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I’m shopping for us right now. As a distraction from all the end-of-summer, back-to-school, work-related, and other various adulting obligations. So among my favorites this week, you will find the new coffee mug you’ll see me strolling kids to school with every morning, the kicks I’ll be making my way there in, what I’m considering for our roof deck lounging, the chair that gave me pause on ordering new bean chairs for AJ, and how I plan to heat the patio to extend all the summer feels. And then I looked at the collage of all the things together and giggled…it’s almost like we want to Glamp at Home. That probably is right on right about now. That and ALL the great things on fantastic Labor Day Sale this weekend down low. They are all so good!

It's Labor Day weekend & the transition from summer to fall has us getting cozy at home & on the patio. PLUS, all the Labor Day home decor sales...

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Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Labor Day Sales 

1/  Alto Steel Chiminea  It’s a highly vertical thing we do in city dwelling. We have a ‘bit’ o’ a patio off the kitchen. Chiminea’s like these are what I’ve found best fit tight city patios while still making real fire and warmth. And this one, is both good looking and super-duper price efficient.

2/  Urbanfire Outdoor Fireplace  This is the fireplace that makes my heart swoon. And then my heart stops dead every time I remind myself of it’s swoon-worthy price tag. Yet still, I vacillate between this and the one above it. Don’t worry, I’ll come to my senses eventually. But I’ll leave this thought here in case a Fairy Godmother has any interest in gifting me swoon-worthy heat; ever.

3/  Mini Pebble Wool Jute Rug  This is the rug in our living area. And for that simple fact, it’s now also the rug in many other people’s homes. It’s a wonderful neutral with texture and the tiniest bit of pizazz with the silk copper thread that runs through. And right now, it’s on big time sale.

4/  Olive Wood Spice Bowl and Spoon For all of the white, stark, clean cold lines I love, wooden objects like these are usually how that comes to balance for me. This guy is going next to my tub to house bath salts beautifully.

5/  Swivel Lounge Chair AJ and I have been on the hunt for two bean chairs to replace his worm loveseat in his bedroom. He’s not wrong, that was a piece he inherited, and it does in fact take up a little too much space in there. And then I came across these…and now I’m feeling like maybe these low modern swivels are actually a better solution. Stay tuned. I’ll let him make the final call this weekend.

6/  Sail Pouf Ottoman And we’re still searching because these are my first-round pick for said chairs. Apparently AJ needs a fairy godmother too. We’ve found all the reasonable price point alternatives, but we also both always come back to loving these so much. Hence why I’m super-excited about the new idea; or at least my wallet is more happy about the new idea.

7/  YETI Rambler  I’m wondering if I give myself a handle, might I have less of a tendency to drop, bend over with a full cup and spill, etc., my morning coffee. It’s always so sad when I do that. I’m choosing white, with handle, as my newest mug. And also strategizing here b/c while I walk, other people, other Yeti “borrowing” people drive. They’ll be less inclined to steal my new handled mug I’m hoping. A girl can hope.

8/  Striped Indigo Throw Pillow  Ooo la la, pretty pillows! Love this indigo stripe!

9/  Caravane PIllows in Oasis This gorgeous pillow is about as subtle as a stripe can get in a good way!

10/  Ginger Striped Pillow Cover And I’m back to swooning. Check out the zipper detail on this one!

11/  Linen Tissue Box Cover True fact: I hate tissue boxes. Just one of my weird things. I have one of these linen covers, and the girls snatched it for the tissue box in their bathroom. It really is pretty. So now I’m ordering one for each bathroom in fall prep for all the back to school sniffles to come. So that my kids don’t have to dig and hunt for the tissue boxes that I usually hide. And might be less inclined to use their sleeves if tissues are just in plain pretty slight. Again, a girl can hope.

12/  Antonetta Chaise We have a roof deck. With a crazy beautiful view. That we use, um, never. Cecilia would like to spend some more time up there, and this was where I landed in search of an affordable, super-affordable way to create her a little lounge oasis she can escape to at home.

13/  Set of 2 Linen Kitchen Towels  I’m refreshing my kitchen stock with these. The towels are always out, they are always multi-purpose, and they just may as well be so pretty!

14/  Nite Jogger  And these. I justify these b/c my amazing PT told me I need to not wear my Birks for now.  I’m 24/7 kicks, by doctor’s order. So obviously that’s permission to buy a new pair of back-to-school sneakers for mom too, right?

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Get those backpacks packed, the last of that summer homework done, and then get out there and play! I’m going to sail off into the weekend and hope to hit the sails rather than the sales for the remainder of it. I LOVE this weather and all the fun we’re going to find this weekend! Wishing you bliss in Tuesday morning denial, too.

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