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In case you missed it, we gathered a little Room Refresh Inspo from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Most of it it still in stock. And, thankfully for all of us, that sale ends Sunday 8/4 (prices go up August 5). So get to that if you haven’t and would like to! It’s almost o-ver.

Best part of my own week, and there was plenty of great in there, was visiting my 94-year-old friend Rhoda. Until very recently, when a string of bad luck and the toll aging takes on us all had her in a hospital and rehab for too long, you’d find her, always well-dressed, looking like at least a million bucks, and walking town at a clip, in a great pair of kicks. She was on her way to the gym, to visit a friend, to a lunch, to a dinner (at 3pm, that’s my girl) and to the orchestra. I didn’t even know the orchestra played as often as Rhoda went. Something tells me she kept them company for rehearsals too, maybe? Catching-up to her on the street was always a challenge, and my legs are twice as long as hers. And now, for now, she’s stuck inside. Rehab comes twice a day and a visiting nurse too, but man o man…when you take a super-active, full-of-life woman whose mind is sharp as a tack and lock her indoors…yikes.

So I showed up with lunch and a listening ear at another friend’s prompting (Maryann is always the best at keeping us focused where our energy needs to be.) Easy right? And I’ll keep doing it, as often as I can, along with a whole multigenerational crew of strong women who are doing the same. We show up, and we win big.

There is an awe-inspiring amazingness to chatting with old women. They’ve just been through more than any of us can imagine, they’ve risen above it, and lucky for us, they live to tell and share. So I sucked all the wisdom and love and laughter I could right outta my friend Rhoda, and I’m thankful that she gave me what I needed to get through the rest of my week with a little more spring in my step, love in my heart, and some good things to think about. If you don’t have old lady friends, they are a gift, and worth recruiting. You can’t have mine, I’m not sharing this one any further than she’s already spread. I love you Rhoda. Keep on. I’ll be back soon.

Anyone up for a few weekly favorite finds and lots of other home goodness on sale this weekend? Let’s do that next.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor

ding fun home storage & organization solutions is SO good. We're shopping those, plus a li'l furniture & all the home decor on sale (DWR, PBTeen...)

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1/  Floating Lines Wall Rack – Vertical This thing is fantastic! Multidirectional, multi-sized hooks, two-toned, and wall-mounted! It’s gorgeous and a great space saver! Perfect for a dressing station, guest room, or entry in a tight space that needs some love.

2/  Cabana Stripe Outdoor Lounger  AJ and I are shopping for new seating for his bedroom, his worm sofa is arguably taking up too much space in there. We have our eye on these so far…we’ll see where we land on this soon enough…but in bean bag chairs is always a fun place to land.

3/  Laurel Bench – Natural – Bee & Willow Home This might be the deal of the week! The bench is beautiful and the price kinda can’t be beat!

4/  Charcoal Nordic Storage Baskets with Handles  I just love these. I love that they are a muted black and the wood lids are perfect! I also love that you can see in them just enough to identify what’s in there, but the “mess” it might contain, is in fact contained.

5/  Vertica Wire Stacking Bins Fun to pair with the storage baskets for things that need easy grabbing. I love these both in and out of cabinets, or on open shelves.

6/  Tobi Fairley – Pink Wash Set – Soicher Marin  This is not an inexpensive set. And it’s not even that I so much fell in love with it as it is that it’s the thing that made smile most this week. For any woman that has ever taken a pregnancy test, maybe 10, tell me that’s not the first thing you think of when you see this? Ok, now tell me you’d don’t love it more for making you giggle.

7/  Artisan Glass Canisters with Black Lids Love these. Lids are tricky. These are good ones.

8/  Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set  The toy that will survive all toy purges always. Ours live in a wooden box on our coffee table, are played with regularly, and are the first thing that all kids and many adults who walk in reach for. I am constantly mind blown by the constructions my own kids put together and there’s something calming about working with the tiles when my kids ask me ‘play’ with them. We recently had to take a apart a “city” that Grace built, basically so that we could clean. She was wrecked that we wrecked it. That will pass, she’ll rebuild. All will be well again. If you haven’t yet invested in these, I promise they are worth it.

9/  Youpi Kids’ Bean Bag, Blue/White Stumbled on this while shopping for AJ’s room and kinda just love the bright blue.

10/  3 Ceramic Marbleized Vases Something about the swirls and the texture, and that they are a set.  Beautiful!!!

11/  Fan Reversible Tote  This is my new tote and I am in LOVE with it. First of all, click through, and then know that even the best of the photos don’t do it justice. No, I did not need a new bag. But…once I set eyes on it…I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I tried the leave it in the store, think about it, see if you forget about it thing. Fail. I asked for it as a gift. J came through. (Thank you Jason!) I’ve lugged it everywhere everyday since. The straps are my favorite part. It’s also reversible. I’m leaving my shiny side out for now. And I’m not putting my new bag down anytime soon.

12/  Youpi Kids’ Bean Bag, Black/White Stumbled here too. Love the polka dots.

13/  Virginia Sin Uni Wall Hook – Black  Currently figuring out all the places I can work these in and then there will be contest to determine which wall gets them. Stay tuned for how that goes. They are great big hooks.  Perfect if you prefer that rounder catch for a coat to not get pulled, perfect to lay a scarf over. Perfect for lots of things. 

14/  Leah Outdoor Rug – Black  Bringing the outdoors in, I love this in a bathroom in the 2X3 size. And obviously it would hold up there.

15/ Perforated Metal Media Console  Hey there, Big Blue Piece That’s Still On My Mind. What a great storage accent in a perfect pop of blue.


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I can’t wait to hug my kiddos right about now.  Hope you have hugs and love coming your way as well this weekend.  xoxo A

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