Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 4.11


Favorite Finds this week include this Start With Yes print that I will absolutely be gifting Linzi at some point, because I like to tease her, with love. And…working toward a hard yes, yes, I did find a whole bunch of patio sets where the price per piece is below $100. Seriously good deals.

In actual seriousness, all teasing aside, one thing I appreciate about now, (assuming we are healthy and safe, and blocking out all the news and reality of the day for just a few minutes) is new ways of doing things, together/apart. They really do require starting with yes. Yes, we can figure out a way to do almost everything right now; it’s just going to be different, and that’s OK, maybe even a blessing in the end.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Comfort, Blessings & Backyard Patio Goodness

Wednesday night, we Zoom Seder’d with four other families. It was a tiny bit chaotic, a tiny bit hard to hear and see everyone, and absolutely beautiful and amazing all at the same time. It was a unique opportunity; we wouldn’t normally get to celebrate Seder with all four of those families. We all had to improvise a bit, as running out to the grocery store to grab everything you need is just not a possibility right now. So dog bones sat in as shank, and cocktail sauce sat in as horseradish, and whatever else it took to fill those five parts of the Seder plates in five homes. Our friend Em, ever-efficient and prepared, sent us all The 10 Minute Seder early that morning. It includes lines like, “What’s up with the matzah?” And was the perfect way to make the point to the kids, hit all the salient points, and well, make the Seder Zoomable.

Silver linings in changed times, counted as major blessings. They asked if we were all going to do Easter together on Sunday. I said, “Ham?” They said, “Um, no.” So now I’m thinking brunch; we’ll try for brunch. That was always my favorite part of Easter as a kid anyway. And maybe a scavenger hunt?

For now, friends, I offer you weekly favorite finds, and all kinds of back yard and patio goodness on sale this weekend. And a few other fun things too, with a double dose of love.

A 10-minute Seder & Easter brunch on Zoom, plus backyard & patio furniture that's stylish & affordable. That + sales at Serena & Lily, Pier 1 & All Modern.

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1/ Twist LED Pendant » Recently, I had the privilege of working on a shared boys’ room that had a long list of physical requirements for an amazing kid, who is legally blind among many other physical challenges. Legally blind, meaning he can see, kinda sorta, with help, but needs super high-contrast to have a chance at that. And easy to memorize and manage, large “switches”. When we landed on the Twist Table Lamp — bright light, big button, easy to feel— we were so happy and since then, I’ve fallen in love with ALL Twist LED. I’m currently holding place for this gorgeous pendant most right now.

2/ Morley 4 Piece Patio » Clean, modern, and approx $100 per piece. That’s not bad for outdoor furniture that looks this great and is this comfy! This is a super-easy one and done fun set! Hey, why not freshen’ up the back patio a bit?

3/ Start With Yes » Words to live by. Doing big things, requires starting with yes. This print is a beautiful visual reminder.

4/ Xander » I cannot tell you how happy everyone I’ve placed with one of these is with it! It’s just a gorgeous, fun, functional accent. And…30% off right now.

5/ Dusen Dusen Throw » So here’s a quick heads-up on this…if it caught your eye, just add to cart. When I drafted this post, I linked it through Nordstrom, where it’s now sold out. So I found it, and yay, on sales, but it will absolutely sell out everywhere soon. It’s kinda just the perfect throw for this in-between season. And the colors and pattern are beautiful!

6/ Delta Trinsic Pull-Down » From a few more ambitious DIY friends, have I gotten requests recently on some home upgrades they are willing to take on themselves, while in quarantine. Replacing the kitchen faucet seems to be one of the most common. Kitchen faucets are not all created equal, and there’s a giant range of pricing they come in. While this one isn’t inexpensive, it is my number one go-to for quality and price balance. It comes in five great finishes, is super-clean, great quality and function, and works in almost every kitchen I can think of.

7/ Striped Throw Pillow » I just ordered four of these. Because the only thing I love more than black and white stripes, are black and white striped pillows at 40% off! I ordered the 24X24 squares, b/c they are just super-modern, clean and fun. And yes I’m putting them outside. I don’t leave them there, I bring them in and out. Super excited about these. They also come in grey in white stripes if a bit less contrast works better for you.

8/ Vanity Desk » *Super-Affordable, under $100. And could the colors be any better? A fun way to add a pop of color, organization, and function to whomever’s room needs it most right now. My daughter C is the opposite of me on the “interested” in make-up scale. She’s approximately a 10+ interested, and she doubles her desk in her room as a vanity. And she will absolutely be tuning in for all the Scotti tutorials on WFH make-up. If she didn’t already have a desk/vanity, I’d be gifting her this one, in turquoise, obviously.

9/ 3 Piece Chat Set » Outdoor patio furniture can cost a fortune, but it doesn’t have to….this 3-piece set is a super-affordable price considering that it’s three pieces! It’s also super-cute and a great way to set yourself up on your patio or porch for a little safe fresh air.

10/ Joy Of Cooking Special Edition » Saving the best for last…listen, this is a splurge, for sure. Maybe ask for it as a gift? Mother’s Day? Here’s my thing right now: every day that I’m home with my kids, everyone is safe, and no one is sick, is a freaking blessing. I don’t care how many meals and snacks we have to cook, I’ll pay that price 10-fold for the security of just being “OK.” So why not make it more fun? For those of us who consider black leather, more fun.

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Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and big hopes you get your patio cleaned-up ready before I do….I’m working on it…you should be too. It’s a great productive distraction. And socially distanced hugs to all.

PS: Follow along with me on Pinterest for more Home Inspiration and other random distraction via pretty visuals during these crazy times. xo A

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