I reminded a few friends we had a reservation this week for Jean Georges, plus the details, including that we needed to be dressed; no athletic wear, no sneakers. They responded in kind that I was the only one that really needed that reminder. I love my friends. I layered red vegan leather over black vegan leather and slid into vegan snakeskin slides (thank you Laura), grabbed a red faux horse hair clutch with a grey tassel out of the drawer and called it a night. Pleather on Pleather: it’s a thing. In all seriousness, I’ve need to start dressing like a big girl for work more frequently and have my eyes on this blouse because it’s just easy elegant. It’s not inexpensive, but I tend to keep pieces like that until they are vintage my own closet, so justified. Other than that and a bag I have my eye on too, my favorite finds this week are all from a company that recently crossed the pond: OKA. Their selection and quality is great. And while no, this is not bargain shopping, (they are in fact big girl home decor) for what the pieces are and how they are constructed, they are at a very reasonable price point. My favorites below. Along with the sales, all the sales way down deep.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: OKA USA, Rich Fall & Whatever Else

Pleather-on-pleather, big girl clothes for work & favorite finds from OKA (now in the USA). Plus we're shopping sales at Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, H&M & Rejuvenation.

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1/  Small Carraway Lamp – Gold Just flat out (see that shade) gorgeous!!! Pops of elegance everywhere please.

2/  Versailles Ashmolean Bookshelves – Antique Bronze I love when readily available items can be layered into a space in such a way that they appear to be built in, or maybe to have just been there forever. These are those. And storage. And light reflection. And just beautiful!

3/  OKA Fauteuil French-Style Velvet Armchair – Blood Orange This slope of this chair is amazing. And it’s even better if it floats in a room and you can see all angles. And that color!!!

4/  Magritte Mirror – Antique Gold This might be my very, very favorite piece of anything anywhere right now.  It’s a floor mirror. It’s large. And amazing!

5/  Large Lotus Candle Holder – Gold Holiday prep…these in various sizes on mantles, and consoles, and dining tables!

6/  Nesbitt Rug – Blue Honestly…I clicked a few times to check the very (all things considered) price on this. It’s just enough extra interest and detail and such rich hues.

7/  Costellini Velvet Ottoman – Air Force Blue All the colors. I’d love to do a room where we need 20 of these, one in each color. Tell me that wouldn’t be amazing?

8/  OKA Osiris Faux Shagreen Console Table Faux leather, horse hair, and shagreen. Here’s where we are this week, on fantastic faux! Great table, comes in two sizes. Click through and zoom in for detailing.

9/  Kitsai Pillow Cover – Charcoal I must be nearing a mood, but I’m in love with this dark and stormy pillow cover!

10/  Ophelia Pillow Cover – Nero If there’s a way to successfully lighten-up serious dark and sophisticated, this is it.

11/  Half-Moon Mini Bag This sweet thing could move me from my belt bag habit in a good way! And especially in this great color!

12/  Silk Balloon Sleeve Blouse Between my first paragraph and this sentence, this blouse moved its way into a checked-out shopping cart. I can’t wait for it to get here. And yes, the bag above is coming with it. It’s the weekend…I’m sure I’m celebrating something here.


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My next door neighbors gave me the most gorgeous yellow gladiolas this week. For NO reason. True story: I cried. I’m paying it forward on my kidless weekend and taking a break from work to teach my favorite 16 year old friend how to drive and park; I mean if you can move the Suburban through the city you’re good to go on that test-we’ve totally got this! And continuing to help Rhoda Kondo her life for her big move. Because community…is love. I hope you all have a great weekend!  xoxo A

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