Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 8.15


They call me Words as a nickname; they are teasing me, and I’m OK with that. But I’m about to get super-efficient with words right here, right now. I have three things to say today.

ONE: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale isn’t over yet — go get it. Tired of hearing about that? Mmmhmmm, felt. Just click it, cart it, and let’s all move on. I’m not easily distracted by shiny things….except for when they are on major sale. 

TWO: Crate & Barrel puts upholstery on sale for 20% off (think big sofas…) twice a year. NOW is one of them. Do that now or wait until November, and then wait for manufacturing and delivery, and you’ll see it in 2021. Now is good. Do that now. They have amazing sofas.

THREE: PUT-IT-OUT-THERE. I’m on a big put-it-out there to the universe. Because why not? You know what comes of that? ALL good things. I promise. Give it a shot. Just dig deep, find the things you want most in life and just intentionally put them out there. They’ll come. Before you can blink. Wait for it. While we wait, let’s get crazy and for real move that #NSale thing right outta the way this week. We also have a Black-owned Business Spotlight to live for that will bring you new life, and more shiny things below that.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home, BlackStar Film Festival + Crate & Barrel Upholstery

We're getting Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home outta the way now. Blackstar Film Festival brings us new life & Crate & Barrel has cozy deals.1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 

1 | Adult Face Masks | Eventually, I’m going to have to up my soft, adult acne, gentle, comfy mask game up to prints. I’m going to ease in…with these.

2 | Kid Face Masks | In forever search of the comfy, extra cute mask — found.

3 | Wind Chimes | So freaking pretty. Not sure if I love them solo or in a set more.

4 | Pendleton Picnic Quilt | This one sold out, enough said. Tag it for restock.

5 | Block Bed Quilt | Not into solids? So calm, pretty and organized all within itself. And soft and comfy-cozy too! Who is sleeping well right now? The person who sleeps in this, maybe?

6 | The Hundred Dresses | NEVER, stand by and say nothing. An oldie, but a goodie.

7 | PERFECT Soap Dish | One of my kids needed to start using a certain bar soap….woah…and then this! Happiness all around.

8 | Most Beautiful Strainer Ever | I think I need this now. I’m not sure why yet, other than its pure beauty.

9 | Sustainable Reusable Sponges | I am constantly throwing sponges in the dishwasher because just yuck. These make me feel better in all the ways.

10 | Favorite Candles Of All Time |They burn, they smell amazing, I feel better. The end.

11 | Easy Desk For School-From-Home | IT FOLDS AWAY. Flexibility…we all need a little bit of that this year, I mean always, but yeah, especially right now.

12 | Easy Ergo Stool | Swirl, sit up straight, have fun and tuck away the thing that gets you through school-from-home affordable version.



Black-Owned Business Spotlight | BlackStar

We're getting Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home outta the way now. BlackStar Film Festival brings us new life & Crate & Barrel has cozy deals.

BlackStar won my heart a long time ago, and I expect that love to just keep rolling <insert wink> with their events and footage. Sign of the times: this year the film festival is online–we win! They are worth your time, I promise. If you don’t already have an intention for the universe, I’ll help you make one now: subscribe to the film festival. The whole thing. WORTH IT. I promise.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home  Love: Top 10 Today

This year….oh, this year. I’m on light a candle, cuddle with your loves, laugh with your friends, and be wowed by something. It’s all we’ve got when we aren’t sure of anything at all. Here are 12 that light my heart with hope, warm me, remind me that I can send my girlfriends art to remind them that I have their asses and I appreciate that they have mine, and Wow…when did UGG start making fun things like this?




Crate & Barrel | 20% Off Upholstery Sale



Set an intention and put-it-out-there. I mean it. Good things will come.

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