And fall. I’m in a mood. Anyone else? Maybe we’ve all fallen into this mood. Maybe it’s the moons. 

For me, it’s a cross between temperature-cooling denial (that is totally a different thing than climate-warming denial, to be perfectly clear) and embracing the cool, dark quiet early mornings. So I’m on blues and pinks; they are what’s getting me through these transitional days and keeping my spirits lifted.

And while we (well, many of us, at least) are on sustainability, I’ll say this: I don’t shop for clothing very much. Not compared to um, eh hem, some people I might know. I tend to buy really well-made, often locally produced clothes (read: they aren’t inexpensive), and wear them over and over until they are vintage-my-own-closet (and then some more) or die. None of the three pairs of pants I was complimented on this week are new. I must just suddenly be in style again. It happens if you wait for it; often while you are busy living life just not giving af.

At home, in my home and the many that I spend way more hours than I do in my own in a week, I have just two things to say other than yes, we’re working on some sustainable home decor brands posts for you: 1) Buy things you LOVE and you’ll keep them forever (b/c when you Kondo and ask does this spark joy, the answer will just be yes and it’ll stay) and 2) Investment pieces have a life expectancy of forever that often justifies them. My first bonus check ever from my first career ever went fully to an Eames Chair. It’s going nowhere, ever. It will be inherited by some lucky person someday. Second bonus check — my giant white leather sofa. We’re heading toward 20 years together, a marriage, a divorce, a few exciting stories pre and post, three kids, a life full of love and plenty of house traffic, and I dunno nine + moves? It’s still in perfect condition and has worked in a different configuration and room in every space I’ve inhabited over that time. I see us together for at least another 60 more years. And then my kids can fight over who gets it. So you know…sustainable. My marriage, not so much. My Eames Chair and sofa…yup. Hold that thought; the one about sustainable home furnishings. Let the other one go (sarcasm is a survival skill around here.) Because yes, there are companies and collaborations that do work harder to make quality items that will last forever and to make them kindly. For this hot minute, let’s just thank my jeans, track pants, gold pants, chair and sofa for their service and joy.

And for now, we’ll move on to a few favorites this week and some stuff on sale…and for love of Greta, Lex, and my own Mother and Grandmothers — who understood and practiced these concepts well before their time — while my favorites this week weren’t necessarily chosen for sustainability, many of them naturally are, so I’ll point that out where it applies. And this week I will sale shop properly (per Lex and Greta) sustainable below. This should be interesting. At least it’s a step in a better direction…I’ll meet you more than half way is my motto of the week…or maybe life.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: An Earth-Friendlier Edit

Long-lasting furnishings, handcrafted natural fibers & sustainable production. Our home decor favorite finds is earth-friendlier (& so are the sales).

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1/  Teak Mirrored Bath Cabinet True story: I don’t love medicine cabinets. My friend Kevin has started conversations about them with, “I know we disagree on this….” I do however recognize that some spaces call for their storage capacity. In that case, I prefer them to be surface-mounted and gorgeous. This one is beautiful with all of its mixed materials and great easy lines, and I just love the brass detailing against the wood. Speaking of wood, Plantation Teak is sustainable. And Teak is a good choice of wood for a ‘wet’ area like a bathroom.

2/  Serena Throw First of all, I love the warming of the pinks and reds for fall, but also keeping them bright and happy. (And if reds and pinks aren’t your thing, this beautiful throw comes in six different colorways.) Second of all, I love throws that spend as much time as a wrap-over-a-sweater before I’m ready for a coat as they do tossed over the arm of a chair. And…I’ll need to confirm for sure for sure with Lex, but I’m fairly certain Merino wool is sustainable. It’s a naturally technical fiber, renewable and bio-degradable. Lex and I will have to deep dive the dying and manufacturing processes, but in general, wool as a fabric is sustainable. And the bonus here: things like this rarely get washed. I never wash mine, I shake and brush them. And spot treat as required. But I never wash them. (Note from Lex: yes, wool as a fabric is generally sustainable (natural, renewable, biodegradable), but in terms of animals, you’ll have to check product by product to confirm if it’s cruelty-free  — look for “mulesing-free”/cruelty-free, NewMerino, Smartwool, etc.,)

3/  Hand-Tufted Beador Rug Natural Fiber, handcrafted, hand-tufted. So maybe not completely and entirely sustainable, but in large part rugs in natural fibers that are handmade are better choices. I love the blues and blacks on the whites, and that the pattern in this rug just makes me happy ever time I see it. It’s higher pile, so comfy underfoot and can handle traffic. (I prefer my traffic to be barefoot. It’s an easy thing we do at home to increase the life expectancy of pretty much everything in the house.) (Lex again: YES, a better choice: long-lasting; the hand-tufted wool is great. Viscose may or may not be earth-friendlier, read more here.)

4/  Primitivo Navy Blue Velvet Dining Chair While not sustainable of any particular note, I will say this about choosing furniture in general: When I choose things I love for their lines — their very clean beautiful lines — I find that they work in many situations and therefore, they last. Sometimes my dining chairs are dining chairs, sometimes they find their ways to desks, or to sides of console tables. When I choose things I love, they work in all of my homes and I keep them forever. I love these chairs. And the guy that makes them has a sweet interview if you click that link on the site. I like knowing who designed and made things. It makes them more meaningful to me and I appreciate them more. And…it’s on sale. Big time. So there’s that too.

5/  Hestia Tray This one had me at textured metal, but it went into the cart because of the leather handles. How could it not? It’s available for order, but not delivery yet. I’ll call it my Valentine’s gift to myself when it gets here.

6/  Marble and Acacia Bowl  Marble: decidedly not sustainable. Yet…meant to last forever if you treat it kindly. Acacia: wood specifically grown for its sustainability. So that’s a balancing factor. What I love most about this bowl is that the wood base gives it a little height. I like when things sit on a surface with a little height and I love the mixed materials.

7/  Adidas Sleek Shoes Does anyone else consider certain sneakers dress shoes? Or is that just me? And Yahoo!: Adidas made the sustainable practices as a company list! Thank goodness or my feet would basically be naked.

8/  SoYoung Lunch Poche Bag I am constantly carrying snacks for myself, and for after school, and in between activities in my bags, totes and even just open arms. This week, I decided to get more organized and that we’ll just pack me a lunch+ in the morning, when we pack everyone else’s. And like a child going back to school, obviously I then needed a lunch box. I like this one b/c while it can go in most of my totes, I can also just wear it by itself as a crossbody bag. And it’s cute enough. Comes in a few fun colors, I just love the basic black most.

9/  Libby Beaded Mirror Favorite interesting mirror of the week. Zoom in for detailing. The wood is beaded.  And the curves are just lovely.

10/  Adidas Pleated Skirt Again, Adidas is on the better list. And this skirt is currently on my wish list. Skirts help me transition from shorts to pants — to feel pretty and dressed — even when they are more sporty by nature. And…another TME call to action that I’m working on being more conscious of: this skirt is available up to a size 16-18. So while not all the sizes, more than just a few. Baby steps…right?

11/  Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup It would be rare for anyone to ever pass me anywhere without a travel cup in my hand. I drink all day long. And it’s also a weird security blanket kinda thing for me — holding a cup or mug. But then yes, I’m usually out and about when they are empty…and then I carry them empty or toss them in my bag. I’m kinda loving that this one collapses before I toss it in my bag. And I’m also loving that it’s for travel b/c I’m that lady that’s always asking “can I take this with me?”: I’m a slow drinker but a fast mover…who often doesn’t finish her tea, coffee, club with a splash of cran, rosé or whatever. I frequent the same establishments often enough that I promise no one will even blink when I pull this baby out of my bag and ask for a top off on my way out the door. They’ll likely just giggle and ask where I got it.

12/  Pinch Pots Handcrafted, made in the USA (super-close to us…right where I grew up spending my summers in fact) and pinch me they are so gorgeous!!! If anyone is paying attention…hint…hint…my birthday is soon, so are Hanukah and Christmas. Just saying.

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Baby steps…into fall, into more sustainable, into just about everything…other than the weekend. That I’m jumping right into with the kiddos! Shanah Tovah!

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