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Incoming text from a dear friend reads, “I feel like you need to address the rattan furniture trend in a TME post.” To which my response is, “I think I did Sister. No?” These days, are any of us really sure we’ve completed anything? It’s been a crazy time in life; for everyone. Anything is possible. So I took a look back before sending that response, and here’s what I found:

These Hyacinth Baskets were among Weekly Favorite Finds 4.6. There were four great woven pieces in the WFF 3.30 post, including the amazing Peacock Cabana Daybed. The Serena & Lily Sales Post was full of rattan and woven greatness! WFF 3.16 included a big ol’ sun hat for goodness sake. And another great basket! WFF 3.2 had the gorgeous accent cabinet that now happens to be on sale! WFF 2.16 featured a fantastic wall hanging. WFF 2.9 offered that amazing Opal House Chair. WFF 1.19 was a bit in front of this trend, and included our favorite Nadine Settee…and if you missed it then, well done procrastinating, now it’s 30% off! And is also available in a chair, which is also 30% off! See? I’ve woven it in over the past few months 🙂

I think that’s our answer…we have worked it in, in context. Well-edited, well-selected, timeless, beautiful and fun pieces of rattan and other woven material have been worked into context and larger settings over the past few months. That’s how we address this rattan trend; kinda just like everything else in life. The good news for all of us, assuming we all love woven pieces for their natural, neutral look, is that they are plentiful right now. The better news is, what’s a trend really anyway? It’s when we take a classic idea and breathe new life into it. Maybe? So right this hot minute, yes, rattan is a trend. And yes, we love woven pieces and they are plentiful right now; as it seems we’re not alone in that love. But just like with all other things in life, some strong editing and a little moderation go a long way. Maybe work a piece or two that you love into the story of your room, and then just enjoy it. And if we need to genuinely call the trend out, here are a few more pieces we haven’t touched on specifically that maybe we should:

Rattan, wicker, seagrass...all the woven furniture we love this spring — for living rooms, patios & bedrooms is right here. Plus, so many home decor sales.


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1/  Rattan Cane Solok Daybed: My position statement on daybeds remains strong, primarily in dreams of naps and long, lounging rests. Daybeds are a great sofa alternative, and also a fantastic functional piece for when you actually do need an extra bed for guests, or an extra place to rest your own self. And…not for nothing, especially ones like this are just beautiful places waiting to be piled with pillows and collapsed upon.

2/  Tiered Rattan Pendant: I would place woven fixtures very carefully. They don’t work in all contexts. This guy, he does work very well in many contexts. Something about the black, and the layers. He’s seriously fun, and works well coupled with many other styles!

3/  Large Black and Natural Seagrass Calista Tote Basket: Functional, and affordable. Think mudroom shoes and toy organization, piles of throw blankets, or towels rolled in a bathroom.

4/  Spun Jute Circle Rug 6′: Jute rugs are always a favorite. Spin them in a six-foot circle and alternate natural and black, and yes, you have all my love!

5/  Rug Wall Hanging – Black & White | Set of 2 – The Citizenry: Handwoven in Mexico by the women of Oaxaca. Set of two Zapotec textiles. A perfect way to fill a large space with love, and to feel good about it! Handwoven by a cooperative of 60 women weavers in Oaxaca. Each one takes about a week to complete — all made start-to-finish in a fair trade environment.

6/  Large Black Braided Jute Pouf: And pouf, there it is. In black. And therefore better.

7/  Noelie Rattan Lounge Chair with Cushion: Let’s just bring the spirit of the outdoors indoors, yes? This guy has gorgeous lines and great coloring. He pairs well with an over-upholstered room to give it some breathing space. And he partners well. So there’s that.

8/  Rattan Lantern: Easy ways to manage a trend you aren’t sure about? Small seasonal pieces. Who doesn’t need a few more lanterns to light up their long summer nights?

9/  Natural Fiber Round Placemat Set of 4: I grew up with these. I have these. We all still throw these. Often in layers. I love them on top of other woven mats, or tablecloths. They never get old and are always beautiful! And I hose mine off, indoors and out, and they dry just fine given some air.

10/  Harvest Rattan Round Charger Plate Set of 4: Another great easy piece, a charger rather than a placemat, so that you can work both in, or layer all three? Classic, timeless and beautiful!

11/  Large Rattan Mirror: This is fun if well-placed. It’s large, but light. And therefore beautiful!

12/  Rattan Rocking Chair: If this were a wish list, and someone told me I could put anything on it, but only one thing, it’d be this for sure. In fact, I just rethought my entire patio around a collection of them. Stay tuned for that on a long hot summer day.

13/  Pod hanging chair with cushion: Margo has one on the porch of her lake house, and we all LOVE it. My six-year-old has one in her bedroom, and it is absolutely her happy place. No regrets on these. They hang well, swing well, are super-comfortable even with many people piled in them, and they are also just plain fun!

14/  Latigo 3pc Rattan Patio Chat Set – Brown – Opalhouse: Additional patio considerations…the conversation set. The well-designed, comfortable, good looking, affordable conversation set. Because what more is there to a patio than conversations really?

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Sometimes I’m loud with my statements. Sometimes I’m a little gentler. On The Rattan Trend, what I’ve said is this: I love woven textures! Let’s work a few of them in to just about everywhere! Here’s to weaving in all that brings you joy this weekend. xoxo, A

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