Weekly Favorite Finds in Home Decor 8.17


And…Saturday. I had a short list, of very important adulting items that were already overdue in June. I organized the list, and the pieces of documentation I knew I needed in a lovely pile on the left hand side of my desk. I don’t work well in paper, but it seemed a small enough physical pile of mentally exhausting tasks. My plan was to hit one of them per week, every other week, while the kids were with their dad, all summer. I have taken on zero of them. Zero. And we have one more such week ahead of us. So I guess that’ll be a fun one. Anyone else need a little distraction from whatever’s in your pile today? Let’s just grab a coffee and do that.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor

End of summer to-do lists, coffee tables, baskets & poofs — all in this week's favorite finds. Plus, sales at west elm, Target & World Market. Mwah.

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1/  Charred Wood Table Lamp On sale, clean, and fun! Lighten up a little.

2/  Scented Candle in Holder – Black Affordable candles in jars you can wash and use to store all the pretty things.

3/  Denim & Suede Rug 2 great materials. Feels fantastic underfoot. And is so pretty too.

4/  Jute-Blend Pouf I love poofs. And so do my kids. And my tired legs at the end of a long day. This one is unique and neutral, but interesting.

5/  Rivet Modern Dining Chairs I love the open backs on these, their price tag, and I love them best in blue with black legs.

6/  Cane Settee The piece that hasn’t left my mind in a few weeks. Working it in somewhere behind a small dining table with two ghost chairs. She’s a beauty.

7/  Allium Coffee Table Not at all affordable. And yet I lose sleep over this one dreaming of all the many beautiful places it might go. Hold that thought…I may have found a home for it.

8/  Olive Wood Petal Scoop Set A whole set of beautiful scoops for all the big jars of baking goods and coffee! I file these under things I don’t mind people leaving out on my counters.

9/  Missoni Wolf Bath Collection Missoni bath is just happy. All those great patterns and colors!

10/ Triangle Sham Fun little throw pillow!

11/  Stoneware Vase Cement and Gold.  Hey, Laura…did you just do a gold+grey post. I love this combo too!

12/  Large Braided Storage Basket Affordable baskets that fit all the things. This is how I get ready to go back to school…all the baskets for all the things!

Shop Home Decor On Sale This Weekend

Lulu & Georgia | Sale

Target | Sale | Wall Clocks

west elm | Sale | Baskets+Bins

World Market | Code: FURNDEAL30 | Ends Monday

Here’s to getting to all the piles, after more fun is had. Hershey Park here we come. Lord help me, this is not my thing. But for the children and drinking in the last bits of summer…we do what we do. 


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