Anyone else feel the calm coming after the crazy that is shifting gears for back-to-school? It’s on its way, I promise.

You have one kid, then two, then a third — you just build mom muscles. Kids have special needs, all of them, you build mom muscles and meet those needs. Lives change, circumstances change, challenges come one after another, life happens, and we build our mom muscles and power through it all. Around here we ease into summer with what always feels like a little relief every year, but even that changing of gears and schedule and needs and balance takes time to adjust to. And then we do, and then we switch gears back to the school-year schedule and all that brings before we can even blink. There’s always excitement, a little apprehension, and a lot of chaos, and then we just start using those other mom muscles again, and find a groove. We’ll all be grooving soon.

A friend asked me about my favorite color Yeti the other day. White. I just crave calm right now, so yes, white. That same friend reminded me that someone once reminded them to relax — the laundry is never all done —and that’s OK. Another friend shared a beautiful meditation about just choosing a very few, very small, meaningful things to think about or do each week. And a reminder that thinking about things, is doing something. I needed and appreciated that reminder. So with white Yetis, strengthening mom muscles, peaceful meditations on reasonable expectations and my laundry half done, here’s my weekly break from it all to find my favorites and all the home things on sale that are catching my eye right now. Because my mom muscles are a little sore right now. Yours too?

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Craving Calm

Here's a break from back-to-school changes for our weekly favorite finds & all the home decor & design things on sale....west elm, Nordstrom & CB2.

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1/  Nike Air Max 270 React  I lied. I’m not searching for calm everywhere in my life. On my feet, logging many, many, many miles these days, I’m craving happy, comfort and support. These are my own personal little reminders to not take myself too seriously right now, but just to smile, have fun and walk faster.

2/  Sweater Rug  I’m a sucker for a textured wool rug in a neutral. I love that this one has enough variation of color to be beautifully calm, but not at all boring. And who (who shares similar seasons) doesn’t love sweaters in fall?

3/  Lambswool Block Pillow  Calm color and fun, that’s a tough combo, but so freaking easy in this gorgeous color block throw pillow!

4/  Duck Duck Square Pillow One of each please. Only something this simple and complex, well-made, well-sized, great feeling, and in so many quiet but fun colors could have me saying I can’t even decide, let’s just do one of each. And then layer the block pillow on top of the pile of them.  

5/  Bacco Counter Stool Clean lines, and easy to clean. Perfection in a modern barstool. Detailing has options, click through, each one is better than the next.

6/  EMIROOM Modern Desk & Wall Clock  I personally need constant reminders of what time it is. You too?  Combine that with my love for functional art, and here we are at the clock that I paused on this week. The white and black are easy for me to love. The red is hard to walk away from because it’s my favorite color. But mostly…I think I’m stuck on the blue one. This decision will take me a little time. I’ll come back to it. Or wake up thinking about one of them and then that’ll be that. I’ll wait for it.

7/  Sweeper and Funnel This is Grace’s tool, my littlest love. Her main chore, or at least the one she does regularly, without being asked, and without complaining, is sweep the whole kitchen after each meal. How we make such a mess, I’m not sure. But it’s never there for long. She told me last night though that she’s getting much taller now and that she might need a new tool for her job. So stay tuned for that. This one however, is a forever keeper b/c I use it all day everyday (and I’m a lot taller than you Grace — but whatever, I’ll play along with your growth.)  It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s cute, and I just rinse the pan when it gets ick.

8/  Blu Dot Field Lounge Chair  I’ve placed a few of these recently, and I’ll just keep placing them anywhere they fit. They are so well-constructed, so comfortable and easy on the eyes in all the many, many fabric color options. They aren’t inexpensive, but they are worth the investment, over and over.

9/  Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter  Speaking of investments, this is going to be mine this week. Why is it that the bad habits are hard to break and the healthy ones take work to stick to? Ugh. I need to drink more water. I need constant reminders to drink more water. Why? Who knows. I used to be so good at this.  I’m just not right now. We have a whole house water filter. And we have reasonable city water. So I don’t necessarily need the very-well-reviewed filtration, but the dispenser would help. Especially when there are 10 kids in the house, running through the kitchen, refilling their water bottles and grabbing themselves glasses of water. And for me, it’ll be a big, giant, visual reminder to Drink. More. Water. And we can take it camping. There —  justified, ordered, done.

10/  Dyson V6 Trigger – Cordless  I’m not sure what I would do without this. I am sure actually: I’d live in a house that always felt like a mess. This is what helps me clean up the big oops things everyday, and it helps me spot clean between deep cleans. Is it becoming increasingly obvious in this post that I’m a clean freak?  I’m going silent on that now. I love my super-powerful little cordless hand vac. It brings me calm and peace through clean. We’ll leave it at that.

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Wishing you laundry more than half done, calm, peace and a groove. Fill your heart with love and your white Yeti with something good, and have a great weekend. 


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