow.” To which she replies, as she pulls her sucking thumb and Moo Cow lovey out of her mouth (because now she’s serious), “Well maybe if you believed in unicorns, then you’d see ALL the colors of the rainbow.” Obviously, Grace. Well done, kiddo.

Did anyone else have a week where next to nothing went according to plan? So, so, so many things happened this week. But approximately zero of them were what was intended to have been gotten done around here. We are where we are, it is what it is. Right? Among the unplanned great things, we went to see “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” Too much real for the little littles, but a beautiful, really well done heart-tugging, tear-jerking, reminder to live in the present. Highly recommend.

Presently, where we are is, freshly reminded to see all the colors of the rainbow and to believe in unicorns always. So we’re going with that in Favorite Finds this week. I promise, all the colors are there if you look for them. And the unicorns too. And some other fun things on sale below too, as we do.

 We see all the colors of the rainbow & believe in unicorns. All the colors are here in home decor if you look for them. That + sales @ west elm, CB2 & more.

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1/  Color Pop Photo Ledge Photo ledges are great for photos, but they are also amazing for small toys, collections and books! Fun to mix all the colors on one wall!

2/  Type 75 Desk Lamp – Paul Smith Well hey there, Paul Smith adding that great thing you do with color to a task lamp! I love this combo of colors the best, but there are a few to choose from if this one doesn’t exactly suit you.

3/  Margo Selby Squares Rug This beautiful woven color block rug just makes me smile. It’s a happy rug for sure.

4/  Eames® Molded Plastic Rocker One of my very favorite modern pieces, available in many finish options. If you are a collector, it’s worth the investment. If you are an appreciator, with a more real budget, there are plenty of great choices out there as well, like this one.

5/  Dog Balloon Animal Bookend A more fun way to end the books on the shelves! And yet another solution next time my kids ask for dogs.

6/  Purill Stepstool Next time my kids ask for dogs, they are getting these. I’m half joking. Pop of color and fun for brushing teeth, reaching sinks, and/or bedside or just randomly mixed into the bedrooms and playrooms.

7/   Melissa Beach Slide Summer slid right in, and now we’re doing all we can to keep it from sliding right out. These slides…these are fun extenders for sure! And if white bottoms aren’t your thing, they come in black too.

8/  Unicorn Corn on the Cob Holders Unicorn on the cob!!!! Summer corn is still so sweet and how much more fun with these guys at either end?

9/  Balancing Blocks Balancing these brings me peace. So I leave them out, and sit with them when I need more of that. They are beautiful, and I love that they never look the same. We always just leave them in whatever position the last person found peace in. And all but one of us love the transition. The other one?  She’d prefer none of us ever touch her creations and that they last forever. We’re working on the concept of temporary installation with her. We’ll get there.

10/  Boon Drying Rack We use these in the kitchen, and we use them to hold toothbrushes in the bathrooms and to hold all the stuff in the showers and to dry the paintbrushes and art supplies too.  

11/  Hug Doug Silicone Spoon Saver New favorite boyfriend in the kitchen, sorry Bob. Meet Doug. He keeps the spoon off the counter. I love a guy with a true purpose, who’s a big hugger, and hangs on when it gets hot.

12/  Chalkboard Growth Chart With all of our many moves, I wish we had thought ahead to use one of these rather than a wall to mark growth. And, I love this as a fun oversized accent in black to anchor a room full of color as well as a completely neutral one. This would also be a great, fun gift. And we’ll all just wait a few years to see what we do after the kids pass 6′.

13/  Haste Stool Fun plastic storage stool for indoors, and out, and comes in many fun colors!

14/  Knot Pillow I just love these knots, in all the colors!!! Fun alternative to all the throw pillows.

15/  Blu Dot Bumper Ottoman These come in all the colors, and many shapes and sizes. And you can add the solid tops to them as an accessory as well. They are comfy, sturdy, and just plain fun. I love them best mixed shapes, colors, and sizes. They aren’t inexpensive, but they do last forever, even when kids and unicorns jump on them regularly.

16/  Large Tint Stackable Storage Drawer 16, 20, 40, I dunno. A bunch of these make up the base of AJ’s lego table, and then we use them to sort and store the other legos. They are genius. And so fun! We also have a bunch of the smaller sized ones in each of the girls rooms to help organize all the things on their open shelves.

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Here’s wishing you all the unicorns and rainbows, and living in the moment, whatever it brings. Happy Weekend xoxoA

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